Written by Big S and Lorraine

24 Apr 2006

My long time partner Lorraine and myself went for a weeks break to Tenerife.. On arriving on the tuesday we struck up a friendship with a couple from Newcastle, Tony and Debbie, both 30 and 14 years my junior and 8 years younger than Lorraine..

They were due to depart on the friday but were great fun and Tony in particular was an outrageous flirt much to the annoyance of Debbie.. She said on the first night by the pool that he`s always showing his dick off and would run for cover if anyone took him seriously..

After spending all day thursday in each others company Debbie got rather drunk and Tony had to take her back to their appartment at 8pm, Lorraine and I returned to our appartment at the same time..

On returning to our appartment Lorraine put her head under the shower to rinse the chlorine from the pool from her hair, She had on only bikini bottoms and a little matching mini as she had been topless all day..

As she emerged from the shower there was a knock at the door and it was Tony popping by just to say goodbye and thank us for our company, Lorraine asked him in for one last drink and (Lorraine and me) went into the bedroom to get some duty free..

While we were in the bedroom Lorraine whispered to me "I`m going to tease that cocky sod rigid" we both laughed but nodded in agreement, on returning to the living room Lorraine sat very close to Tony and being topless she leant across him at every opportunity to pick up her drink and allowed her gorgeous tits to touch his bare arms or legs..

Lorraine and me retired to the kitchen to pour another drink and she immediatly stepped behind the door and took her bikini bottom off but kept the little mini skirt on, she whispered "i`m loving this, his cock`s almost tearing his shorts to get out" we returned to the sitting room and I sat opposite Lorraine one one sofa and she sat next to Tony..

Tony was by now struggling to string his words together and Lorraine was loving the effect she was having on him, she sat holding her drink smiling over at me with her legs slightly open and what little there was of her skirt now riding up, the sight of her now open and puffy soaking wet pussy had me spell bound and i was now really turned on and horny knowing how close her wonderfull body was to the unsuspecting Tony..

Tony excused himself and went into the toilet, Lorraine leaned over and said "he`s in there trying to get his cock under control, will I turn up the heat?" Again I nodded in agreement..

We have honestly never done anything like this before and despite the obvious rush we were both feeling a strange nervous tension..

When Tony took his seat on the sofa next to Lorraine she stood up and moved over to my sofa and smiled to me, little by little as we talked she gradually opened her legs and watched our faces, I knew the view Tony was getting and watched as he tried to pretend nothing was amiss.. She is usually such a prude and I couldn`t believe what she was doing, within a few minutes her legs were wide apart and I was now feeling out of control as her little skirt had now worked its way up and Tony was now staring at her gorgeous wide open pussy..

Tony made a nervous smile in my direction and I smiled and nodded to him, as I looked at Lorraine I saw the look that she usually reserves for orgasm`s, her face was now red and her mouth slightly open, just then there was a sillence then she said "Debbie said you show everyone your cock, show us then" Tony surprisingly blurted out an excuse but to my own surprise I said "come on big guy, show her" Tony stood up and silpped his shorts down and his 9 incher stood to perfect attention..

Lorraine`s face was a picture and she turned to me and stuck her tongue deep down my throat, just as she pulled away from the kiss I noticed her rising to her feet and undoing her little skirt, her voice was so nervous and she said "please let me taste his cock Baby?" I still can`t believe I said "fuck him Babe`s, fuck him hard"..

Lorraine walked over to Tony and said "you heard the man", sit down" Tony was panting and shaking and did as he was told, just as he did Lorraine put out her tongue and took Tony`s throbbing cock in her hand and began gently rubbing it on her tongue, almost immediatly she stood over him placing one leg either side of his and pulled his head into her soaking wet pussy, all the time she kept turning to me and smiling, by now my shorts were off too and I was afraid to touch my cock as I was close to orgasm..

Lorraine knelt over him and I watched in disbelief as I saw his cock slip inside her wonderfull gushing fanny, just as Tony`s cock slipped inside Lorraine moaned "hold my bum Tony, hold my bum" within 30 seconds she was coming and i watched dumb struck as Tony`s spunk began to ooze from her pussy.

No sooner had he came and she moved over to me on the other sofa with the most beautiful and amazing look on her face i`ve ever seen, Tony got to his feet muttering something about leaving and very quickly left the appartment before the door had even closed Lorraine had now mounted me and was dripping hot spunk everywhere, we both very quickly had our greatest ever orgasm`s and sat looking exhausted and bewildered at what had just happened..

Lorraine and I fucked all night and she sat stroking her pussy for most of the night saying "oo baby look at all the spunk" as she slipped her fingers up and down her swollen fanny..

We watched as Tony`s taxi left in the morning returning he and Debbie to the airport and out of our lives..

I truely look back in pure disbelief at what happened and will forever cherish the wonderfull memory, Lorraine says she kept waiting for me to stop her and can`t believe all that happened either or how we were both so horny and out of control. We both agree that for us it could only have happened on holiday, she is one special lady and the ultimate woman. Thanks Tony from Newcastle..