Written by Pat

3 Aug 2005

My name is Pat, I'm 29 years old and I'm married to Geoff who's 38, we've been married 8 years. We've always had a good sex life, in our early days three times a day was the norm! Now it's usually just once, although at weekends it's often two or three on a Friday or Saturday night. We've made love everywhere, in every room in the house and on the stairs, landing, hallway etc.! We love having it outside too, in the garden, public parks, pub car parks, in fields, on beaches, really everywhere you can think of. From this you will have gathered that we have very high sex drives. Not unnaturally we have become used to each other and, to some extent, sex has become rather mechanical at times. We have talked about it and the possibility of us having other partners has come up, however we had done nothing about it until the incident I am about to relate.

I am 5'2", a brunette with a good and firm figure and nice legs, everyone tells me that I'm pretty so perhaps I am. Geoff is 5'10", well built and athletic (still plays football and cricket), he's dark with a sallow complexion and has a seven and a bit inches long penis that's a bit thicker than most and he certainly knows how to use it. He is extremely virile and capable of controlling himself, being able to make sex last as long as I want. We'd both had sexual partners before, Geoff has always said that he had never been interested in virgins, prefers experience every time, while I lost my virginity very young, very young, and absolutely loved it when that first cock slid into me and fucked me for about five minutes. I never looked back after that, but that's another story.

I don't work, while Geoff's a salesman on the road so tends to work rather long hours. One day, on a rather hot day in the summer this year, I was in the kitchen sorting out some washing when there was a tap on the door. The door opened and Jo came in, she's our next door neighbour, we've known her and Jim her husband for years. She was dressed in a sort of shift dress and looked rather hot and distrait. I asked her if there was anything the matter. She replied that Jim had been away for three weeks and that he had just rung her to say that it would be a month at least before he got home. I sympathised and she said, "It's not so much that he's away, I'm used to that, but this time I'm so horny! Can't help it, of course I've been working myself off, but it's not the same is it? And I can't help thinking about sex all the time."

I put my arms round her and kissed her forehead, she hugged me and I could feel warm tears on my cheek. Then she moved to kiss me on my mouth, from just a friend's kiss it suddenly became passionate. I couldn't help responding. Jo's a few years younger than me and I could feel her small, taut, breasts digging into mine and I felt my body respond. I pushed my pelvis forward against hers, "Oh, yes! Do it to me Pat!" she panted.

I put my hand up under her skirt, she had no knickers on and her love-juice was oozing down the insides of her thighs. I unbuttoned her dress all the way, in fact she had nothing on underneath at all. She gasped as I felt her clit, "I've been doing it," she murmured, "couldn't help it."

"It's alright, darling, here lie on the table." We have a large kitchen table and I laid her down with her dress pulled out on either side. I had never had any experience with another woman, but something was driving me on. She had a slim neat figure and was blonde with vitually no pubic hair. I knelt in front of her and gently pushed her legs apart, she had a plump little mound but the most extraordinarily long fanny lips. They were engorged and open, her inner lips unlike mine projecting on either side over the outer ones looking for all the world like a butterfly with it's wings open. Everything was slick with her love-juice.

I bent over her and butterfly kissed the insides of her thighs, her mound and all the exposed bits of her fanny. I heard her catching her breath. Her juice was bland and soft and I sucked it from her skin, then burrowed into the softness with my tongue. She thrashed around moaning so I did her with my tongue, thrusting into the opening of her love canal. The flesh was delicate and clingy I sucked at her, filling my mouth and swallowing it. Then I ran my tongue round the inside of her lips before finding her clit and teasing it. She came with a coarse sceam, I made her come, come, and come again until she pleaded with me to stop. I sucked in another mouthful of her lovely juice and, rising over her, kissed her mouth and emptied mine into hers. She wrapped her legs round me, holding me tight in against her body. "Oh God," she panted, "I've never come like that before in my life!" I could feel the thrills still coursing through her, we smiled at each other and kissed some more. Then she releasd me.

I took her upstairs and I stripped, took her dress off and we washed each other in the shower. I said, "I've never tasted another woman before, I felt another girl's fanny once when I was young but I've never made love to another woman before."

"It must come naturally," Jo replied, "woman to woman, it was wonderful, I've never felt like that with a man. I shall want it again, you realise that, don't you?"

"I suppose I do," I replied slowly.

She put her hand between my legs and I let her feel me, "I haven't ever touched another woman either, but I can feel that yours is different to mine." She worked my clit till I came and we kissed passionately.

I looked at my watch, "We'd better get dressed, Geoff could be in any time. But if you want us to be lovers, we shall have plenty of opportunity." After we'd dried and dressed I sent her home with a pat on her naked bottom. I didn't stop thinking about it until Geoff came home.

That night we made love and I told him what had happened and it certainly excited him, he gave me the best fucking I'd had for a long time. "Christ!" he panted as he thrust vigorously, "I'd have given anything to have seen you doing her!"

The next time we made love he asked me to tell him all over again what we had done and what it felt like, he repeated how much he would like to have seen Jo and I making love. Afterwards I said to him, "Perhaps, if I told you when we were going to do it you could catch us at it. You know accidentally on purpose like. I reckon she'd take a cock anyway when she's like that, you ought to have seen her thrashing around when I had my tongue on her clit."

He groaned, "Oh, don't! Don't! You'll have me spunking off again in a minute!"

Well Jo and I continued making love until it became a regular habit. One day, when she was in the throes of a fierce orgasm, I said, "You know what's going to happen sooner or later, Geoff's going to come in and catch us at it."

She thrust her fingers into my fanny and teased my clit, "I wouldn't care if he did, not when I'm like this!"

And catch us he did, by arrangement with me of course, I'll tell you about it next time.