Written by Lorraine & John

13 Oct 2005

Bishop was just finishing pounding my pussy for the forth time, giving me, as always multiple orgasms. The children were out on holiday, so the water tower was being utilised for our fucking sessions, which had the added bonus of being able to be screwed also, by the pussy treatment guy(water treatment). He had been hard inside me twice, before having to resume his work, leaving Bishop to continue pleasuring me to extremes.

After slowly pulling out of me, we lay in each others arms, he gently fondling my breasts with one hand & with a couple of fingers on the other playing my clitoris, sending wonderful vibrarions coursing throughout my body. I was hoping that my gentle playing on his enourmous penis was giving him the same.

He suddenly asked me if I could find a woman to take my place, as our time was very short before we returned home. I told him that there wasn't much chance of being able to do that, as John & I, while were sociable to the other whites, we were not really close enough to know them. I suggested a couple that he could maybe try, but he rejected them on the fact that they were not what you would call particularly attractive. I told him that they maybe great in bed. He wasn't interested, so the conversation ended & besides we had both become aroused again through our mutual manipulations of each other, so he rolled over on top of me, or rather I assisted pulling him on top of me as I had a need for his cock to be inside me again. His fucking was like an addiction to me.

The children duly return to school in U.K. so we resumed to our threesome sessions in our bedroom most nights, with the added attraction of sometimes having one or two of his pals over to give them the pleasure of fucking a white woman & also give me added pleasure.

About 5 or 6 weeks before we went home John & I were invited to a dinner party by a couple that had just arrived from England. I told Bishop that we would go but probably wouldn't stay later than 11:00 pm, so he could let himself into our house & wait in bed for us to come home.

We arrived at their house at the appointed time & found that there were 3 other couples there. Our hosts were very pleasant ( I shall call them Fred & Susie ). Susie was very attractive, also very young, around 22. Fred was at a guess a good 10 years older than her. They had only been married about 4 months before they arrived on the island.

Dinner was excellent, Susie was an exceptional cook, it materialised that her father was a master chef & had taught her how to prepare a great meal. After the meal we retired to the patio to smoke, drink & chit chat. Gradually as the drink took hold, the guys conversation turned to dirty jokes & then eventually sex. I can't remember how it started but some of the guys decided that my legs needed to have things drawn on them, the four of them were like young teenagers giggling & making suggestive remarks about cherries, as they gradually climbed higher & higher up my legs, until they were at my crutch. The attention was pleasant but that was all. Suddenly John out of the blue said that if they wanted to fuck me, then we should all go back inside the house, so neighbours wouldn't see. Not only was everyone taken aback, I was dumb founded at what John had said. He looked at everybody & told them that I was willing & able to take them all on & we should have a wife swapping event. I casually got up, walked into the house & said that I was game. Everyone followed me in. I figured that this was why we were at the party, they were probably swinging quite regularly, although Fred & Susie had hardly been there long enough to get involved.

Once we were all inside I asked them who was going to strip first. There was no takers, so I slipped my dress over my head, unclipped my bra, slipped my panties down to the ground stepped out of them & stood naked in front of them. The guys reacted first, they were eager to be inside me or somebody elses wife. Eventually all of the guys were naked & some of the women started to strip, I could see the lust in there eyes, even though they made out to be prim & proper normally. They were as eager to fuck as their husbands were. Looking over at Susie I noticed her eyes darted from one cock to another, her mouth wide open with astonishment. Then I noticed Fred's cock, it was the smallest in the room, even a lot smaller than my John's. I figured that she must have been a virgin when she married as she obviously had never seen another cock.

The fucking started, one of the guys came over to me, took me to the sofa, played with me for a few minutes, then took me missionary style. It was OK no earth moving orgasm, but he had felt fairly good inside me, even though he had come quickly. Another took his place being rougher with me than the last, coming even quicker. Gradually I was fucked by each of the men in the room including my John. I wasn't paying much attention to what the others were up to, I was trying to get the best out of whoever was inside of me. I could however hear that one of the women was really loud & almost continually orgasming. When I did get the chance to see who it was, it turned out to be Susie, she was obviously enjoying having larger cocks screwing her.

