Written by Travelbird

6 Jul 2016

Now I know that I do tend to get myself into interesting and often compromising situations. I admit that I do find such things arousing, certainly my husband John does.

So last Monday was an example, we had decided to go shopping to a well known coastal town, close to the north yorkshire moors.

As usual I dressed to impress, as john likes me to. Knee length full pleated skirt, short sleeved red sweater, black courts, and underneath , matching white bra .panties and suspender belt, with cream stockings.

It was a nice day, and shopping was going well. John wanted to check out a car accessory shop, so we agreed to meet up later in the afternoon.

Now the resort we were in has a few short lease shops, selling all sorts of stuff, often all less than a fiver. I came across one , which I think was previously a well known coffee chain.

Browsing inside I found some ethnic style pantaloon style trousers in great colours, I asked the girl behind the makeshift counter about sizing and also was there anywhere to try them on.

She said as it was all makeshift , there were no changing rooms, but I could go to the rear of the shop, behind some storage boxes if I wanted to.

There were only a few people around so I made my way to the back of the shop, stepped down two steps into a small well type area, adjacent to the rear door. There were windows around me , and people passing in the street, but I thought I could manage discreetly.

The trousers has an elasticated waist, but also elasticated leg bottoms, something I had overlooked.

So gathering up my floaty skirt , I found I had to tuck it under my sweater bottom, to stop it coming down, stepping out of one of my heels at a time . I managed to get one leg on, of course at this point I was completely exposed , stocking tops , suspenders, and panties all on display.

Getting the second leg on was very difficult balancing on one heel, I was so engrossed that I hadnt seen the male owner of the shop, who was looking down at me, whilst pretending to re arrange clothes on a rail.

I felt my face burning with embarrassment , but there was little I could do, my knees held together by half mast trousers, my hands clutching at boxes to keep my balance.

He smiled and stepped down towards me, all I heard was let me help. I should have shouted , screamed or something , but left it far too late. As with his right hand he took a firm hold of me, over my bum and between my legs, squeezing the gusset of my slightly moist panties into my mound. Then things moved very fast, his fingers finding their way under the elastic of my panties and probing me, before slipping into my vulnerable pussy.

I was completely unable to do anything, in fact I just held onto the boxes while he worked his fingers into me. I could see people in the shop only a few feet from me, and even worse , I wasnt as hidden from the street as I thought, glancing around I saw a middle aged couple standing outside the shop watching was was happening to me, a grin on both of their faces.

I feel disgusted, but he brought me to a very rapid and strong orgasm, and all this within 5 minutes.

Weak at the knees, he helped me make myself presentable, I bought the trousers, and left the shop as quickly as I could, there waiting outside was the couple who had been watching me, they spoke briefly to me , asking if it was nice and did I make a habit of such things.

I couldnt wait to get home, John of course will love it when and if I tell him about what happened.