Written by S&D

4 May 2005

My wife and myself were travelling home from a night out with friends in Manchester. We were both a little merry and I couldn't wait to get her home and in bed. The train was nearly empty and I would have had her before we reached our station had it not been for the young man snoozing in his seat opposite us.

About halfway home the young man woke up and asked my wife how far it was to Liverpool. "Your on the wrong train love" she told him. It took a while for this to register as head obviously had a few drinks. He was getting a little upset and didn't know were he was or how he was going to get home (no more trains to Liverpool till 10 am the following morning). Without asking me,my wife said "tell you what stay at our house tonight and catch the train home in the morning". Typical, I thought the goes my fuck. However after the young man (Steve) dosed off again my wife whispered "fancy a threesome?". My dick jumped to attention right away, we'ed talked about swinging and my wife fucking other men for some time but that was as far as it had gone, now she'd picked up a stranger and was planning to fuck him!

When we left the station to walk home ,Steve could not stop thanking my wife. I also noted that he was having a crafty look at her tits every chance he got. It was very obvious she was turned on by the way her nipples were poking at the thin material of her blouse.

We reached our house and my wife told me get everone a drink while she got changed. Steve and I sat and chatted and sipped our beer he was still a little bewildered by what had happend to him. He was even more bewildered when my wife entered the room in a very short dressing gown showing all of her lovely legs and when she bent down for her drink most of her arse. Almost immediatly my wife turned the conversation sexual.She asked if he had a girlfriend (no), did he go out looking for a fuck (yes), did he get much (no), she then asked when he'd last got laid and he sheepishly said it had been months since his girlfriend had dumped him and he'd had no luck since. "I bet you've been doing some wanking then" she said. Steve just blushed. My wife then stood up opened her gown and said "would this make you wank". "oh fuckin' hell yes" said Steve. He just sat ther looking at her naked body, while I was way ahead of him, stripping naked as fast as I could. "get your cock out Steve" my wife said and within seconds his cock was in her mouth. It was the first time I had seen my wife being a slut with another man and even after all our pillow talk I couldn't believe she was doing this or how much seing her lick another man's balls turned me on!

She removed his cock just long enough to suggest we all go upstairs. In the bedroom all of us naked she took the time to compare our cocks as she licked them in turn. She said Steves was longer and that mine was thicker. she then got into the doggie position and told Steve to fuck the arse off her. One of my dearest fantasy's was happening in front or me, my wife spitroasted as she sucked on my cock and Steve rammed his prick into her for all he was worth. It wasnt long before he filled my wife up with his spunk. when I looked and saw another mans spunk dripping from my lovely demure wife I had to slide my lenth into her.As i started to fuck her she was lovingly sucking Steve back to hardness (its amazing how fast these young men recover)and by the time I added my sticky load onto her tits Steve was ready to take over. This time he took his time , as though he wanted to remember everything about the woman playing the slut for him. I sat wanking in a chair and watched as he fucked her, rubbing my cum into her tits and then shocking me a little by sucking her spunk coverd tits. As he was about to cum he pulled out of her clambered up her and started to wank over her face, in a heartbeat I was at the side of him also determined to fill her mouth and face with my creamy cum. Steve came first shooting creamy gouts of spunk onto her cheek ,chin and into her hair. Then as she licked his knob end clean I fired my juice all over her pretty face. We all just lay there shivering. In the morning Steve left ( after filling my wife up a further 3 times) Since this night we've been dedicated swingers and life has turned from black and white to colour as I'm sure it has for all you ther couples whos adventures I have enjoyed