Written by me

23 Dec 2004

Well were should I start im an Asian bi male who has wrote many stories before but this is the dirtiest of them all im in Manchester northwest. Anyway on Monday I was very horny and browsing on all sites looking for some older males for some fun, and couldn’t find anyone this was so frustrating but god was on my side and I got a instant message from a 37yr old on aol who I previously use to talk to but never thought he was serious on meeting until now. He said he was willing to meet but had a couple of friends also aged similar who were having a small party at a house and wanted me to go with him. Well first I wasn’t sure but as I got more information I was up for this. Anyway I had to make a story to get out of work which I did the party was for Tuesday night and I met john at arndale centra tall e were we agreed to meet in a quiet place where he could pick me up and take me to this party. well as the time got closer I got more and more hornier and nervous well the time came around 7pm were I met john and we drove to the house the party was in Salford when I got there john led the way and said your in for a surprise and i was when I walked in the hall way I noticed three males tall built sitting in the lounge they were very sexy and I got turned on just by looking at them anyway I walked in and introduce myself with john sitting down . we all sat down and started to talk with all 5 of us laughing and joking around few mns later one of the males decided we have some fun and so we did. As we took all our clothes off john moved the table so there was more space and closed the curtains. Anyway as all 4 of us except john were naked these men were thick and long they were all very sexy. As john stripped to I knelt down ad began to suck with one cock in my hand and the other in my mouth I began to suck hard it wouldn’t fit in my mouth but I loved it anyway, as I sucked I noticed john fingering me and the other male wnaking so o began to suck him he cummed a few mns later in my mouth I spat it out and began to suck the other 3 as they all cummed a few mns later I was full of cum all over me , john then wanted to fuck me so he did whilst I was bending over on the sofa I was sucking a cokc and getting fucked which was painful but I enjoyed every minute of it . as I had an ass full of cum turn by turn I was getting fucked and full of cu this was amazing . 30mns later one of the males began to suck about time it was aswell I cummed straightaway in his mouth, which he swallowed, I had to sck these guys for ages they all cummed about 3 times each as we finished I went upstairs to the bathroom and one of the males paul followed me which I noticed we looked at each other and went in the room next door we began o kiss each other every were I sucked paul and swallowed it all just for him because he had a nice clean cut cock my favourte as we finished I got cleaned up and john got dressed up and decided to call it anight without a word said I walked off and went home john dropped me off in a alley way around 10.30 were I sucked and wanked him as I got home I started to wank in my room and hopefully I will meet them again soon.