Written by Stevie

18 Jun 2004

My girl admited to me that she always wanted to have a set of nude photos taken of her. I thought it innocent enough a request as she is a pretty thing, petite, brunette, big brown eyes and a lovely little figure 34d - 24 -35. We arranged for a local photograher to do the shoot and went down one cold February saturday morning. With a bottle of wine to give her dutch courage. Things went well. She got on with the photographer, flirted with him a bit as she got tpsey on the wine. Slowly the clothes came off - "don't wear a bra or knickers" he had told her, "they mark your skin". We ended up with a nice portfolio of what you might call "glamour" shots: sweet and innocent. BUt I could tell my girl wasn't satisfied. So I pressed her: why don't you like them. So she came out with it. "They are not saucy enough", she said, "I wanted to be, well, more sluttish". Seems she has harboured a fantasy since her early teens of being photographed by a middle aged man, who makes her perform all sorts of dirty things before giving her a real seeing to. A few weeks later she had been recounting the story to a girlfriend of hers, and had shown her the pictures. The girlfriend had said they looked nice. But my girl said they didn't do it for her. The girlfriend pricked up at this point and said that she knew someone who was probably more the thing - an amateur photographer who was trying to build up his portfolio and who needed more young female models. My girl invited him round our flat and they got on straight away: "much more my thing" she whispered to me of the photographer. He was middle aged and average looking, but he looked through her. He wanted to do a couple of test shots before my girl came to his studio. My girl showed him some outfits that she wanted to be photographed in. A bra and knickers, black but see through and an Ann Summers nurses uniform ("that'll show his true colours" she winked at me, as she left the bedroom). He asked for the bra and knickers first. He set up his camera on the tripod in the sitting room and arranged the lighting. Meantime I gave my girl her second glass of bubbly. She had a really naughty look in her eyes as she hooked up her bra. Her boobs were firm and her big nipples were sticking out. You could she her pussy lips through the nylon of her knickers. I gave her a pat on the bum as she went back into the living room. The photographer looked at her from head to toe, and began to breath more heavily. He asked me to leave the room - so the next bit is what my girl tells me what happened. She was a bit tipsy so said straight away, cheekily "how do you want me?" and winked. H told her to sit infront of him with her legs slightly apart, arms behind her and arms proping her up, breasts jutting forward. And he began to snap away. "Now on all fours, and take your bra off". My girl loves men to take charge so she complied, and was beginning to get wet. He reached out to arrange her hair away from her boobs, and 'accidently' touched her boob. Her nipples hardened even more. he then took a few face shots, then told her to turn round so he could do her rear. He told her to part her legs. She did, willingly, getting turned on knowing this dirty stranger now had a fair view of her pussy. This time he came over "wider - like this" He said, pulling her legs apart. This time he ran his finger over her pussy and up by her ass. She arched her back in reflex resonse. Now I want some of you in the nurses outfit, without underware. He told her. So she came back in the bedroom. He's going to fuck me, she whispered to me. Do you mind if he does? Not if I can watch I said. She said go through to the kitchen and watch from the door there. You'll get a great view without disturbing us. He has a thing for asses, she said. Mmm, nice. Better put some of this on, giving her our KY gel. So she slipped into her nurses uniform, and wiped some KY onto her little brown hole, slipping the finger inside to made sure she was properly lubed. Then went back in. Boy she was a picture. I was rock hard watching her, and knowing what was coming added to my pleasure. She posed away, giving cheeky poses, lifting her skirt, squeezing her big boobs together, thn letting her finger stroke her pubic hair and slipping one between her now swollen lips. The photographer was rock hard by this time. He reached out grabbed her by her slender wrists and pulled my girl on to his knees. You are a naughty thing aren't you. Yes she whispered, in a girlish voice. I am very naughty and should be told off. Oh yes, you will be told off and much more, said the photographer. He pulled of the nurses uniform. SHe sat naked and exposed on his lap. He squeezed her bosoms hard, and pulled down on her hair, kissing her neck. She gave out a sigh of pleasure and pain. He knew she wanted more, so began to play with her arse. She wiggled on his lap giving him better access. He stretched her buttocks apart and slipped in his middle finger as far as it would go. She winced with pain, then relaxed and started to raise up and down. I couldn't believe it! She was loving being fingered by this middle aged man, playing the innocent, passive teenager! His other hand by this time had opened her thighs and he had pushed two fingers into her wet pussy. She had her eyes closed by now, was completely impassive and his wet fingers were deep inside her. He picked her up and pushed her roughly to the floor, arranging her on her all fours. She was moaning by this time, had her face buried in a cushion on the floor and her back arched upward, her hips wide apart. He pulled out his cock. For an average middle aged man, this was no average cock! It was 9" long and thick. My girl had not confronted anything like that before - he pushed it straight into her, her pussy stretched tightly around it. After giving her a minute to get used to it he began to thrust in and out hard and quick. My girl came quickly sweaty and panting and groaning to a climax. He shot his load deeply into her. He left soon after. My girl wrapped herself in her dressing gown and sat on our bed. I brought her a glass of wine. That was amazing, she said. Thank you. Now you dirty old peeping tom, what about you. And she stroked my stiff cock. She opened her gown and I saw her red and swollen pussy with her wetness mingled with the man's sperm still on her thighs and oozing out of her. Give me a lick to get me going again, and tell me why you liked watching the man cock me. I did as I was told, licking up the sperm. I then pushed my cock deep insde her, she was still stretched out and I could feel his warm spunk still inside her. She held me closely and I sucked at her breast before adding my own sperm to the other mans.