Written by Olddick

6 May 2016

Carrying on.

We left for Bruges last Thursday, travelling via Dover, Kath always knows what to wear when we make long journeys, no matter what it is, the purpose is always the same. On Thursday she wore a button up dress, just above the knee and a front fastening bra, plus her stockings and garter belt.

Once we hit the motorway she reclined her seat and undid her dress and bra, displaying herself naked so that l could grope her tits and finger her cunt as we drove. As usual l always slowed down as we passed a lorry so that the driver could get a good look at her and before long she had one of her vibrators up her cunt to give a better show.

We were just south of Hatfield on the A1 when we got snarled up, luckily we were alongside a truck and Kath lowered her window to give the driver a better view, when he lowered his window she asked him if he liked what he saw, he then managed to raise himself up and showed her that he had his cock out and was wanking it. I made a suggestion to Kath and she called to the driver telling him not to waste his spunk but if he wanted to fuck her he should pull into South Mimms services, he gave her the thumbs up just as the traffic cleared and we drove on.

The car and lorry parks at South Mimms are not close together so we parked the car and Kath made herself respectable, then we noticed the lorry making it's way into the lorry park so we got out and made our way over. The park was quite busy with lorries parked all round the sides, our lorry had found a spot in some centre bays. We walked up to the driver's door and straight away he asked if Kath was a prossie, she laughed and assured him there was no charge, he asked what she would do and l replied that he could have her mouth bareback but if he wanted her cunt or arsehole he had to use a condom. I gave him some condoms and he unlocked the passenger doors as Kath walked round and climbed in. She is no stranger to the inside of a truck cab as we do a lot of our dogging at truck parking areas these days, too many of the other locations have been ruined by youngsters and undesirables.

I stayed outside the cab but after a minute or so it was obvious from the way the cab was moving that Kath was getting some cock somewhere. Another driver came over and said he had been watching and was she available for anyone, l said that if he waited in his cab l would send her over once she was finished, l did ask him to make it as quick as possible as we had a ferry to catch.

It took about five minutes for the cab to stop rocking, then about a minute later the passenger door opened a Kath climbed out, still buttoning her dress. I told her not to bother and pointed out the other lorry where she was wanted. She was soon up into the cab and shortly it was obvious they were getting into action. This guy lasted a bit longer and as Kath was climbing down she told me he had made her come. We were about to make our way back to the car when another driver approached us, this chap was a foreigner and all he could say was "l want fuck". I knew we were getting pushed for time so l told Kath to bend over holding the truck wheel, gave him a condom and told him to be quick. He certainly got the message as he dropped his pants, rolled the condom onto a pretty impressive erection and slid his cock into her from behind. Kath had only done up a few buttons on her dress and her bra was missing so in a few seconds of him pumping into her, her tits had tumbled out and were swinging nicely. Fair play, he didn't take long and soon pulled her back hard onto his cock as he shot his load. He then pulled out and thanked her, then just as we were walking away the second driver passed her bra to me saying that Kath might be getting on a bit but she was a great fuck. Kath thanked him for the compliment and blew a kiss to all three drivers as we returned to our car.

We had to make up time for the ferry so l told her to keep covered as we wouldn't have time to slow down for any more trucks, she took the opportunity to lie back and doze for a while as we travelled.

One disadvantage with driving on the continent is that you pass trucks on the driver's side so there was no point in Kath showing herself off, she did use a small vibrator on her clit as we travelled and talked about what we were going to do in Bruges for a couple of days, Kath said she expected to be getting fucked for a lot of it but it was strange territory as it was the first time we had visited Phil since he had moved to Bruges two years previously. Apparently he had decided to move to Belgium as all of his bars were in either Bruges, Brussels or Ghent. Kath said it was a shame that Phil was no longer connected with the club in Amsterdam, in fact, after our first visit Phil had only stayed there for just over a year before he had opened his first bar in Amsterdam.

