Written by Steve & Lisa

29 Sep 2005

Lisa and I (Steve) have been married for 5 years now and are still very much in love and have a great sex life and fantastic life in general. I have for some time fantasized about watching Lisa fuck another guy. Lisa is 5'7" tall with shoulder length dark hair and a perfect size 10 figure with a 34C chest and a wonderful shaved pussy. Over the years I have dropped the odd hint about having a 3 some, which were all promptly dismissed by Lisa. A few months ago we were out in the local town centre having few beers with friends of our Lisa caught site of a guy staring at her (I had noticed about 20 mins earlier) and pointed him out to me. I replied with "well you can’t blame him you look gorgeous darling". We all moved on to another pub and it was all forgotten. A couple of weeks later again whilst in our local we had had quite a few beers and Lisa asked me if i minded other guys looking at her. I told her it made me feel good that other guys find her attractive and presumably fancy her. Lisa blushed and changed the subject. Later that night we were making love and I suggested that she imagined she was being fucked by the guy in the pub that night and she went wild having several three orgasms in close succession. This really turned me on and I soon unloaded in her. We lay in each others arms chatting for a while when Lisa asked me if I would try a 3 some with another guy. I said I often thought of it when we were making love and the though did turn me on. Lisa asked where we would find such a person so I suggested we have a look on the net. The following morning Lisa asked if I had meant what I said or was it due to having a few too many beers?. I confessed it was something I had fantasized about for a while. We had breakfast and Lisa left for work as usual.

Lisa arrived home unusually early told me she had been thinking about what we discussed and had been feeling wet and horny all day!. I suggested we have a look on the net and see if it takes our fancy. We quickly came across Swinging heaven and I posted an advert in couples for single guys. We received quite a few replies some good, some not so good but we did get a very nice e-mail from a guy (Paul) who claimed he lived quite local to us and was free that night he included a couple of photos and a mobile no. Lisa and I were very nervous when we decided to give him a call. We chatted for a while and explained it was our first time which he seemed comfortable with and agreed to meet in a local pub later that evening for a drink and a chat with no guarantees of taking anything any further. As the day went on I was feeling very excited and nervous at the same time and I know Lisa was feeling even more nervous. Lisa started to get ready, had a long bath and put on some very sexy underwear and a shortish skirt and low cut top. At this point I was quite surprised Lisa was going through with it as she is usually quite reserved.

We arrived in the pub a few minutes early and immediately noticed Paul who looked exactly the same as his photo. We grabbed a couple of drinks and retired to a quiet corner of the pub where nobody would overhear us. We chatted for a while and had a few drinks etc. Steve seemed very pleasant and a genuine nice guy who we felt quite comfortable chatting to. Lisa was very very nervous and quite on edge and I could feel her hand was quite clammy. Paul went to the bar to fix another round of drinks leaving us together so I asked Lisa what she thought and she smiled and said he seems quite nice and was happy to invite Paul back to ours if I was, I told Lisa when she went to the toilet I would ask Paul if he was happy to join us. We had another drink and chatted a little more. Lisa made her excuses and went to the toilet, so I asked Paul what he thought of Lisa and asked him if he was ok to join us for some fun, he jumped at the chance.

We finished our drinks and we left, our house was only a few minutes walk away. On the way home we told Paul he would have to wear a condom to fuck Lisa which he agreed to.

We arrived home and I told Paul and Lisa to have a seat in the living room and I would fix a couple of drinks. We all sat chatting pretty much rigid waiting for someone to make the first move, I knew by the bulge in Paul’s trousers he was thinking the same. After a while I stood up and took Lisa’s hand helping her to her feet. I stood behind her with her facing Paul and lifted up her top removed her bra revealing her tits. As I played with them Paul approached and started to suck her nipple and fondle her tits. I could feel my dick trying to burst out of my jeans. I suggested we all went up stairs and made ourselves more comfortable which we did. I lay Lisa on the bed with me one side Paul the other playing with and sucking her tits. I slid my hand down between her legs and rubbed her pussy outside her pants and I could feel her juices seeping through the fabric. I pulled down her skirt and pants leaving her totally naked on the bed. Paul’s had found its way down between her legs and he began to rub her clit with Lisa letting out little groans of pleasure whilst I sat on the bed and watched. I stripped off and my dick which was rock hard sprung out and I slowly wanked myself so Lisa could see. Paul worked his way down and began to give Lisa’s clit a working with his tongue. Lisa soon let out a few loud gasps and I could see her back arch and her body stiffen as she came, by now Paul had 2 fingers inside her as he flicked his tongue over her clit. I leant over and kissed Lisa very passionately. Lisa seemed to have lost all her nervousness and inhibitions as she asked me if I wanted to see Paul fuck her. I did not need to reply as I think she already knew the answer by the look on my face. Paul stood up at the side of the bed and began to remove his shirt as Lisa unbuckled his belt and undid his trousers allowing them to fall to the floor. Lisa put her hand on the considerable bulge hidden in his shorts, smiled at me and said mmm I think that will do nicely.. Like a flash she had removed his shorts and had his dick in her mouth and her hands on his balls and shaft as she sucked and wanked him simultaneously, for me the sight was such a turn on. She sucked him for a few minutes then told him to lay on the bed. I passed Paul a condom which he duly put on and lay on the bed, Lisa straddled him and teased herself a little with the tip of his dick before easing it inside her. She rode him furiously for a few minutes and soon had another orgasm, Paul told her to stop as he was going to come, however Lisa took no notice and carried on with Paul soon coming. Lisa rolled off quite exhausted as Paul took off the condom which I could see was quite full and went to the bathroom to clean himself up etc. I told Lisa to get on all fours and began fucking her from behind as Paul returned and lay on the bed. Lisa hutched round and began sucking his dick at which point I could not knew I was on the verge of coming and pulled out and shot my load over her arse and back. Lisa continued to suck Paul’s dick which was soon back to full hardness again. Paul put on a condom and fucked Lisa hard from behind making her come a couple of times. I told Paul I wanted to see him come in Lisa’s mouth and asked him if he minded me taking a photo as a momento. When he was just about to come he pulled out and Lisa took him in her mouth and swallowed the first load with the rest spattering her face and neck. It was a fantastic sight and one which I was very keen to repeat as was Lisa. We all composed ourselves and chatted a while before Paul left. We then fucked like rabbits for most of the night whilst chatting about the nights events. Since that night we have met Paul 3 times but that’s another storey which we will post shortly.

Paul if you are reading thank you very much and speak soon.