Written by Arthur50

27 Oct 2003

Hi all, just a short true story which may be of interest to some.

I have always been interested in photography and always have the camera handy when I am out and about.

Quite a few years ago I was going through my ‘wildlife’ period and one Sunday, early evening, before dark, I was wandering carefully and quietly through some woods in Norfolk where I knew there were a lot of birds nesting. I had one eye open for the gamekeeper at the same time as I knew he was sometimes wandering around as well.

I was shocked and a little frightened to suddenly see, through the trees, two very big men and an attractive slim young girl in a clearing.

She was about 19 or 20, with lovely long black hair and partly undressed, topless with large tits on show, skirt up around her waist and stockings but no panties on , showing her curly black mound but they were surprisingly much older men, about 30+ at least, if not 40 and I saw they were both fucking her pussy from front and back hard in turn and also taking it in turns to be sucked by her with their jeans around their ankles but dressed apart from that and she seemed to be really enjoying it. I discreetly pressed the camera shutter a few times before I nervously froze. But they saw me and there I was camera in hand, apologising and telling them why I was creeping around, thinking they will thump me. But they never said a word but just stopped fucking her and looked at me sternly in silence.

They were hard, rough looking blokes and I was debating whether to run or not when I suddenly was bursting for a pee and a shit so just said excuse me a minute and turned away to have a pee in the undergrowth. They thought that was dead funny and I heard the word ‘wanker’ used but it was worse for me as I couldn’t even piss knowing they were looking at me, and I still wanted a shit so it took ages but eventually I did pee when I tried hard to think of something else.

When I turned around they were just lying on their backs either side of her and she was leaning across and sucking one of them as he held the back of her head by her hair and the other had his hand cupping her pussy. One of them asked me if I was any good at taking pics and I said I wasn’t bad so they told me to take some pics but not show their faces and let them have the film. I was not about to argue with them and changed film in the Camera and they enjoyed her sucking each of them and they both fucked her always while I took 36 pics. I couldn’t do it without showing her face when she was sucking their cocks so I just took them like that, anyway.

She never said a word but smiled at me at times with cum all over her face and mouth then strangely again when I gave them the film.

They then said bugger off now if you know what’s good for you and I discreetly did, still shaking like a leaf on a tree and bursting for a shit, yet had a hard erection as they continued on with her.

About a month later I went back to the woods again to try again to take some wildlife photos and to get there I had to pass the Gamekeepers cottage and as I did I saw the girl hanging washing in the garden. She looked really hot in a tight T shirt and her tight jeans showed her lovely rounded arse as she stretched to reach the washing line so, as there seemed to be no-one else about, apart from a couple of dogs I said Hello, but she appeared not to recognise me and never answered.

I was pretty sure no-one else was around so I reminded her quite loudly that I took some photos of her having good hot sex with the two blokes a month ago in the woods up the road and then she immediately remembered me and turned red!!

She tried to change the subject and asked me if I was taking more pics of Birds and other wildlife in the woods and I laughed and said if there is any and I can find them. Then I asked her if her Dad was about. She said no, he was in Norwich, and then thanked me for giving them the film which seemed an odd thing to say, at the time.

I said it was no trouble but anyway I had a few pics of my own as I had pressed the shutter a few times before changing the film.

She was speechless then but now I was much bolder without anyone else around and reassured her loudly that they were intended for my eyes only and she had beautiful hair , and down below , a lovely shaped body, breasts and nipples which were all receiving a lot of attention, to which she blushed but her attitude changed as she was unsure and kept looking to see if anyone else was around or coming.

Then I summoned up the courage and told her that I wanted to take a few more of her in the woods now as the others weren’t my best work as I had the camera waist height and didn’t compose the pics through the lens by eye to do her justice.

She was much friendlier, even flirting, but hesitant and suggested another day but I was very confident now and persistent, reminding her about all she was doing with the two older men and what they did with her and how much she enjoyed it until she eventually agreed and asked what she should wear but I said not to worry, just trust me and go as she is as she will be naked for the photos as I loved her breasts and pussy. She was embarrassed but locked up and went into the woods with me and I put my arm around her waist tightly as she showed me a quiet, discreet place she knew. She let me watch her undress slowly and to cut a long story short I used 2 films, she sucked me and I had her in different positions and a couple of hours later discreetly returned her to her cottage, which was still locked so we had knee trembler sex round the back, out of reach of the dogs. I had never known sex like that before, she was so hot for it, even back at her house.

She asked me about taking pics of Birds but I said bugger that, I am going to concentrate on Fine Art now and with persuasion she actually became my first subject the following weekend and told her dad she was staying with a friend but actually stayed for her first of many nights with me.

She told me in confidence she had sex with over a hundred men from when she was 16 and always enjoyed it, but I did not tell her I was 24 and only had known 3 women and only had full sex with two of them and I wondered where a “country girl” would find a hundred men in Norfolk. So, being more confident now, I made sure she visited me for sex a couple of times a week and I also met her in the woods for a while until eventually she left home and lived with me for 6mnths which was much better and we had the occasional male ‘friends’ visit on a weekend which was always good fun. I had her shave her pussy and privately pose naked once for the Camera club, no sex, just Fine Art amateur photos and I eventually introduced her to a mate of mine who was a virgin and nervous with women, after showing him her latest pics, and surprisingly they eventually married and are still very happy.

I have now been married and divorced twice to other women but still see her once or maybe twice a year at my place for good horny sex overnight and take the odd horny pics of her as she matures, for the album, which now spans more than 20years. She now has 4 kids, three are in their teens and she is much larger now, especially her lovely 40EE tits and bum but so am I and still have a hard cock ready for her when I see her.

I know my mate wouldn’t mind as I had her for 6mnth all those years ago and he has told me that they have had a couple of mfm threesomes over the years and after all, I introduced them and he has never seen the original hot pics I took of her in the woods with the two guys, or know about the hundred or so other blokes, so she doesn’t mind either .