Written by Shannon

27 Jan 2004

We got ready and had a few drinks before my mans friends picked us up at home. I put on my new leather skirt and my slinky gold top, which I cant wear a bra with also my thongs, my man was very horny and before we got changed we fucked in the shower.

The time came and they arrived outside my mans friend came to the door and took one look at me and complimented me on how good I looked, and then told my man to keep his eye on me. We got in the car and she was sat in the back so my man could jump in the front. she had black stockings on and her nurses outfit, it was low cut and her tits were hanging out of her bra, she did look sexy which made me so mad. My man turned round and smiled at her and told her she looked very nice and she said thankyou.

We arrived at the house of the party, We went in and the host of the party was called Kelly she was about 30 and dark long hair average build and average looking with massive tits that I did notice, her husband was skinny and I thought ugly but very friendly. There was alot of drink on hte table and we were told to help ourselves. We all sat talking and then another couple arrived, they were odd, he was nice looking and tall, she was fat and not nice looking at all, she was wearing a short dress and her tits were hanging out of the dress. Kelly then said thats it we can now start to have fun. I sat and chatted to Kellys husband he was very well spoken and told me he loves these kind of partys, I told him I was new to this and nervous, he then took my hand and told me he would look after me. My man was across the other side of the room with his friend and her talking to Kelly and the big women, I noticed the big womens hand on my mans arse. Kelly was then coming on to my mans friend and they disapeared upstairs. I then thought here we go, I sat on my own and drank and drank until I felt drunk. The big women and her came over to me they had a drink and then asked me to join in, the good looking man was sat alone in the corner, the big women then went and dragged him over to me, she said his name was P and he smiled and sat next to me, the big women and her went to dance in the middle of the room, as I was talking to P I noticed her had her tits hanging out and the big women was sucking them. I watched them for ages, and they were soon on the floor licking each others cunts, the big womens tits must of been a ff they were huge and filled her face, but she sucked and licked them for ages they then got up and also disapeared upstairs. My man was still talking and then came across to me and P chatting, he asked me where she was, I said gone upstairs with the women turned out her name was Wendy, P said she was his work collegue. My man soon disapeared and went upstairs with his friend following. P stood up and changed the music so I went to the toilet, really I needed to no what was going on upstairs. When I got up there my man and his friend were in the bedroom with her and Wendy. Wendy was on all fours on the bed and naked, her arse was big and her body was not at all nice. She was still in her nurses uniform, but my man was behind her, his hands were rubbing up and down her legs, she was standing with her legs wide apart as she was ramming a dildo in Wendys cunt. Wendy soon come and then lay on her front, it wasnt long before my man and his friend were touching her all over and then the friend had his cock out and was fucking her on the bed, my man then turned to her and they were kissing and his hands were up her dress, he had slightly pulled it up and you could see her lacy stocking, he had his hand inside her nickers, he then lay her back on the bed and wripped her nickers of her she pulled out her tits and he lay on top of her, he was sucking them and licking her nipples, she had her legs wrapped around his back, he was pulling his jeans down and she was tugging on his boxers, they were round his ankles and she was wanking his cock. Wendy was at the side of them still fucking him, his arse was going up and down so fast, as I watched more I heard P behind me he had come to see what I was doing he smiled and said there having fun, he then took my hand and we entered the bedroom, my man had his cock in her cunt and they were fucking, he saw me and pulled out of her, she lay there half naked, she said to him to carry on fucking her this is what its all about, he stood staring at me with his jeans around his ankles and his cock looking wet and errect. I lay on the camp bed pulled up my skirt, opened my legs so P could get to me, he was soon into my cunt and licking my clit for me it felt good, my man was still looking at P with his head between my legs, soon P had his cock out and put it in my mouth, he wasnt that big but I needed to pleasure him and make my man see how it feels. He was soon back in to her cunt fucking her, but this time it was fast and he just fucked there was no kissing and no more touching of her body, he pumped her hard that I could hear her telling him it hurt, I then lost control as P stuck his cock in my arse, my legs were over my head nearly and with a few pumps he come and as he rubbed on my clit I to come as well. I soon jumped up and tidied my self up.

We all went back down stairs and my man was quiet and had stopped flirting, the big women was flirting with him and she with her nurse uniform was now flirting with P asking him to take her outside in the cold. My man asked me if I wanted to leave which we did.