Written by Pantypaul

17 Feb 2018

I love wearing my wives panties. She is well aware of my fettish and so long as she does not see me, in her panties or, see me playing with them is quite happy to let me have my fun.

Best panties are if she has been out and I imagine her getting chatted up and creaming her panties. Or if they are well stained ,where some other bloke has had a grope.

I wanted a bit more, so when on various chatlines, found out there are loads of guys who have pantie fettish. Some of them love to swop their wives panties. I chatted to one guy and we arranged to swop some panties. We met in a car park, I had the two pair of panties in a resealable plastic bag. He took one pair out and sniffed the crotch, "lovely and fresh" he then looked at the gusset and put his tongue on the stained cotton. He passed me a pair of his wives, a lot bigger than mine, but still sexy lacy ones. the cotton gusset was well stained. It had a strong odour of dried pee, very sexy and was turning me on. "Drive the car" he said. So I set off and he Started to get his cock out and rub it. Nice looking cock , not that big but was hard very quick. He got a pair of the panties and rubbed his cock in to the silky material and it wasnt long before he shot his load in to them. You could see his cum seeping through the material. My cock was now aching to be released, so I pulled over and we swopped places. I rubbed my cock in to the big gusset of the panties, I got a waft of the strong dried pee and could not stop my cock from spurting cum all over the panties.

We pulled back in to the car park, he passed me the spunk stained panties and said for me to put them back into the wash basket. I passed him the wet panties and he put them in his pocket. We agreed to meet up next week. He wants some of my wives tights.

When I got home I put the wet stained panties in to the basket. When she came home that day, she said "see you have been enjoying yourself this morning, dirty boy. Little did she know.

Going to wear the panties next week and cum in them in front of him.