Written by Dan

19 Jun 2005

I told you about Friday and how I was going back on Monday, well Janet(that is her name) at the house behind mine texted me today to say her husband would be playing golf from 2 till 7. Well my missus went to a fund raiser at her works today and I texted back to call me when his husband had left. At 230 I knocked at the back door and Janet opened the door bollock naked with a dildol up her cunt. She led me upstairs as I took off my shorts and flip flops. She was on my cock sucking for England. I once again returned the complement really enjoying the perfume of her cunt and her juicy lips. Eventually I turned her round and started fucking her slowly while massageing her nice round tits. "Put the dildol in my arse" she said and I duly obliged. She began bucking as she came and I followed suit. When we stopped she licked my cock clean. Just rest while I get us a drink and a surprise. She switched on the tv/vhs player and a blue movie was in progress. After about 5 minutes or so she came back with some wine put it down on the bedside table and said here is the surprise. In stepped a woman of 45 (I found out later) "this is Rose my friend, she knows all about you" Rose took off the dressing gown she was wearing and knelt on the bed. She was a big girl with large tits and a black hairy minge. She started sucking me while Janet started fucking her with the dildol. After a bit Rose asked me to fuck her while she licked Janet out. For a big girl she had no trouble spreading her legs and her cunt muscles gripped me tight. After a few minutes the girls swopped and eventually janet sat on my cock and Rose on my face. I was so intent on licking out Rose I forgot about cumming and Janet came with a rush. I then fucked Rose from behind and came quickly. The girls left alone for about 20 minutes while the fingered and licked each other. Then Rose asked me to fuck her arse while she fucked Janet with a 10" (thick) black dildo she produced from under the bed. I obliged with pleasure. This time Rose washed my cock and sucked it dry and I do not mean not wet. I wash totally and utterly fucked and Rose had to go so I left too but am back tomorrow at 2pm