Written by Jonnyboy

20 Jun 2006

Following Part1 (22nd March), When I awoke the next morning, I was surprised to see that Pauline was not in bed, but didn't have to wait long before she appeared in the doorway with 2 cups of tea in her hands. Cliff's face appeared over her shoulder and he looked in, said good morning and winked at me before disappearing again. I could see a large lovebite on her neck and I couldn't remember it being there when we went to sleep, I knew it was from Cliff. I asked her why she was up already, she came to me and whispered "Cliff was" but Di disturbed us by calling down the stairs, He gave me this to show you, pointing to the lovebite. What have you been up to my naughty little tart, I whispered back. She got undressed & snuggled up to me and whispered the details in my ear whilst starting playing with my cock, which was already as hard as a rock.

She'd told me, she'd been awake for a while and had been led playing with herself, going over what happened the previous night in her head when she heard Cliff in the next room say I'll make a cuppa, want one. She said she hurriedly got up, slipped on one of my large T-shirts and the skirt form the previous night and went and joined him in the kitchen downstairs. He was pouring the water in the cups as she got there and said make another 2 quietly as she could.She went straight up to Cliff and planted a big tongue kiss on him and whispered thankyou for yesterday; I loved it big boy. He put his hands straight up inside her T-shirt & squeezed her braless D-cup breasts and started to bite her neck. She leaned back against the worktop and he moved his hand form her tits down to her thigh. He slid his hand under her skirt and straight onto her knickerless hairy bush whilst continuing to bite her neck. I was almost coming from her hand job as she related me the details in my ear. He then yanked up her skirt and turned her around, bent her forward and started to ease his monster dick up her. Be quiet and enjoy he whispered in her ear. After about a dozen deep strokes pushing in as far as he could she said she started to come. It was at this point that Di called down to ask where her cuppa was and they had to stop in mid-fuck and finish making the tea quickly in case she came downstairs. Before they came back up he kissed har again, put a finger up her soaking wet cunt and said they'd have plenty time later as Di had another shift at 4 o'clock.

You dirty slut, I whispered to her, come and get on this. She straddled me and sank down on my hard cock. It went straight in up to the balls as she was so stretched by Cliff. She started to ride me and began to moan lightly, I looked to see that her eyes were closed and I knew what she was thinking of. That's it love I whispered, think of what you'll be getting later and let them hear us. She began to fuck me faster and moan louder and I knew Cliff & Di could hear us. She was really going for it and her juices were pouring out of her cunt and onto my balls and thighs. I couldn't hold back, it was so horny knowing that they were listening, and started to unload my spunk deep inside Pauline just as she shouted she was coming. We slowly recovered and I said quietly to P, that I would love to have been a fly on their wall when she came, she laughed.

What happened later that day & evening to follow in Part3.