Written by D and G

16 Nov 2005

Recently I purchased a Range Rover LSE Classic, that is a long wheel base version with extra leg room in the back, leather seats and all the toys. We have been our dogging in a 'nomal' Range Rover but it is a bit cramped both in the back and the front. At this point I should say that we let our doggers sit in the front seat not peer through the window.

I was keen to try out the new vehicle and mentioned this to my partner G. We have not been out for a while due to being disturbed a couple of times, either by boy racers or uninvited doggers arriving, and this has made G just a little uneasy of outdoor meets.

Well last Friday we did not have an indoor meet arranged, you would be amazed at how difficult it can be to sort through loads of emails and actually get a genuine guy arranged, so we decided to christen the new car!!

We have made some good friends at the dogging site and often go there for a chat, so via a PM we arranged to meet Mike.

G got ready to go out and looked great, as always! Hold ups, Denim skirt, short but not silly short!! A low cut top, lace bra to hold her more than ample tits and lace panties. She has a great body and quite a few can testify! J We took a blanket for the leather seat and our bag with the usual toys, lube etc.

What G didn't know was that I had tipped Mike off to go to the Supermarket on the way and pick up a few 'items'. For those who recognise our names you might have put two and two together and realised that we recently posted a story titled 'Veggie', the said items were a Sweet Corn, a Courgette and a Cucumber.

We met at the site and decided where we would go to play, somewhere quiet a couple of miles away. We set of separately so that we didn't attract attention and initiate a convoy. We reversed into the half empty barn and in a few minutes Mike joined us in the back seat.

G loves the attention of two men and soon we were stroking her stocking covered legs and I was caressing her pussy lips. She loves to have her clit played with gently but also gets really turned on when I put my finger just inside her pussy and rub it around in a circular motion. It didn't take long before she had her first orgasm! Now both Mike and I know that she usually has about four or five, so this was just the warm up!

Next I removed her pants and bra so that we could play with her nipples. Her favourite toy is a silicone dildo and that was what I used to bring her to her next climax, while Mike played with and sucked her nipples. She loves to have two cocks to hold and play with and this adds to her enjoyment. So by now Mike and I both had our cocks out.

About now we noticed some headlights and a car pulled in, turned around and disappeared again. In the barn it is impossible to see if the vehicle has driven away. A few minutes later a figure appeared and we hesitated. I thought that G might want one of us to tell the guy that it was a private meet, or maybe stop the fun until he left, but no she was happy to carry on. I guess that as the windows were quite steamed up she did not feel quite to 'exposed'.

Now it was the mens turn to have some action and G started by sucking Mike. I have recently realised that G loves to be fucked with the dildo while she is sucking a cock, it really gets her horny. So that is what I did, well who would want to disappoint her!

It was after this that I leant forward to the front seat to retrieve her surprise, courtesy of Mike!! I chose the Sweet Corn. She really loved the last one; the individual corns make for a great sensation in her pussy. Well she was soon holding our cocks and moaning. A little lube to help it slide in and out and the cold contrast really turns her on.

Another car had pulled in now and there were two guys outside watching. I am not sure what they could see but I found it quite a turn on knowing that they were there watching. With the Sweet Corn G reached a really strong cum and true to form squirted for us. Now if you have never seen a lady squirt you are missed something really horny. As soon as I removed the Sweet Corn I replaced it with my cock and fucked until I came.

Not to disappoint G, once she had recovered a bit, knelt down so that Mike could cum on her tits.

All in all a good time was had by all and the extra space proved to be ample, making it an excellent dogging vehicle. I hope that things might develop a bit now and that G will feel happier and hornier having 'extra' people outside. There is even room for a couple in the front watching and one in the back helping. It would be quite a tea party!! We will have to see what develops, watch this space!