Written by M.

11 Aug 2004

We used to go out together on sunday afternoons for a drive somewhere, we used to just get in the car and drive.It was on one such day that i noticed as i passed by a lorry, the driver was looking into our car and could see my wifes stocking tops, cos this is all she ever wore,with suspenders of course.I told her about the driver after i had passed and she seemed rather turned on by the thought. I slowed up and made him overtake us and then pull into the inside lane.As i pulled out to pass him, she hitched up her skirt a little more, showing her suspenders aswell. Well, he was hanging out of his cab as we slowly passed, i made sure we didnt pass too quickly. This turned us both on and it became a regular thing every Sunday.

One sunday we were at it again, but by this time she had taken to driving up and down the motorway without her skirt on, sat in just her suspenders and stockings, no knickers, we were giving all the truck drivers a right eyefull, i sometimes even fingered her as we passed the trucks. One day after we had given one driver a right show, including her leaning over and giving me a blow job, we pulled off the motorway and headed for a quiet picnic area.

We had not been there long when the same truck pulled into the layby behind us. I told her to get out the car and walk to him. I watched as she did, and then watched her climb up into his cab, only dressed in a see through blouse stockings and suspenders.

I waited a minute or two then walked over myself, climbed up and looked in, there was my wife lay on her back with her legs in the air having her cunt eaten by this big fat bald headed 50 odd year old,she was loving every minute, she nodded for me to join them. I climbed in and the trucker left off while he stripped off. I have an 8 inch cock but his made mine look little, it must've been about 11 inches.He took hold of her legs and put them over his shoulders and i watched as he forced his cock into her soaking wet cunt, ''give it to me'' she screamed at him. He started to pound away at my wifes hole with long hard strokes, this was such a turn on, i had my own cock in my hand and was wanking away, when he said he wanted to watch her suck my cock, so without hesitating she reached out and took it in her mouth and sucked and licked at it like her life depended on it.

He had her on all fours and fucked her doggy style then on her back, she knelt before him and took his monster in her mouth while i fucked her from behind. I soon shot my load into her cunt, but he wasn't ready yet. He then took out his mobile and made a call, in about 10 minutes there were another 4 blokes, They took her out of the cab and held her down on a picnic table, i held one leg up as another guy held her other leg up, we pulled them apart as far as we could and i watched as one guy after another fucked her cunt as hard and as fast as they could, she was still dressed in her stockings and suspenders, but her blouse had gone, and her tits were bouncing about as she was being fucked. Each one came in her cunt then took it in turns to fuck her mouth, she had one cock in her stretched cunt, one in her mouth and was wanking two others with her hands. I held her legs up and apart for as long as i could then i wanked myself off and shot my cream over her arse as i watched this monster cock ponding away at her cunt. After they had all done they thanked her and agave us there mobile numbers. we call them each in turn now and if they are on the road near where we are, we stop off and have some fun, sometimes in their cabs or out in the open, sometimes just the three of us sometimes a few of us, once i was part of 10 that fucked her.It took us nearly 3 hours before we had all had enough, she was covered from head to toe in spunk, and every hole in her body was full.

Keep an eye out next time you're out driving on a sunday, you just might get to see us.