Written by dan

11 Feb 2004

I was out for a long walk a few nights ago. It was blowing a gale, and bitterly cold but bracing. I was on a dark coast road which has a public shelter at one end . It began to rain heavily ,and with the wind blowing so hard it was painful ,so i ran for the shelter. I knew that this shelter was notorious for " fucking queers " , " shirtlifters " etc, but id always had a desire to see what another blokes dick felt like. The shelter was completey dark and smelly, piss smelly, I covered my nose before i gagged. I knew there were others in the place , i could hear shuffling and snuffling noises and then the sound very clearly of a belt buckle being opened. followed by a very audible zip being opened. At this point my nerves were gone ,i decided to leave. suddenly i felt what was very obviously a cock brush against my hand. " What the fuck " i thought. then " Bollocks , Go for it " I firmly grasped hold of the cock and began to slowly wank it. My eyes were now adjusted to the gloom and i could make out the sillhouettes of the guy i was wanking and at least three other guys watching and wanking. I judged the guy i was tossing off to be about 5 foot seven ,and very slim, . His cock wasnt very long, about 6 inches , it had a fairly small bellend, but the shaft and base of the shaft were very very thick , I couldnt close my hand aroud his shaft , there was a gap of at least an inch. and it was hard , extremely hard , much harder than mine ever got The guy whispered in my ear " give me a suck " , i thought in for a penny and squatted down in front of him. It didnt take him long to shove his cock into my mouth. He grasped my head and holding me firm began to fuck my mouth , which could barely open wide enough to take his really fat dick. I found that i couldnt breathe through my mouth or nose while his cock was in me and began to panic, i pulled away from him . " He asked what was wrong " Cant breathe i said. My turn to suck you anyway he said. He reached for my belt had it open , zip , jeans, and undies down and my cock in his mouth, as Tommy Cooper would have said " Just like that" It was a very nice gobble he gave me, sucking and licking and all the time his hands were on my bum , one finger delving around my arsehole. Now i love it when my missus fingers me as she gobbles me but this gobble was so much better and his finger slipping in me nearly made me shoot my load so i stopped him sucking me. As he stood up he stepped behind me and reached from behind to grab my dick. His cock was now pressing against my arse. i didnt know what to do, keep still ,pretend i couldnt feel it, reach behind and wank him?, id not been in this situation before. " I want to fuck you" he said " " No way thats going up me , Its far too fat " i replied. " Let me try " he said " Ok " i said " What do i do? " He bent me over and i felt something cold and sticky squirt over my arse followed by him rubbing " lube into you to ease me in". He stood behind me and i fely yhe tip of his cock pressing against me , i reached underneath to help him to the right spot. he gave a little push and i felt his cock enter me a little way. It felt nice his cock pressing intp me and his muscular thighs either side of me. He grabbed my hips and thrust hard. His big fat dick , his fucking fat rigid dick felt like it had ripped my arsehole inm three. " FUCK " i yelped trying to pull away from this thing in my arse. I couldnt breathe my arse was in flames and the fucker was holding onto me not letting me slide off his cock ( continued pt2 )