Written by Dan

23 Jan 2005

Pamela had gone away from her first meeting (and ‘lesson’) with Dan and had dreamt all night about it. She found herself playing with her breasts and cunt and orgasming again and again as she recalled how Dan’s tongue and hands and cock had played with her and entered her.

The next day, she sent a long email to Dan asking when they could meet again. Dan’s reply was disappointing. He said that he wouldn’t be able to meet her for at least another three weeks and in the meantime she ought to see how much more she enjoyed sex with her boyfriends. For a couple of days she sulked but then still dreaming of what Dan had done to her, she decided to go out with Max, a boy who she’d fucked before and thought was quite good until her evening with Dan.

Frankly, he wasn’t much better than before. She tried her best but as soon as she started to suck his cock, he very soon came in her mouth and it took around thirty minutes before he was hard enough again to fuck her. Even then, try as she might, she just didn’t manage to orgasm.

She went home tired and dispirited. She emailed Dan and explained her total frustration and pleaded with him to visit her again.

Again she was disappointed with his reply. ‘I’ll be at the same hotel in two days time, with a friend. Why don’t you join us, around 8 o’clock for dinner with your boyfriend?’

She wondered what on earth she letting herself in for but eventually sent back, ‘OK’.

She told Max, that she had been invited out to dinner and that her ‘friends’ wanted him to come too. Max, knowing full well that Pamela had been disappointed with his performance wondered, even more than her, what on earth was going on.

They duly arrived in the hotel dining room to find Dan sitting there with a woman who was extremely well dressed and with what looked like a very good figure. Dan got up and was introduced to Max and he in turn introduced his friend Jean.

Jean sat opposite Dan and between Max and Pamela. As they ordered, Pamela began to realise that Jean was paying close attention to Max. She noticed that Jean’s hand seemed to rest on Max’s leg while she animatedly told slightly risqué stories.

Pamela felt Dan’s hand on her leg. She eased closer but Dan merely whispered, ‘Wait and see’.

When they got on to the dessert, Jean’s hand was quite obviously stroking Max’s crutch. Max was equally obviously very aroused and his hand was cautiously stroking Jean’s waist and moving up to her breasts.

“Let’s go up to our room and have a last drink”, said Dan.

As they got up, it was very clear that Max had a very hard cock making his trousers stick out. Jean took his hand and led him to the lift. Dan and Pamela followed with Dan’s hand resting on Pamela’s arse. Pamela began to realise that whatever Dan was planning, this was going to be another night to remember.

Dan whispered to her, “Do whatever Jean says, she’s the leader tonight.”

Jean led them into a room. Bigger than the one Dan and she had been in before; it had an enormous circular bed.

“Now then Max, let’s see what you’re hiding here.”

Jean unzipped Max’s trousers and pulled out his very stiff cock.

“Hmm, not bad, now lie back on the bed and let’s see what we can do with it. Come on Pamela, give me a hand.”

Pamela went and sat down on the bed. Jean began to take off Max’s clothes. Max lay there as if in a trance. Eventually, he was stark naked with his cock standing stiffly in the air.

“Now for us Pamela.”

Jean leant over Pamela and gave her a deep kiss. Except in play, Pamela had never been kissed by a woman before. Her automatic reaction was to pull away but Jean kept kissing her and Pamela felt Jean’s tongue trying to slip between her lips. Pamela opened her lips and Jeans tongue entered her mouth and went in as far as it could. Pamela thought, ‘I shouldn’t be doing this’ but at the same time, she realised that she was beginning to enjoy it. She cautiously slid her tongue into Jean’s mouth and lost herself in this new sensation.

Pamela felt Jean’s hands cuddle her breasts. She sat up and undid her blouse and unhooked her bra. “Do the same for me sweetie.”

Pamela undid Jean’s dress and slid it off. Underneath, Jean was wearing a silky looking black bra, a very small black thong with a pair of black stockings held up by a very small suspender belt. Pamela felt her body temperature rising. She had never seen such a lovely body. Greedily, she tore Jean’s bra off and sucked at her gorgeous nipples. They were much bigger than Pamela’s and were standing out almost like organ stops. Pamela suckled them like a hungry baby.

Jean gently pushed Pamela away. “Let’s deal with our friend first.”

Max had been looking at the women not knowing what he should be doing.

“Now, you just lie there while we deal with you.”

Jean pulled off the rest of Pamela’s clothes giving her cunt a quick exploration with her tongue as she pulled off Pamela’s thong.

