Written by Deb & Andy

25 Apr 2006

My wife Deb and I had been discussing going to a swingers club for around a year. Since the drunken night we had got naked with her sister and her husband. We hadn't gone any futher with them that lots and lots of touching, but we both agreed what a turn on it had been and much of our sex talk in bed had been about how she had enjoyed letting her brother in law see her naked pussy and feel her tits. Sadly they had split not long after and so we couldn't take it further with them.

After a while we agreed that we wanted to go allt he way, to fuck with others and so we decided to go to our nearest club in Rochdale. Each time we went to the club we seemed to attract a lot of attention. Deb is slim petit but with 44d boobs and lots of men and couples talked to us but being new to the scene we where not sure if this ment anything. We had fucked in the same room as other couples, but do you join in? what was the score? One thing I had learned was that Deb loved to be watched. Whenever we fucked in a room she always made sure the curtins where open and it always turned her on big time if we had someone looking in. She would ride me facing the window looking at her audience of facing me bend fowards so they could see my cock in her fanny and the whole of her arse.

On around the fifth or sixth visit we got chating with a good looking couple called Sam and Rita, I'm never sure what to talk about in these situations and Sam seemed quite quiet to but Deb and Rita got on like a house on fire. after 10 mins or so we where joined by another couple called Dave and Sue and it was obvious right awat that they had "played" with Sam and Rita in the past. All the talk of actually swinging made me a little jealose.

After a few mins laughing and joking Deb told me that she was ready to go upstairs.So we said our goodbyes and went to get changed into our towels. "Did you fancy Sam" I asked as we stripped "I fancied Sam and Dave but it lookes like Rita and Sue will be having them" she said.

We made our way upstairs and found an empty room dropped our towels and lay on the bed touching and kissing each other. Seconds later I could see someone watching and whispered this to Deb, who rolled onto her back and spread her legs to give our watcher the best view of her cunt. I kissed her and inserted a finger. after a moment our watcher came in he was fat old bald and naked, sporting a short stiff cock. At first he sat at the edge of the bed and slowly wanked as I continued to finger Deb for his plesure. I though that when she saw him she'd tell him to fuck off. After a while he bent forwars and started to suck her nipple, she didn't stop him and he slid his hand down her body and joined me in stroking her fanny. Deb allowed this for several mins and then said "that enough" with which he left. "how did that make you feel" I asked "Horny" was her reply. After all our talk I couldn't believe she'd just let a total stranger finger her in front of me.

We carried on stroking each other and talking about what had just happened. When the door opened again and Sam, Rita Dave and Sue came in. "Hi" was about all I can remember anyone saying as 4 towels hit the floor and we we're joined on the bed by 4 naked strangers.Sam made right for Deb and in an instant he was licking her fanny, Dave was putting on a condom as Rita spred her legs and rubbed her fanny a come on to him and Sue slid in at the side of me. I was soon fingering her as I survayed the scene. What did surprise me was that Deb has never been bi but was happily letting Sue suck one of her tits as Rita groped the other and Deb was repaying the compliment stroking and groping the girls as Sam licked her out. After a few mins of this I slipped on a condom and took Sue doggy style so I could carry on watching Deb, she had changed position and was now sucking Sam off (fuck me but its sexy to see your wife with a strange cock in her mouth)Dave was ploughing into Rita whe was screaming out as she came.The next time I looked up my beautiful wife was riding Sam and a few moments later I saw his buttocks tighten as he shot his load up my wifes fanny he than slid out took his now full condom off made an apology and left quickly followed by Rita who kissed us all before she left and told me "I'll be having your cock next time I see you"

I did wonder if that might be that but Deb definatly wasn't finished and rolled over and took Daves cock in her mouth (two in one night I was amazed) Pretty soon we had the girls side by side, fucking them as they sucked each others tits and then Sue told me to make it a threesome for Deb and so Deb took her third cock of the night in her mouth as Sue grabbed me by the hips and started to lick my arse. What a sensation Sue rimming me as Deb Sucked my cock, while Dave fucked her for all he was worth. It was to much for me as I shot my load into Debs mouth, Sue must have felt this as she relesed me and started kissing Deb. Dave wasn't finished with Deb yet and over the next 10 mins or so he fucked her hard in any number of positions as I watched and fingered his wife. Eventually pushung his cock balls deep in her and filling his condom and my Wife with his spunk.

We talked for awhile afterwards and that was even quite sexy stroking each others wives as we chatted. We then swapped numbers and promised to do it all again.

Sorry its a long story but thats how it happened and its one Deb and I relive as often as we can.