Written by P & G

30 May 2004

My wife is 35,5'2, long blonde hair and a size 8. Lovely lady but never really into sex in a big way. I was her first and only man and I always felt that we never quite clicked there.

I had for sometime been trying to get her to do a few more naughty things for me...different positions, dressing sexy and then I suggested some pics. We did the usual in the bedroom which was great then one night out having taken the camera with us, I took a couple of her on the way home while she lifted her skirt and showed me her stockings - when she went to get the photos at the local shop, the young male assistant went red when he handed them over - obviously he knew!

After that we bought a digital camera!! We did a couple of other pics outdoors and then I suggested that we do some in a multi-story car park. She was a little nervous but I said we would go late one night and no one would be about.

We arrived and parked the car towards the top of the car park which was almost totally deserted except for two other cars. We stood on one side hidden from those by our car just in case the owners returned. She started posing for me and I took a couple of her, then she lifted her skirt up and showed me her stockings and panties. I told her to pull her top up and flash me her breasts, which I find gorgeous even though they are only 32b. Then I convinced her to take her top off and bra. She bent over the car bonnet like that and pulled her skirt up for me to take a picture....it was then that the tanoy came on....'Would the couple on level 7 next to the BMW xxxxxxx remain where they are - a security guard is on his way'.

We both froze, god, it was our worst nightmare.....I said should we just get in the car and drive....but she said we had to pay on the way out at the barrier and they could stop us. She quickly put her clothes back on. We stood there, I could see she was almost crying with fear and worry about the consequences. I told her it would be ok, it was only a bit of harmless fun.

The door on level 7 opened and this uniformed security guard walked over. As he came closer I could see he looked about 40 and was coloured. I wanted to say something but I didn't know what and stood there like a naughty schoolkid awaiting a talking to. He stopped beside us and asked if this was our car...yes.....you do realise there is CCTV in here don't you? Oh my god....we never considered it.

He said that only he was on duty that night which was lucky since normally there would be 3 and if that was the case we would have been reported to the police. As it was he thought it was just a bit of harmless fun and if we were willing to let him have a couple of the pics then he would let the incident go!

I could see G's face light up with relief, which poured out with gratitude to the guy, thanking him about 10 times before I said ok, do u have any favourites you would like? Not really he said. I thought for a second and then said to him well we were obviously really grateful to him and what about if I took a couple of pics with him standing beside G so that he would have a nice momento. G looked at me with one of those stares that said, I'm not sure about that!!

He seemed pleased and went and stood beside G. I said to go behind her. Then I told G to lift up her top. She hadn't had time to put on her bra again so her breasts were on display. This man (Marcus) was over 6ft and he towered above her so he could look over her shoulders and see them properly. Then I told him to put his arms around her like he was holding her waist or something. He did that and cuddled into her, his hands were gently stroking her stomach and I noticed them moving up slightly...I thought yep, I know you would like to touch them but she won't let you do that. He had his head against the side of her neck and I could see he was nibbling her which is something she really likes. Her eyes were half closed and I could see her head going back.

This went on for about a minute and her head was so far back by then that he kissed her on the lips! I stood there thinking what the hell is going on here - what is G up to! The kissed deeply and his hands now moved onto her breasts and began to squeeze them. Soon, he moved his hands down to her skirt and pulled it up...I took a pic of that....suddenly i saw his hand come between her legs from behind her which made her shudder but she continued to kiss him and then he put another hand round the front and began to rub her....I could see her hips were pushing back onto him. I was mesmerized by it all - I knew I should say something but I could see that G was enjoying herself and if I told her to stop, what would be the outcome? Marcus would be unhappy, G might also be...I'd end up in the dog house.

Her breathing was getting heavy, he pulled her skimpy knickers to one side then with a quick hand movement, he ripped them off her! She flinched at that but as soon as his hand went back on her pussy she moaned. He then turned her around and pushed her against the side of the car, kissing her again. She didn't once look at me. His hands were fondling her breasts then he put one hand on her head and pushed her down the side of the car until she was crouching in front ofhim. It was obvious what she was to do so she unzipped him and started to suck. He was very big...I suddenly felt a bit feable myself. He pushed into her mouth so that her head banged against the side of the car, then he held her head there and started to fuck her mouth.

She was taking it deeper than she had ever done with me and was stroking his balls as she did so....she was looking up at him while he did it which was very erotic.

Then he pulled out and with a motion which as hurried and a little rough, pulled her up, lifted her off the ground (6ft v 5ft 2), pulled her skirt up and pushed himself into her...nothing was said by anyone...he began to fuck her like that....pushing deep into her as she was moaning louder than I had ever heard her. He took her long blonde hair and pulled it back so she had her head back on the roof of the car as he pounded into her. Then she let out what can only be described as a scream. I was stunned....she had cum. He continued to bang away into her for about another minute before he suddenly jerked as he too came. He pulled out and zipped up...G slipped down of the car and collapsed onto her knees, shaking. Then he turned to me and said have her come here next week at this time...if she performs as well next time then she can take the master copy of the CCTV film for tonight and with that he walked away.

I looked at G on the ground, she had her head looking into the ground. We stayed like that for a few mins then I said are you ok, yes was all she said in a weak voice. Lets go then. We got into the car and never said a word to each other on the way home.

Neither of us knew what to say so nothing was said. We got ready for bed and climbed in. I put my arms around her and she said, I'm sorry, I don't know what....shuuhh I said, don't say anything, its ok. With that I started to kiss her and when I touched her, she was wet again and obviously aroused. We fucked that night and it can only be described as truly amazing. The best we had. During it I told her what I saw and told her what he said when he left. I said would she go...she asked did I want her to and I said yes and she said she would go then.

I woke up in the morning still horny. The silly thing is that I never took another pic of the whole thing I was so shocked and it never occurred to me that the CCTV would have caught the whole thing!

Its this Tuesday that G has to decide if she is going back...we shall wait and see!!