Written by m & j

13 Sep 2006

Finally it arrived, the invitation we had both been looking forward to and dreading.

We had been invited to our first swinging party; the invitation had come from a friend of a friend who new the party hosts.

With baby sitters in place and a taxi booked we set off, we had been told the dress code was informal and with it being a hot summers evening I wore casual jeans and a tee shirt, Jayne my wife wore a plain white summer dress.

We both arrived at the party rather nervous neither of us wanting to go first, we were met at the door by the hosts Anna and John who made us feel welcome straight away.

We were shown into the crowded kitchen; I guessed there were probably twenty or so people in there with more on the patio outside.

Anna got us both a large glass of wine and said she would show us around the house. The house was a large detached house with what seemed like a very secluded garden, there seemed to be a rabbit warren of bedrooms upstairs all empty, Anna said most of them would be in use by the end of the night, but if we were not comfortable we did not have to join in.

We returned to the kitchen where John was entertaining around eight people with jokes and stories, we topped up our glasses and listened.

Couples came and went and after about an hour and a bottle of wine or two there was just John and Anna and Myself and Jayne in the kitchen, the conversation got around to sex and how swingers parties make sex easy, by this time John had his hand fixed firmly on Jayne’s tight little bum, Jayne seemed to be pushing back so he could get a good feel and was smiling at me, John suggested he and Anna would show us around the ground floor, Anna said if you think upstairs is big wait until you see downstairs.

We were shown around a lovely house and ended up in the downstairs master bedroom complete with on suite with the biggest whirlpool bath I have ever seen, Anna asked if I would like to take a look and I went in for a closer look. As I turned around I saw something I thought I would never see, John and Jayne were locked in a passionate embrace, there was tongues and hand everywhere, I stood fixed unable to move, John the expert at this sort of thing seemed to have my wife just where he wanted, he moved his hand down and lifted her dress to reveal Jayne’s new white g string, he moved it to one side and from the look on Jayne’s face must have inserted one or two fingers inside her and she let out a rather loud moan of pleasure.

Anna asked if I was alright I could just nod, she came close to me, I could smell her perfume, she placed her hands around my neck and gave me a kiss that you would die for.

We moved into the bedroom where John had placed Jayne on the bed and was removing her soaked g string, this revealed Jayne’s shaven pussy, John leant down parted her legs and started to slowly run his tongue up and down Jayne’s swollen clit, Anna pushed me onto the bed next to Jayne, she undid my belt and pulled down my pants, my 8 inches sprang to life and nearly exploded when Anna placed her lips over it and started to suck,. This was heaven I looked to me left, John still had his head between Jayne’s legs and she was holding it there I noticed her back arch, the start of her first orgasm, Jayne let out the loudest scream that she was coming and not to stop she was gripping the satin beds sheets trying not to move, John stood up, removed his pants, I couldn’t believe it his cock must have been ten inches long and so thick you could see it was covered in pre cum, he lowered himself into Jayne, her eyes nearly popped out of her head as this massive cock entered her swollen fanny, gently John eased his length further up Jayne’s fanny not wanting to hurt Jayne who was lying there moaning with pleasure.

Without noticing Anna had completely stripped naked, she had wonderful pert breasts and a thick mound of black pubic hair, she moved up the bed and without warning sat on my throbbing cock. Her fanny was wet and warm as she started to fuck me good and hard, she leant over and dangled her tits at my mouth, i flicked her nipples with my tongue and sucked them until both nipples were fully erect. I could see to my left Jayne was getting the fuck of her life off this ten inch monster, her eyes were closed and she was trying to breath but her breathing was being taken away with every thrust from John. Anna’s fanny was gripping my cock as she leant forward and kissed me inserting her tongue in my mouth. I heard John moan and Jayne scream with what seemed to be an ever recurring orgasm, John tensed up and started to fill Jayne with cum, with his I was ready to shoot my load, Anna had her fingers playing with her clit and was having an orgasm as I felt my balls tense up and started to empty myself into Anna much to her delight.

Anna rolled off and went to the toilet, Jayne had moved around and was on all fours giving John head, She was struggling to get all of his monster cock in her mouth but was expertly wanking him at the same time. I instantly got hard again and moved around behind Jayne, I whispered in her ear how erotic this was she took her mouth of John’s cock and kissed me. As Jayne moved back down on John’s cock I moved in behind her and slipped my cock up her dripping fanny, she was wet with John’s cum and her juices and it slipped in easy. This was beyond our wildest dreams, we had both been fucked at our first party and Jayne was getting spit roasted by me and John. Jayne was having orgasm after orgasm when she finally made John cum, she moved her mouth and let John’s stuff hit her breasts and run down her tummy. This for me was enough; I emptied myself into Jayne’s fanny as we all rolled onto the bed exhausted.

We lay there for a few minutes as Anna appeared she said why we don’t get cleaned up and return to the party. John seemed to leave immediately leaving me and Jayne to clean each other up, Jayne kissed me and asked if I had enjoyed it, I had to say yes did you, she replied yes but I want to go home now.

We went downstairs made our apologies and left, when we arrived home we could got get rid of the babysitter fast enough, as the front door closed Jayne slipped off her white summer dress, her fanny was running with cum, she dropped straight to her knees and said now its your turn my darling. We fucked liked rabbits all night.