Written by leon

24 Jan 2004

we live at the end of a very remote lane and my wife and i often sunbathe in the nude.one day last summer whilst sunbathing a work friend and his wife called unexpectedly.my wife felt a little uneasy about being naked,but i was very plesed to show her off,she has a lovely figure and big firm tits 34DD.jim and his wife sue said that they wouldnt disturb us,hed just dropped off some figures i needed forwork.i said your ok stay awhile,you can join us for a swim if you liked.sues eyes llit up but she said ive got no coustume,nude rules ok here i said.with that she stripped off,bareing a lovely figure and ok tits.i could feel a little swelling of my cock.she said you joining me,didnt need asking twice.in we jumped.my wife shouted ill go and get some drinks and dissapeared.next thing jim was in the pool.he winked at me and from behind he cupped sues tits,and gave me the come on.i took sues hard nipple and sucked,by this time my cock was throbbing,sue took jims hand and placed it on my cock,it felt good,first time id beed touched by a man.we played a while ,me sucking and jim sucking sues tits.sue stroking both of us together oh i was great.id forgotten my wife when she appeared at the poolside and said drinks were ready.how could i get out of the pool with such ahard on i thought.i invited her in to the pool and thankfully she acccepted.phew i thought.we swam a while and then all got out.hard on gone.sue and my wife lay on the 2 sunbeds jim and i sat on the ppatio between them.jim made a lovely comment to my wife about her figure,she replied sues was not bad.jim said oh aye you like women then,lets see what you 2 can do then.my cock was immeadiatly hard,jims not far behind.my wife said we will if you will.ok jim took my cock and wrapped his lips around it.i loved being sucked.my wife started tweaking sues nipples and before long they were having a ball.licking each others clits ,sucking tits.i sucked jims cock,liked doing that.jim whispered can i have your wife,yeah i said,he rubbed her tits ,sucked her nipples.and liked her clit before fucking her.soe and i watched.i did the same to sue.,only she sucked my cock long and hard.we then had a good fuck but whilst we were my wife sucked sues tits.wow what agood afternoon cant wait til this summer.