Written by tyler

20 Sep 2006

Vicky and me had been seeing each other casually for a while. We have never been too serious because we both went to different uni’s. Vicky was a sexy tall brunette with a J-lo bum!!!

We had talked or at least I had told her my fantasy of seeing her have sex with another guy and been able join in and have a threesome with her. She had commented how she would only be able to do it with someone if she wasn’t seeing them in a serious relationship. Before this experience we had only joked all talked about it, but this time it my fantasy was to come true. I was staying at her place in uni last term time. We were having a night in chilling watching a DVD, when one of her mates from uni called round out the blue. It was a male friend of hers that she knew from one of her classes. He was fairly tall dark hair with a slim build, she had commented once before that she thought he was a good-looking guy. It was the first time I had met Mark so was introduced to him. To cut out the boring bit we were talking for a while and having a laugh, before not too long the conversion of sex came up. Mark told us that he has not had sex for a while and joked that he was gagging for it. I made a comment joking that Vicky would be able to take care of him, which they both laughed at. Even though they both laughed I could see the look in both their eyes that they wouldn’t mind it and my mind had already starting thinking about my fantasy. We carried on the discussion of sex, as I wanted to get both Mark and Vicky horny to see if I could get them to have the threesome I was so after. It ended up with me making a suggestion that maybe Vicky should give him a blowjob. I think Vicky was a bit surprised and wasn’t sure if I was serious or not. I can tell you I was dam serious and it was turning me on the thought of her sucking his cock.

I noticed Mark try and cover his now hard cock, the thought of him getting a blowjob must have made him horny. I decided I would get some drinks for us all and made a suggestion that Vicky makes mark more relaxed. Now she seemed interested and moved closer to him, I smiled and gave them a smile as if to say really go ahead with it and left the room to get the drinks. While in the kitchen I could here some laughing a giggling I was hoping that she was getting his cock out. I walked back into the room and to my surprise what I saw was one of the most horniest and exciting moments… Mark had his pants down to his knees while Vicky had wrapped her hand around his hard cock and was stroking it up and down. She looked quite impressed with the girth of his cock and seemed to be enjoying wanking his cock. I was slightly jealous that it was not my cock in her hand, but it was making me so horny watching Vicky stroking another mans cock and I was now urging her to suck his cock, surprise, surprise so was Mark. Vicky moved down onto her knees and slipped off Marks trousers and started to suck his cock. She started off by using her tongue around the head of his cock then slowly wrapped her lips around his hard shaft moving slowly up and down.

Mark was now groaning with pleasure as Vicky sucked his cock. He started to tell her how good it felt and that he had often wanked over the thought of Vicky sucking his cock. She stopped for a second to tell us how horny it made her feel knowing we wanked thinking of her.

I sat down and got my hard cock out now and started to wank myself off while watching Vicky suck another mans cock. I was telling her how horny I was and she was looking sexy doing it. This made her suck Marks cock with more pace. I could see he was going to last much longer as Vicky’s tongue ran around the head of his cock and she sucked and took his cock all the way in her mouth. I could only really see her head bobbing up and down so I moved around to the side to get a better look.

I couldn’t resist any longer I just had to start touching her. I reached around to feel her ass, Vicky has a sexy ass which looking good both in and out of clothes. As I felt her up I could see her eyes drift towards me, I could tell she was enjoying having two guys play with her. I could tell because she started to suck Marks cock faster. This got both me and Mark going more, Mark reached down to start to play with her breasts. He squeezed at her nipples gently. Vicky made a bit of moan so she must have been enjoying it.

I stopped wanking for a second and decided that I had to finger her wet pussy. How did I know it was wet? Well I moved around so I was behind her. She was wearing a skirt that wasn’t too long, so I was able to move it up around her waist. I will still thinking how honry she was making me feel. Here was me pulling up her skirt about to finger fuck her, while she was giving another guy a blowjob. It didn’t feel wrong at all just horny, she deserved to have two cocks lusting after her and I was already thinking about us both enjoying her tight pussy. With her skirt pulled above her waist he sexy ass was on full view apart from here little skimpy thong. The thong was wet around her pussy, so I started to touch her with her thong on. She moaned with excitement but still kept giving Mark his blowjob. I played around with her pussy through the thong for a while, and then decided it was time for me to get to her bare pussy. I pulled her thong down, but only down to her thighs. She looked so horny bent over with her skirt pushed up and her panties pulled down just enough to reveal her pussy.

