Written by jack

27 Oct 2004

well the whole weekend carried on like that but the best was on sunday.jean got me to tie her spread eagled to the bed and told us to do whatever we wanted with her body.well we fucked her cunt,arsehole and mouth and dave even wanked off over her tits and spunked them.dave went out after that and came back with an empty wine bottle and started putting up her cunt neck 1st.after a while jean told him to try it bottom end 1st which he did.after useing a bit of ky there she was with her cunt stretched wide with the bottle neck hangig out of her cunt.we untied her hands so she could sit up and see it for herself.we went to take it out but she said leave it and take a pic as i cant believe ive got that fucking thing up me.when i came back she was smoking a fag and wanking dave off so i took the pic of her like that well 3 of them so dave could keep one too.he stayed until the monday morning and she sucked his cock on the back seat of the car on the way to the station.as he had about 15 minutes before his train came jean sneaked him into the ladies and got him to fuck her there.well he is staying with us again this weekend so i will let you know