Written by Rogerio

1 Oct 2006

Two years ago my wife, Susannah and a new female work colleague, Naomi, went out on a girly night out, and eventually the conversation turned to sex. Naomi admitted to spending nights with six or seven men who would masturbate over her. Occasionally she would dish out two or three blow jobs during the course of the evening.

Susannah told me about the conversation and admitted that she was intrigued and turned on. Since she has not had many men she asked if she could accompany Naomi the next time she had her ‘fun’ evening. All the details were discussed and full sex was not going to be an option and all the participants would know this in advance.

I had one request, that I could be one of the men. Naomi had never met me and I would be incognito as far as everyone else would be concerned. The hotel room was booked and the other men and I were to wait in the bar until called up by mobile phone by one of the girls.

Shortly after the appointed time there were about six other men sitting around the hotel bar, and I wondered which ones were top be invited up to spunk over two attractive busty women. I then got a text inviting me to a party in room 135. As I made my way to the lift three other men left their drinks and headed for the lift or stairs. Five minutes later six of us were knocking on the door of 135 and I had a first chance to examine them closely. Two of them were black and four of us were white, all aged between 25 and 40 or so. The door was opened by Naomi who was wearing a dressing gown and beckoned us in. She told us to stay in the bedroom and get ourselves ready and she would be out in a few minutes. We all undressed to our underpants and there was a little nervous banter as it seemed none of us had met each other before. Just before it became embarrassing the bathroom door opened and out came the girls. Naomi was wearing a pair of high heels and a g-string. Susannah, to my amazement was wearing heels, stockings, suspenders all in black. Normally she wouldn’t wear such lingerie, but I suppose Naomi had persuaded her. The men became less nervous and Naomi asked us to form a circle and the girls knelt in the middle. Naomi took the lead and started to fondle the packages wrapped in underpants and she started to get the response she wanted. Several cocks were now stiffening and one or two were sticking out the top of their owner’s waistband. Naomi selected one and started to kiss and suck the end. My attention was grabbed by Susannah who had selected two men who were next to each other. She pulled both pants down and started to fondle the growing cocks with a massive smile on her face. Sucking on them one after the other she soon had one of them spurting in her face. Naomi meanwhile was swallowing a large amount of semen from a large cock. This formula continued for about twenty minutes or so and the men, including me, were being patient whilst they waited for their turn. Eventually Naomi found my semi erect cock and started her licking and sucking. Her face and breasts were splattered in spunk and she wiped some of it off onto her fingers. This surprised me and whilst she probed the end of my cock with her tongue her forefinger was trying to insert inside my anus. After more spunk had lubricated her finger she penetrated my rectum with two fingers and the combination of fingers and tongue became too much and I could not hold back any longer and shot my load down her throat. This was a very experienced woman who knew how to make a man come with her mouth.

As I relaxed I was amazed to find Susannah with a black cock in each hand and sucking alternatively on each. She was telling the men that she loved black cock and would love to see them spurt. I already knew that she loved black cock but she had never seen one up close. Well now she had two on the go and they were both much bigger than mine. Suzanne the decided to concentrate on just one, but used her other hand to finger herself. This got the rest of the men going, and one said ‘you can have my cock up there if you want’. Susannah just smiled and brought the black cock between her breasts and squeezed her breasts together until the man came over her tits face and neck. In the end we all came at least once and the girls were well happy. Susannah kept going back to play with the black cocks and wouldn’t leave them alone. The end came when Naomi called a stop to it and told the men to get dressed and leave. An hour later we were both back at home for a debrief and Susannah admitted to being so turned on that she wanted someone to fuck her, but realised that probably not the time and the place.

To be continued