Written by Jim &Top

5 Aug 2004

My wife(49)and I(51)had been speaking about dogging for weeks before we finally agreed to try it.She said she would do it if she could play with herself while other people watched, I said that would be fine , you do what you want to do.

When the time came to go she was dressed in a short dress,black stockings, no bra or knickers.Off we set when we arrived, there was only one other car that we could see.

Any way we parked and after a short time my wife took her tits out over the top of her dress, pulled up her dress to expose her pussy while i was taking my cock out.

Not sure what to do next I flashed my headlights (was this the right thing to do ?)hearts pounding we waited.Two doors of the other car opened and out came two men who started walking towards us.The wife was rubbing her clitand the closer they came the wider her legs were getting.The two men stood at the car door looking at my wife playing with herself and me sucking her tits,they took there cocks out and started wanking.This excited the wife for she started pulling her fanny lips apart and fingering herself making sure the two men could see right up her.They were wanking very fast and didnt take long for them to cum, after they shot there load they just turned about and went back to there car.

Just as they were heading back to there car two other men appeared (from where i dont know)one already had his cock out.Suddenly my wife sat up, got out of the car, went to the bonnet and bent over lifting her dress over her arse and parting her legs.By that time the two men were behind her, she reached behind her grabbing the mans cock and guided it up her and he started to fuck her hard and fast.Every now and then she would look at me thru the windscreen with a look of pure pleasure on her face while i was still in disbelieve at what she was doing, but what a turn on and i was wanking like hell.

The man must have fucked her hard for about five minutes before he cum up her, withdrew his cock and stood back to let his pal take his place up my wifes fanny.

Meanwhile the first two men in the car drove up closer and started taking photos of my wife being fucked.(if you recognize yourself from this please send a copy of them to us )As the second man was fucking my wife i shot my load all over the inside of the car, what an amazing sight to watch my wife getting used like this and her enjoying it.

Soon the second man was cumming up her, you could see him pushing his cock in as far as it would go to make sure all his cum was well up her.He then withdrew and walked away with his pal leaving my wife slumped over the bonnet of the car still cumming.She looked over her shoulder to see if there were any more men but there wasnt so with a look of disappointment on her face she got back into the car.

I reached over to feel her pussy, it was soaking wet full of cum, she said are you angry at me for doing that, i dont know what came over me."You must be joking you were wonderful" i replied, its just a pity i have had a cum.i would loved to have fucked you when you are full of other mens cum.Next time darling she said as we drove off.