Written by Arthur50

29 Oct 2003

4 more years had passed and I had Diane visit me about 6 times over that period at my request and she always turned up. She is in her late forties now and I am 53. Doesn’t time pass quickly.

She is now very conservative in dress and attitude, with her tightly Permed and coloured hair and from what she told me considers her family upper middle class with the Detached House and numerous cars, foreign holidays etc and the three boys and her daughter are all doing well.

I lost contact with Jeff, her husband, a few years ago, we were good mates once and I introduced them when she was living with me but I later moved to Nottingham and you know how it is, we never fell out but just drifted apart.

She always turns up at my place looking and acting very posh and always pretends she is nervous and embarrassed coming to see me at first but soon warms up when I have her tits out to play with and later when she is on all fours and on a few occasions have had a mate join us later to remind her where she came from and what she likes. It makes for good horny photos in the album when someone else is involved and she always stays overnight. She is the only mature woman whose sexy photos I have and when it comes down to basics, she is still an enthusiastic fuck and loves it just as much as when I first saw her in the woods with the two men. Although she would never admit before or afterwards.

Anyway, I had her address in Kings Lynn for Christmas Cards etc and one day I had an appointment there in the morning. It was years since I had been there so after my meeting I had a look around the place in the afternoon, to see if it had changed much, and eventually ended up in her road. The houses were very smart and I parked a discreet distance from her drive, but with a good view. I had it in mind to surprise her and hopefully fuck her in her house or if not possible, just take her somewhere quiet that she knows, in the car.

I was wondering if they still had a mfm swinging session like they did a few years ago, she never mentions it when I see her. After a short while I saw a couple of lads in a Mini Cooper drive in and park near the front door and they let themselves in the house so I assumed they were brothers as they looked alike. Difficult to tell but they looked like they were in their early twenties and I remembered they had 3 lads and a girl.

After another half hour or so I saw Diane arrive in one of those Japanese 4 Wheel Drive jobs and as she got out I could see she was just as I expected with long black coat and silk scarf, broach on the coat and almost flat shoes. I thought ‘What the hell’ and took a couple of photos of her using the zoom lens.

Then I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! A young girl about 19 or 20 got out and she looked just like Diane when I first saw her fucking in the woods with those two guys. She had long black hair, well filled chest, skirt up to her arse and heels. I took a few pics of her and thought she was definitely gorgeous.

I had to have her and my mind was working overtime as I rubbed my cock through my trousers, trying to figure out how..

I couldn’t figure out an approach but later I saw Jeff drive up to the end of the drive, stop and beep his horn a couple of times. A couple of minutes later I saw the two lads and a younger one come out with large holdalls and a couple of suitcases which they put in the back of the Range Rover and all four of them drove off.

I reasoned that just Diane and her daughter must be there together so I decided to pay a visit and see what transpires.

I parked the car outside, on the road, and walked up the drive to the front door. Just as I was going to press the bell I heard they were having a right old row. Diane was berating her daughter about some lads she was meeting in town and staying out all night and from the sound of it she was being fucked senseless, I chuckled to myself as I heard what Diane called her, thinking like mother, like daughter and rang the bell.

Her daughter opened the door and I could feel my cock rising as I looked at her chest and thighs and only just made sense, as I was tongue tied, telling her I was an old friend of Diane’s and Jeff and as I was in the area I thought I would just pop in and say hello.

She called Diane who nearly fainted when she saw me but soon recovered her composure. She introduced me to her daughter as an old friend of hers and Jeff, saying her name was Suzanne and the daughter immediately said what a pity it was Daddy and her brothers had gone to York for a few days.

Was it?

Diane had no choice but to invite me in and all three of us sat in the lounge and Diane went to make Tea while Suzanne sat opposite me and I admired her thighs again in the short skirt as she crossed her legs and the wonderful form of her breasts under her top, certainly feeling a stirring in my loins.

We started to drink the Tea and eat the fancy chocolate biscuits Diane provided and the chat was ever so polite when Suzanne asked me how we met. Before Diane could say anything I said I was an amateur Photographer and had taken a lot of photos of her mum when she was her age. Diane was speechless as I continued to explain to Suzanne how we were all a ‘racy’ crowd in those days, including Diane and we all had great fun.

After their earlier row I expect, Suzanne was eager for me to tell her more but Diane went red and said the past was the past, please don’t!! So I changed the subject to photography in general and Diane pretended to be interested but Suzanne was soon bored and said she was going to have a soak in the bath and wandered off upstairs.

Diane then went to the kitchen and beckoned me over there and then started to let me know , in no uncertain terms, she didn’t want me to come there and asked me to go and she would visit me in Nottingham as often as I wanted, every week if I liked.

I laughed and told her she had become an old prude and reminded her how much she still really likes rough, horny sex when she visits me. I soon manoeuvred her to the corner of the kitchen and talked softly to her about the past as I fondled her breasts through her blouse and then as I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear lobe, slipped a hand between her legs and cupped her pussy, before slipping my finger inside her panties..

She was unsure and flushed as I teased her clit but didn’t resist so I knew I was ok when I opened her blouse and slipped my hand under her bra to play with her 40EE Tits and I was pleased to soon feel her hand around my cock.

She said she was concerned about Suzanne coming back and felt like sucking fun but I said she will be ages if she is having a long soak in the bath and told her to slip her panties off quickly, which she did and in no time I had her over the kitchen worktable, trousers around my ankles and her skirt around her waist and was fucking her hard as I kissed and bit her tits. I came quite quickly for me as I was thinking about Suzanne’s tits and she had plenty of time to compose herself again before Suzanne came back, and I know she enjoyed it as usual because she gripped me tight with her legs and was also wet after orgasm.

I told her I wanted to take some ordinary Portrait photos of Suzanne as we were fucking because she looked just like she was years ago and I could compare them. She wasn’t keen on that at all but I said let her choose and I would ask her when she was there as well and if she is not interested, then fair enough. Perhaps I should have waited until we had finished fucking .

Suzanne came down in a bathrobe and by then we were back in the lounge and I lost no time in asking her if she would like some tasteful photos taken, as I was here, before Diane stopped me.

Diane joked I wasn’t that good and Suzanne hated having her photo taken but despite her reaction Suzanne was keen so I fetched the camera case from the car and suggested I take the photos in a room with good natural lighting as I didn’t have any studio lights with me.

Suzanne said her bedroom had the best light as it faced south and I jumped at that so we began to make our way upstairs. Diane was coming with us but I said it would be much better and relaxing for Suzanne if she was alone with me and the photos would be much better.

Diane immediately tried to object saying she should be there but I reminded her that it was the same with her when I took hers and asked if she remembered how relaxed she was that sunny day when I first photographed her so she quickly backed down before I said more and Suzanne was very keen.

When we reached her room Suzanne asked what she should wear and I took a chance and joked about her mum was very good wearing just her skin sometimes when she was her age and the pics were fantastic. But I also said if she preferred she could wear a lot of clothes, I didn’t mind either way.

I was very humorous with her and flirted while she thought about it and she knew it was harmless as I was much older and had taken some of Diane so we compromised and she agreed to wear a nice lace bra and panties without too much persuasion on my part.

I was a little surprised and excited at that early success with her as I waited outside her room for her to put the bra, panties and make-up on and reckoned she was not so different from her mum, when it comes down to it.

Final part to follow.