Written by mac and mary

9 Jun 2004

This happened a couple of weeks ago, it was a gorgeous sunny day and we were both lying in the garden on a rug sun bathing, I was just in shorts and mary had shorts and a skimpy vest top.

We were both feeling a bit frisky and were stroking each other. I was feeling her tits and could see her nipples really getting erect.

Mary had her hand inside my shorts and was slowly stroking my cock, which was streaming with pre cum, she wiped her finger across the end and then pulled her hand out and looked me in the eye as she licked it clean.

Our garden is over looked on all sides by neighbours houses, but that didn't bother Mary too much, she climbed on top of me and covered us up with the rug as she rubbed her pussy againstmy cock, which was now straining to get out of my shorts!!

Mary stood up and took me by the hand to the patio at the side of our house, I pushed her against the wall of the house and we kissed hard. She pulled my shorts down and stroked my cock, as I pulled her shorts down and lifted her vest up, to play with her gorgeous tits.

Mary knelt down and licked my cock, before sucking me slowly and deeply, she then sat me on the picnic bench e have and straddled me. She was soaking wet and lowered herself onto me and fucking me hard, fast and loud. I heared some rustling in the garden next to us and am sure we were being watched!!

I had mary's tits out and was licking and biting her nipples as she fucked me. I reached round and put my finger into her pussy to lubricate it, before I slid it deep into her arse.

I could tell she was getting close, so I told her we were being watched by our neighbours and that they were playing with each other as they watched us, this took her over the edge and she gave out a loud deep moan and shuddered as she came.

After she calmed down, Mary stood me up and sat infront of me as she sucked me off again, she started to wank me into her mouth and it didn't take me long to get that familiar tingling in my cock. I told her I was going to cum and she just smiled and kept wanking me until I shot streams of cum into her mouth and over her face.

She was so hot that afternoon, shame more of you weren't there to watch or take part.

Hope you enjoyed our little adventure.

Mac and Mary