He had contacted us just before he finished to tell us that one of the special evenings was coming up if we fancied going over. Mother-in-law was easily arranged as a child minder, by now she was fully aware of our lifestyle and whilst she didn't necessarily approve of everything we were doing, she understood that l was not putting any pressure on Kath and that Kath was happy with her life. Also of course, she was getting my cock about once a month so she couldn't really pass judgement.

That time we flew over, Phil meeting us at the airport, taking us back to his flat where he quickly had Kath's knickers off and was shagging her on the sofa. Once he had cum, she said that that had been a very nice welcome, Phil said he hadn't meant to attack her like that but that he found her to be very sexy and he couldn't wait. She kissed him, telling him it was a lovely compliment especially as he had access to so many pretty young girls, but he assured her they were nowhere near as sexy as her.

Kath had packed suitable clothes for the club that evening, then Phil told us there had been a new addition, there had been installed three harness cradles suspended over the dance floor and guests could volunteer to be stripped and strapped in so that they could be tilted into any position for any of the other guests to fuck them in either hole or mouth. He asked if Kath would like to take one of the cradles, it would be for one hour before the stage show began. Kath's eyes lit up and thanked him, promising he would get his reward later and she went off to get ready.

I've said before that Kath was then and is now aware that she was or is a raving beauty, in fact she could easily pass as your normal Mrs. Dowdy if you didn't know her better. What she has always been able to do however is dress and make herself up to make it obvious that she is a cock slut. Consequently, when she appeared from the bedroom both Phil and l looked in amazement. Besides the tarty make-up, she was wearing a mini basque top that pinched her waist tight, with two tiny cups for her tits which served only as a platform and left her nipples exposed, below that she wore a tight pair of hot pants that had the crotch removed leaving her shaved cunt on display. Phil said she looked incredible and that he wanted to fuck her where she stood, she told him he would have to wait but that he was very kind.

The doormen at the club had changed from before and their tongues were literally hanging out as Kath walked from the cab into the club, making no attempt to hide all the parts of her body that were exposed.

This time, as we were seated making our order, Kath reached out to our waiter and guided his cock into her mouth, encouraging him to fuck her as she sucked him. He came quickly, Kath greedily swallowing every drop, he then thanked her and went off with our order. I told Kath she was creating quite an impression both amongst the other men and women, she just said she was feeling even more sexy than normal.

When the music started, the harnesses were lowered, Kath and two other female guests were escorted onto the dance floor by two waiters who removed their clothes then strapped each women into their harness. They were then suspended and as couples took to the floor dancing, men began leaving their partners and taking turns at the harnesses. I watched as Kath was tilted in all directions either to be fucked in her cunt her arsehole or her mouth usually having one in each end at the same time, the other women were getting similar treatment. I saw one female guest with her mouth pressed against Kath's cunt, eagerly licking up the spunk that was oozing from it. Not everyone was gentle and Kath received some hefty slaps to her buttocks and tits, one man removing his belt and giving her a couple of whacks to her cunt before someone else stepped between her legs to fuck her.

I managed to fuck one of the others in her arse before removing my cock and shooting my cum into her mouth, l also got to the other one and licked the cum leaking from her cunt and arsehole as another guest sucked my cock. It was just an absolute orgy with people being fucked and sucked everywhere, all of the women were naked and two men were getting fucked by other men.

Eventually everyone seemed to collapse in exhaustion and slowly returned to their seats, most of the women remaining naked. Kath was returned to me saying it had been fantastic, she couldn't remember how many cocks she'd had and that spunk was still running out of her, she asked me if l had fucked anyone and l told her what l had done, she giggled and said she would let me lick the spunk out of her bum hole later.

We were then served with our meal which was beautiful, followed by more dancing, although this session was much calmer, there was still some quieter fucking and a few women, including Kath, were sucking cocks, l had the fat woman again which was good as she was a great cock sucker, then we all resumed our seats for the finale.

