Written by Shane

4 Aug 2005

Hi this is Shane again, a few weeks had passed since Dawn and I experienced our threesome with Kelly (Our first threesome with Kelly (posted 30/07/05)). I thought it was a naughty secret between the three of us, what I didn’t realise is that my wife was divulging our secret to her close circle of friends, when I asked her about this she said “I’m not ashamed of what we did, it was fun”, and from what I can gather her friends where impressed and interested.

Another one of our games was having sex outdoors, usually whilst drunk. One Saturday night we where returning from a boozy night out, and just as we reached our front door Dawn said “take me to the park and fuck me Shane”, well how could I refuse such a demand from my redheaded minx, just as I was relocking our door a woman’s voice said “ and where do you two think your going?” I turned to see our neighbours Matt and Kate returning from their own night out, I was frantically thinking of some reason to explain why we where going back out so late , when Kate said “we know where and why”, I looked at my wife questionably who just giggled.

Matt said, “Before you go and play, come in for a drink”.

Dutifully like two naughty children Dawn and I followed our neighbours into their house and sat ourselves down on the sofa whilst Kate sat on an armchair and Matt fixed some drinks.

Matt and I had a lot in common, we went for a drink occasionally, we swapped porn films and I had confessed I would screw Kate given half a chance and he had said the same of Dawn.

Kate was a leggy blond, her breasts where small but well defined, her arse was top class, another feature of Kate was that she was a self confessed exhibitionist, she loved to prick tease, letting her skirt ride up to flash the lads her stocking tops, that kind of thing, I’d often had my bum pinched at a bar whilst she has been stood behind me.

Kate stood up to put some music on her CD player, Matt took the opportunity to steal her armchair near the TV, “how did you know what we where up to Kate?” I asked, “oh a little redheaded bird told me”, she replied, Matt quickly joined the conversation “you’re a lucky devil Shane, fucking Dawn and that brunette Kelly together”, I gazed at the ceiling in dismay and asked Dawn if she could ever keep a secret, “stop being a prude, Matt and Kate wont tell” she said with a giggle, “no we wont say a word mate” added Matt.

Matt put a blue movie on the VCR; this ensured the conversation kept a sexual theme, “would you do it again” asked Kate, “oh yes” said Dawn, “I would have to think about it” replied Kate, “I’d do it” said Matt hastily. The subject turned to Kate’s slight flashing habit, and she confided the thought of stripping turned her on, my hears pricked up at this remark, “strip for us here, we wont tell, you know our secrets” I chided. Kate looked a little hesitant “I don’t want to be the only one naked” she said, “that’s ok me and Shane will take our clothes of first” said Matt who seemed eager to get his wife naked, “come on Shane get undressed” said Dawn jokingly. Matt stripped in record time and sat on his chair with a grin on his face, I took off my shirt and pants and then shyly slipped off my boxer shorts, and quickly sat down on the sofa, Dawn laughed (because she was fully clothed probably) and said “balls in you court Kate”.

Kate put on a new CD, a more slow and sensual one, and stood in front of the fireplace, she began moving her head to wave her long blond her about in rhythm to the tune, slowly and deliberatively. She wriggled seductively and stroked her hands up and down her body, she turned her back to us, bent over and wriggled her bottom wrapped in her tight skirt, when she turned to face us she had undone her blouse I shouted “very professional Kate”, Matt laughed and applauded his wife’s efforts. Seductively Kate slipped off her blouse, revealing a light blue bra, cupping her breasts. I began singing “get your tits out for the boys”; Kate laughed enjoying the moment and swiftly unzipped her skirt revealing sky blue stockings and suspenders with matching panties, which I thought cool. By now I was unashamedly sporting an erection, I glanced at Matt and he was lazily playing with his cock, Kate expertly removed her bra and threw it in the air and triumphantly shook her tits at us all, she hooked hold of her panties and slipped them to the floor to reveal her trimmed blond bush, she then wriggled her arse as Matt and I cheered.

Seemingly from nowhere Dawn, joined Kate on the impromptu dance floor, she had managed to undress to her black stockings and suspenders, without anyone noticing, Matt and I cheered louder has Dawn licked her fingers and slipped them through her ginger pubes to her slit in a sluttish way. The girls then danced feeling there own tits and stroking their own bodies, Matt sat next to me on the sofa to get a better view of our wives floorshow.