I started to rub my finger in between her puffed up pussy lips, she felt so wet that I didn’t know how I was resisting now stick my hard cock up her there and then. I fingered her with one finger at first before slipping a second in and giving it plenty of motion. With my other hand firmly pressed on her ass so I was able to keep her in place so she got the full benefit of me finger fucking her.

Mark started to groan more intense; he held the back of her head and started to cum. He shot his warm cum in her mouth and all over her sweet lips. Vicky looked so hot and horny with cum over her, I just felt so horny and wanted to have sex with her and have Mark join in.

Vicky announced that she was so horny and hoped that would be the last time Mark cum inside her, straight away he replied telling her no it won’t be, but the next time he is going to cum up her pussy. “Why how long do I have to wait? I hope it you will be ready soon” said Vicky, she was horny especially as I still had a finger her inside her.

Mark decided he would first return the favour to Vicky and lay her on the bed with her legs open. He had now taken off her thong and rubbed it against his cock. He then moved down and started to lick her pussy. I was horny and pretty much ready to cum. I had just witnessed Vicky give him a blow job now he was licking her out. I stated to wank but this time with the help of Vicky. It didn’t take long before I shot my cum all over her breasts. I wiped my cum off with her wet thong and sat back while I watch Mark eat her pussy out.

Vicky seemed to be really enjoying this. She was moaning and pushing his head further into her pussy. While he used his tongue on her clit her had two fingers inside her tight wet pussy moving in and out slowly.

Vicky turned her head towards me and asked me if I was enjoying watching another guy lick her wet pussy, I nodded and was already starting to get hard again. “Well your gonna watch him fuck me and cum inside my pussy as soon as he is ready”

Marks head lifted from between her legs and with a smile said he was ready. Mark started to push his stiff cock inside her pussy. She started to moan again as he entered her and pumped his dick back and forth inside her tight wet opening.

He started to pound her really hard and started to talk to dirty. “You like it do you? You like to be fucked and have someone watching you.” She shouted and panted back at him “yes fuck me, fuck me hard, I wanna take you both in my pussy one after another.”

Dirty talk like this carried on while he was fucking her senseless, he then turned her around on to her hands and knees and fucked her doggy style.

He didn’t seem to be getting tired he just carried on fucking her pussy, I was rock solid and ready for more action. Vicky lay back down on her back and started to rub my cock, while I sucked and licked her nipples. I kissed up towards her ear, then whispered into her ear how sexy she looked.

Mark was now close to cuming and started to ask her where she wanted him to cum, she replied immediately “inside me, inside me please cum inside” Her saying that nearly made me cum too, but I held it back as I wanted to enter Vicky and cum in her too.

Mark started to pump harder and faster, he came right up her, and she seemed to be loving having a cock inside her and another once ready to after.

Mark pulled out with a smile on his face and kissed her on the lips as if I wasn’t there. Her lay beside her and was kissing her and rubbing his hands across her body. It was as if I wasn’t there at one point, so I decided to remind them. I positioned myself in between her legs, then start to rub the head of my rock hard cock against her pussy, I didn’t want to enter her straight away I wanted to play with her. She started to moan as I rubbed my cock against her clit. Mark was still kissing her and was whispering things in her ear, I don’t know what it was but it was making her reply yes and groan to it.

As I looked down I could see some of Mark’s cum dripping out of her wet pussy, I couldn’t wait any longer I had to be inside her. Pushing my cock into her pussy felt amazing, it was a lot wetter because of the added bonus of the cum. I rocked back and forth fucking her the best I could, the only problem was I knew I was going to cum soon. I started to tell her how I was going to cum and she was going to have to lots of spunk inside her.

I could feel my balls starting to tense up as I spunk moved up my rock hard cock and shooting deep inside her. It felt wonderful and hadn’t cum like that for a while

She asked me if I enjoyed it and I just nodded. Me and Mark lay either side of her and carried on kissing her all over her sexy body, before we all ended up falling a sleep.