This time, when the curtain went up the platform was again in the centre on the stage but this time there were also four men each holding a large Doberman type dog on a lead. The story relayed over the sound system told us that the local aristocracy had been overthrown, all the men killed and that the Duchess and her four daughters had been sentenced to special punishment. With that four girls about young twenties were dragged on, stripped naked and forced to kneel with their heads down and arses in the air, each one was forced to open their legs as the dogs were led to them and encouraged to climb up and fuck them. I had never seen anything like it before and when l looked at Kath she looked in a state of shock, that didn't prevent her from grabbing my hand and jamming it between her legs where l could feel her cunt pulsating with an orgasm. The dogs were then dragged off the girls and told to sit as each girl was grabbed by the hair and forced toward a dog, forcing them to take the dog's cock in their mouths. My fingers were still inside Kath's cunt as she gasped "Oh my god" as another orgasm ripped through her.

The commentary then announced that it was the turn of the Duchess as a large woman in her forties was dragged on, stripped to display large sagging tits and a fat belly, she was then strapped to the platform. By now Kath was breathing heavily and she suddenly got up and leaned over the table looking toward the stage and told me to fuck her arse. I needed no second bidding and was quickly buried up to my balls as l grabbed her tits to pull myself in as deep as possible. The donkey was led in and positioned with his cock poised at the cunt of the "Duchess" then the platform was moved forward so that about ten inches of that cock was forced up her cunt as she gave out a scream. At that point my cock exploded inside Kath's arsehole and l felt her shudder through another orgasm. I noticed that most of the other couples were similarly engaged, some calling out encouragement as the woman was moved up and down that monster cock, each time deeper and faster until she was taking a good fifteen inches. My cock was still hard and Kath told me to take it out and shove it up her cunt which l did and proceeded to fuck her again.

The rhythm on the stage was getting frantic, the dogs were shooting their cum into the faces of the girls, and as the donkey started braying his cock was removed from the woman in time to shower her with an explosion of cum. I felt Kath's cunt gripping and milking my cock as she came again quickly followed by me.

I think everyone else in the place must have cum at the same time as there were exhausted couples led across all the tables but gradually everyone recovered and we saw all the participants lined up on the stage smiling and taking a bow. Everyone was cheering and shouting their appreciation, the woman on the next table asked if we had enjoyed the show, l remembered her as the lawyer Phil had told us about last time. Both Kath and l replied that we had never seen anything like it before and that we weren't quite sure what our feelings were about what we'd seen but we had to admit that it had been tremendously exciting.

The woman surprised us then by saying that the act was getting rather tame as it had been repeated a few times but that the performers were planning some alterations to increase the excitement. We were a bit taken aback at that as Phil appeared and said he had arranged a car to take us back to the flat and that he would follow later. Kath began to dress but decided it was a waste of time so we left with her walking to the car naked. In the car we sat quietly holding hands, then she turned to me and said "l love you". I told her l loved her too and held her close as we both came to terms not only with what we had seen but also with how we had reacted.

Once back in the flat, Kath said she wanted to shower and go to bed, l said l would shower after her and wait up for Phil. We kissed goodnight but as she went she turned and told me to tell Phil he would have to sleep on his own tonight as she only wanted to sleep in my arms.

Phil arrived about an hour later and we talked about the evening, he explained that that had been the last show he would be in charge for as he was not happy with changes that were being made. He said that originally the producers of the show wanted to use younger girls for the daughters, not illegal young but teenagers with young looking bodies. He said he had stopped that but his concerns about the way the show was going had decided him to get out and take on his own bar.

I told him that Kath only wanted me in her bed that night and he was ok with that so l went to bed where Kath immediately put her arms around me and asked me to make love to her "Don't fuck me" she said, "Make love to me".

Once again l appear to have gone on a bit, there is still more to tell about what actually happened this weekend so will tell that next time.