They laid either side of May’s cock. Jean caressed Pamela’s breast and her hand drifted down to her cunt. She pulled Pamela towards her and they kissed with Max’s cock between their lips. Jean’s hand left Pamela’s cunt and pulled Max’s legs apart. She took Pamela’s hand and together they played with Max’s balls. Jean’s hand slipped further behind and Jean realised that she had her finger up Max’s arse. Max gasped. They continued to kiss and ran their lips up and down Max’s cock. Jean pulled his cock towards her and took the bell end in her mouth. She then slipped it into Pamela’s mouth.

Jean’s lips went down to Pamela’s nipples and Pamela felt herself beginning to come. Jean’s hand went round the base of Max’s cock and she began to pull it backwards and forwards. Her mouth returned to Pamela’s and she speeded up her hand. Directing Max’s cock into the air, he came with a huge squirt that went about a foot in the air and fell back onto the two women’s faces. As more poured out, the women licked Max’s cock and each other. They smiled and continued to kiss hungrily.

“Now, I think it’s Max’s turn to entertain us. Go and see what he can do with his mouth.”

Pamela straddled Max’s body and eased herself up towards his mouth. She pulled his head forwards and slid a pillow underneath it so that he was facing her. She pushed herself against his mouth and felt his tongue slide inside her cunt. He didn’t really know what t do but by now, Pamela was so excited that she just came in a flood as his tongue entered her. Even if Max didn’t know what to do, Pamela’s flood into his mouth left him under no illusions as to was now expected of him. His tongue went in and out and round and round Pamela’s cunt. She came again.

She felt an arm come under hers and caress her breast. At the same time, she felt another hand slip between the cheeks of her arse and poke its way inside. It was only when she heard a whisper, “How do you like that sweetie?” that she realised they were Jean’s hands. “Marvellous” she replied and felt herself coming yet again.

Pamela was lost in her reverie but suddenly realised that Dan had not been involved so far. She looked round to see that he had taken off all his clothes and was kneeling between Max’s legs. She couldn’t see very much as Jean’s body was in the way but from the sounds, she guessed that he was sucking Max’s cock. Afterwards she found out that, while he was not totally bisexual, he could get excited enough with Jean’s performance to suck a cock. It was clear from Max’s reaction that he was beginning to harden again. Pamela felt Jean slide a bit back from her and then begin to rock against her back. She guessed that she was riding Max’s cock. Again she felt Jean stiffen and gasp. It was only afterwards that she found out that Dan had put his cock in beside Max’s. What Jean told her afterwards was genuine double entry. Pamela felt Jean’s body jerk against her and she let out almost a scream as she came.

Pamela turned herself round and faced Jean. She felt Max’s mouth and tongue return to their job and wriggled her crutch with pleasure. She lent forward and kissed Jean. She still had her eyes closed in ecstasy as she rode Max and Dan continued to fuck her from behind. Pamela’s mouth drifted down to Jean’s breasts and she felt Jean gasp as she took one gorgeous nipple into her mouth. Jean pushed her head down and she found herself kissing a mixture of Jean’s cunt, Max’s cock and feeling Dan’s cock inside Jean. As she suckled, she felt Max’s finger push up her arse while his tongue continued to roam around inside her cunt. She couldn’t help herself but come again.

Jean opened her eyes and said, “Come on Pamela, it’s time for the men to really pleasure you.” She swung off of Max leaving two very swollen, hard cocks waving in Pamela’s face. She gave each of them a suck. Dan patted her head as she took almost all of him into her mouth.

“Come on you two, Pamela needs better than you’re cocks in her mouth. Now get to it. Come on sweetie”, she said to Pamela, “Let’s get them really to work.”

Jean helped Pamela off of Max’s face and got her to turn on top of Max and slid his cock into her cunt. She came immediately. Dan lifted her body so that she was kneeling and thrust his cock into her arse. At the same time, Jean lent forward and gave her a deep kiss. Pamela lost count of the number of times she orgasmed. She felt Dan come inside her arse and Max quickly followed. Pamela lay there exhausted. Dan gently withdrew and she felt Max soften inside her. She rolled off Max and looked at Dan. He smiled at her and said, “I hope you liked your second lesson. Jean and I reckoned that you needed to be taught a few things but now that you and Max have learnt them, I reckon you can take it by yourself from now on.”

Pamela gave him a hug and a kiss. “Dan, I’ll never forget what you and Jean have taught us. I reckon that Max and I will be the most popular couple in town with what we learnt from you two.”

Max and Pamela pulled on their clothes and kissed Dan and Jean goodnight. As they left Jan turned to Dan. “Well, they seemed to enjoy that, but as you well know, it’s going to take much, much more to satisfy me tonight.”

Dan sighed theatrically and buried his face in Jean’s crutch. His mouth felt her clitoris protruding out of her cunt, closed his lips round it and sucked.

“What I like about you Dan is that you know what a girl wants” Jean put her hands round Dan’s head and pulled him closer to her crutch. It was going to be a long and beautiful night.