The girls sat on the floor facing us, legs parted so we could glimpse their wet pussies as they frigged themselves, “we need a couple of vibrators Matt” said I, “I only have one” interrupted Kate, with that Matt walked to the kitchen and returned with two bananas “will these do?” he quipped. He handed both girls a banana each I watched has both girls licked the fruit to lubricate it, Dawn positioned the banana at the edge of her cunt and then slowly inserted it, when it was a quarter way in, she slipped it out again to the tip, then reinserted it a little deeper, she repeated the process and soon the banana was being inserted to its maximum. Kate had used the same process and soon both wives where fucking themselves with the substitute dildos, Matt knelt between the girls and took hold of the banana’s and began putting them in and out to the same rhythm, both girls where smiling as they where fruit fucked, watching me wank on the sofa.

Dawn crawled toward me and knelt between my legs “let me suck your cock” she said, she placed my cock between her lips and her tongue stroked my end, Matt sat next to me on the sofa, Kate followed Dawns lead and knelt in front of Matt to suck his cock, theirs heads where bobbing in unison. Dawn looked up and in a loud whisper said “I want to fuck Shane, please do me”, she took my place on the sofa and I knelt between her parted thighs Matt and Kate had the same idea and where in the same position, I placed my cock at her cunt entrance, “put it in now” she pleaded, her cunt was so wet with one gentle thrust I’d entered her fully, and began to slip my cock in and out Dawn cried “oh yesss” and cupped her tits in tightly. Matt was fucking Kate, who had her eyes close whilst making a low moaning noise, I took a second to admire her tits, Matt and I began to thrust faster almost in unison, both girls groaned in appreciation and where slightly lifting the cunts to meet our thrusts. Matt and Kate moved to the floor, and began fucking doggie style, I motioned Dawn to do the same she got on all fours next to Kate, and I entered her cunt from behind, from my position I could see both the girls arses quiver as Matt and I thrust into the slopping pussies.

Matt withdrew from Kate probably because he was ready to come, “would you mind if Dawn sucked Matt’s cock while I fuck her” I asked Kate, I knew the other two didn’t need asking, “feel free” said Kate. Matt positioned himself in front of Dawn I could only imagine the sight of his cock in her mouth, but by the bobbing of her head I knew it was. Kate knelt beside me whilst I fucked Dawn, she smiled and reach beneath my bottom to cupped my balls as I fucked my wife. I withdrew from Dawn, Kate knelt in front of me and began to suck my cock as if it was the most natural thing to do, and Matt positioned himself behind Kate and entered her. Dawn lay on he floor and fingered her cunt whilst watching Kate get her roasting, after a while she said “fuck me again Shane, I need a cock now!” but it was Matt her withdrew from Kate and approached Dawn, she looked up at him smiled and slightly parted her legs wider in a ‘come on’ gesture, Matt lay above her and positioned his cock at her cunt entrance, she grabbed his hips and pulled him into her, I could see his cock effortlessly enter my slut wife.

Kate lay next to Dawn, “come and screw me Shane” she said, I needed no second invitation my cock was throbbing in earnest after seeing my wife fucking another guy, I positioned my self above Kate and rubbed my end up and down her slit before thrusting deep into her, I paused for a moment allowing by cock to savour this new cunt, then I began to thrust in and out of Kate’s welcoming cunt. I glanced at Dawn, she was moaning and groaning in pleasure and encouragement of Matt’s cock, Kate dug her nails into my back which prompted me to thrust deeper into her hole, cunt juice began to seep down my length to my balls. “We are proper naughty neighbours now”, shouted Kate lustily “oh yessss” cried Dawn “filthy sluts and horny studs”, this talk by the girls only made me more hot and I placed Kate’s ankles on my shoulder to give greater penetration “oh fuck yeah” she cried. Matt was panting noisily and from the way he was thrusting harder I knew he was about to come in my wife’s cunt, “give it to me” she cried has their bodies went through the mating process. This was to much for me I began thrust harder and faster in to Kate’s twat, until I could hold back no longer “oh I want it” said Kate with that I shot my spunk deep into my neighbours cunt, she began to shake with pleasure.

Later we dressed and agreed we all had no regrets about what happened, in fact we planned to try it again, and it would be our neighbourly secret. We said our goodbyes and thanked Kate and Matt for having us literally. I rushed Dawn to our house; I wanted my spunk up her cunt with Matt’s and planned to give her a good fucking.