Written by Easycomer

5 Jul 2006

For a while had been readingsome of the stories on here and found myself more and more curious about how it would feel to have some man to man fun and I checked through the personals and one made me think as he was 57 married and loved sucking cock and sometimes he would bend over to be fucked but he didn't let just anyone so I sent his ad a acouple of pictures explaining I hadn't had fun with another man before and he said he was up for a meet.I arranged for him to meet me in a local park and I got there around 8 p.m and it got to qtr past 8 and no sign so I got up from the bench and began to walk home when in the distance I saw him running and he apologised saying his wife wanted to go out and he made an excuse and sneaked out.He shook me by the hand and had a look around before rubbing the front of my trousers and my cock began to grow as he said he can't wait to take my cock in his mouth and suck me off then he told me to follow him into a woodland area at the back of the park and we were soon deep in woodland and we came across an old hut and he ushered me in and produced a padlock to lock from the inside so we wouldn't be disturbed and he moved towards me and pinned me against the wall and dropped to his knees and undid my trousers and they dropped to the floor leaving my hard cock throbbing and he ran his tongue over my cock and then put his thumbs inside my pants and yanked them down and rubbed my cock over his face with his tongue sometimes licking the slit and I was maoning for him to suck me and he took my cock inside his mouth and was soon sucking for england as my balls slapped against his face I was calling him a cocksucking whore slut which made him suck me more and he then began to cup my hairy balls and squeeze them tight I nearly buckled but managed to stay on my feet and I told him I would come soon if he carried on doing that so he then pulled away and began to strip exposing a hairy body all over especially round his cock and balls and he tool my hand and placed it on his big cock and told me to wank him off so I began to jerk the skin up n down and moved closer and kissed me fully on the lips and at first I pulled away but when he slipped his tongue inside my nouth I let him explore my mouth as I wanked him harder and harder and felt him groan with pleasure and he too told me to slow down then pushed me to the floor and I was facing his cock and he pushed it against my lips and I opened and let it slip in and at first it smelt weird but the aroma was in nostrils and turing me on so I let him slowly fuck my face and he didn't last long as I felt his body tense and he held my face clse aws his cock ererupted globs of spunk and some I swallowed and it was warm and didn't taste too bad so I carried on sucking him and massaginbg his balls so he was drained then got to my feet and he then said I could fuck him but i needed to wear a ruibber.He chucked me a rubber and wanked me hard again and then bent over an old beer crate and spread his ar5se and rubbed some lubricant and told me to fuck him hard and I rubbed my cock up and down his crack before slowly sticking it in and he was so loose I was soon up to my balls and he kept pushing back which made it easier and we were soon having a sweaty fuyck and after about 10/15 minutes I tensed grabbed his arse closer and dumped in the condom and kept pumping until my balls were drained.We feel on the floor and he picked up the condom and held it ovber his mouth and let the spunk drip onto his tongue and he swalled/licked it clean and just made an mmmmmmmmm sound.He looked at his watch and saw it was 9.30 and said he had better get home so he quickly got dressed and said he would email me to ar5range another time and he was gone leaving me naked in an old hut in the woods,but I didn't mind as I knew I would now seek other men to meet and have fun with.

His wife is away at the weekend and he has asked me to stay and he has invited 3 male friend one of which is a Leroy who is 28 and very well hung.I can't wait to suck his cock