After everyone had changed partners several times we stopped to have a smoke & a drink before resuming in our orgy of sex. Not what John & I was used to, but it was new to us, new faces, new pussy for John, new cock for me, although none of then giving me the pleasure that I was used to.

One of the women in a bitchy manner told Susie that it was rumoured, that I had been fucking a black guy called Bishop for most of my time there. Casually I told the woman that it was no rumour & that he fucked me on a regular basis & that if any of those present were given the opportunity to be fucked by him they also would take him to there bed on a continuous basis

Susie eagerly asked what was so great about him, so I told her that he really knew how to use his cock to give me pleasures that no other man had ever given me. He had an enourmous cock & knew how to use it. She said that she would like to watch him fuck me & could she do that sometime. I told her that if everyone was in agreement he could be there within a few minutes & I'm sure he would like to fuck me in front of you all. They agreed, so I picked up the phone dialed our number & when he answered I told him that he could come to an orgy & he was to fuck me in front of several couples.

Within minutes he was knocking on the door. Susie let him in & I could tell that he was taken with her gorgeous body & pretty face. He came into the room, looked around & I could see that he started to get a hard on immediately just by looking at all the naked white women around him. I told him to strip. Well the room went deathly silent when his cock appeared as he slid his underpants off. The looks on everyones faces was amazing. Susie & one of the women started to play with themselves while they looked at it. Telling him to lay down on his back I made him lay in such a position so that Susie would get the best view. Straddling over him I slowly lowered myself until I could take his penis with both hands, guided it to my pussy, then deliberately, slowly lowered myself down on to it until it was completely up to the hilt, then very slowly raised myself up until it was almost out of me & then slowly lowered myself down again. I did this several times so that everyone in the room could see my pussy taking the whole of it into it. The pleasure it was giving me, doing this was too much & eventually I finally lowered myself one more time to the hilt & then started to grind myself down on it, he responded by thrusting up. Now we started to fuck, gradually forgetting about the others in the room, we went off into our own world, lusting each others body. My body went into continuous multiple orgasms as I ground down on him. We fucked for a good 20 minutes before I felt him start to discharge his seed deep inside me, sending me into an even greater orgasm. Slowly we came back to the real world out of our orgasms. Looking around the room I could see that none of them had witnessed anything as sexual as that, which we had just put on for them. Slowly I lifted off of him & rolled over on to the floor, immediately somebody was sliding into me, wanting to slop around in his seed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Susie straddling Bishop & start to emulate what she had just witnessed. Bishop was game, he started to thrust up into her making her scream out with pleasure, she was having an orgasm immediately, making the loudest noises out of her mouth begging him to fuck her, which he did for about 10 minutes before they both spent.

Bishop rested for a short while, had a cigarette & a beer, then looked around the room for one of the other women, who by now all wanted to take his fuck stick into them. The whole room again broke out into an orgy with everybody getting some sort of sexual pleasure.

Bishop worked his way through each of the women there but after he finished each one, Susie would take him again. She had become completely lustful like me & needed his cock as much as I had, for the last several years.

At the end of the evening, as we were leaving she came up to me, kissed me & thanked me for allowing her to have so much pleasure. Telling me that we must do it again as soon as possible.

Back home in bed the three of us played around for an hour or so & before we went to sleep I told him that I think he had found my replacement. I also told him that she was probably going to be an even better fuck for him than I was.

How right I was, I found out about a year after we returned to U.K. that she had divorced Fred, married Bishop & gone to live with him on the island where he was born.

More than 20 years have now passed & they have 3 children. Most years they come to England so that they can visit her parents. They always leave the children with her parents for a couple of days, so that they can visit with us & Susie so graciously allows Bishop to take me to those heights that I was so used to having for 5 years. Bishop is close to 65 now but the last time they were in U.K. he was as good as ever & could still service my pussy with long multiple orgasms.