Written by Tom and Paula

18 Sep 2006

A few years ago I was with my partner Paula in a South Wales hotel ,we knew the owners from another hotel they had in mid Wales and the owner had made it clear he fancied Paula. This hotel was much larger and had regular dances.

There was a private function on the second night we were there and after a heavy drinking session Paula was in her teasing mood,flashing herskimpy knickers and putting her hand in her bra and touching her nipples.

We fancied a dance and the manager tried to get us in especially as there was a pole by the stage and Paula wanted to dance with it.Unfortunately we couldnt get in so off to bed with a bottle of wine.

Paula stripped seductively in front of the window with the curtains open and gave a good eyefull to two guys passing by who we couldnt recognise.

We were romping on the bed when about an hour later there was aknock on the door Paula answered with a towel held down her body still showing her naked hips,It was the manager saying the guests had left but that music was still playing if she wanted to dance.

She turned and said shall we go flashing her fanny as she turned.

Being randy as hell by now she slipped into a black low cut dress with tie ups to her neck and off we trotted.

At the bar were three guys and the manager and when they saw Paula they drooled which she loved.

Have a drink they said and after four me she was up for anything.

Arnt youdancing said one to which she said only with the spotlight on which the manager did with glee.

Paula then surprised even me as she grabbed the pole and started slithering provacatively about.

Then she kicked off her shoes and undid the dress at the back letting it slip to the floor showing her great tits with stand up nipples.The panties soon followed and she danced to each one letting them touch her nipples and shaven fanny.Finnaly she stopped at the manager and started stripping him sucking his 8" cock before she bent forward for him to slip it into her juicy soaking fanny she smilled at me and finnished him off then whent to each of the others before walking naked to me took my hand and we walked off to our room .

I enjoyed that she said and I took her in the corridor before we reached the room.

Next day we were leaving and were told by the manager we were welcome back any time and not to bother about the bill.

Maybe later this year.