Written by Lucky me

18 May 2006

I’m older (and more kinky) than my girlfriend, I’m 47, she’s 32, and she’s not very experienced due to spending much of her time looking after 2 children and a husband who didn’t take her out or do much more in bed than relieve himself. So I’ve had to take my time with Emma to introduce her to my kind of fun.

I’d managed to get her to do anal, to dress up, to wear her blouses with more buttons undone (giving a couple of guys a glimpse of her 34A tits – good job some of us like small ones that pass the pencil test) and swallow when giving head but what I really wanted to do was to involve another guy, or even better than that, guys.

I’ve often stopped at scenic sites with her in the dark and had a kiss and a play, we’ve even christened my current car – a Passat. Emma didn’t seem shy when other cars either drove past or pulled in a discreet distance away, she wouldn’t cover herself or try to hide which I thought was terrific, knowing that there was a possibility that she was being watched.

I decided to a Country Park as I’d seen from this site that dogging goes on there but didn’t expect much to happen. I pulled in to the first car-park and reversed so my bonnet was facing the middle of the park. I started to kiss Emma and unfasten her top, she was enjoying it, Emma likes hard kissing, if I want to turn her on all I need to do is to kiss her hard and she’s wet instantly. Soon her tits were on show and I’d got her panties off just leaving her with hold-up stockings, a very short skirt and her top open. She climbed on top of me, fortunately although she’s 5’7” she’s a skinny size 8 so she fitted between me and the steering wheel.

I had seen a car reverse in next to us on my right and that the passenger window had been wound down, presumably to get a better view. I told Emma that we were being watched, she didn’t comment or even alter her rhythm, so I said ‘I’ll turn the light on and give him a better view’, again she didn’t comment. Almost as soon as I’d turned the light on he got out of his car and was standing at my side of the car. I asked Emma to get back onto her seat, she climbed off and lay back, her skirt was still up as was her top, the man moved round to her side of the car. I moved Emma so that he could get a better view of her pussy, opening her legs to give him a really good view. I noticed him using his mobile phone to take pictures, Emma could not see this as her head was facing me and her eyes were closed as I was bringing her off with my fingers and every now and then opening her well trimmed pussy to give our visitor a better view.

I asked Emma if I could open the window to give him a better view, she didn’t answer and as she’d not answered up to now with what had happened I took that as meaning okay. I wound the window down (electric windows are the best invention ever) and he took more photographs. After a while he asked if he could touch (he was very polite), again I asked Emma and again I got no answer so I indicated for him to touch. He went straight for her pussy, playing with her clit and then within seconds he had his fingers inside her. I could see Emma now pushing her body down on his fingers, it was such a horny site I wanted to cum there and then. Then he put his head inside the window and started to chew Emma’s nipples. There I was watching another guy having fun with my girlfriend. Emma seemed to orgasm continuously and I was in heaven.

Eventually Emma had orgasmed enough and she moved his hand away, he asked if he could do anything more but Emma this time said no, he thanked us both, kissed Emma’s hand and walked back to his car.

We went back to Emma’s house and finished off what she’d started. She’d enjoyed it as he was a gentle man, and now she wants to try it again. With a bit more persuasion I think I will watch her with another guy. I still get off on the thought of some guy somewhere has photographs of Emma’s pussy and that they’re possibly somewhere on the internet, I wish I could see them.