Written by Daz

17 Jul 2006

I have always loved bums and have always had a fantasy involving a horny female letting me play with her arse. After posting an ad on this site I got a few replies (most no shows, no surprise there). A couple were nice girls but not really into anal play. However one girl who replied turned out to be just what I was looking for. The following is 100% true, I have just changed names.

I had been communicating with Sarah and Chris for a couple of days, each saying what there would like to do and sending pics. We had arranged to meet at their house, which is where I was now, knocking on the day. Chris answered and showed my in. Chris was 25 and was wearing 3/4 length shorts and rugby shirt. I'm 29 and was wearing jeans and t-shirt. I followed Chris into the living room and he told me Sarah was still in the shower. As we sat and waited he told me how much Sarah was looking forward to what we were about to do, he said they had had threesomes before but Chris had never just watched before. Finally Sarah walked in. She was 28 with shoulder lenght black hair, she was wearing just a bathrobe. She told us she was really horny and asked if we could start. I said sure and we all went upstairs to their bedroom.

Chris sat down in a chair next to the double bed, Sarah stood infront of me and dropped her robe to reveal her smooth white body wearing only black bra and panties.

"Do you like my arse?" She said and turned around. I looked down at her bum. "Yes" I said as I reached out and ran my hand over it. Her cheeks were smooth and cool to touch. I gave them a gentle squeeze. Her butt cheeks were round with a slight wobble at the base. I sank to my knees and started to gentle kiss her arse. I heard Sarah moan slightly as I worked my lips around every inch of her exposed bum.

I took hold of her panties, pulled them down and Sarah stept out of them. I continued to kiss her cheeks and moved into her deep crack. I gave her bum slight nibbles making Sarah moan louder, then I started to lick her cheeks hard so that as I reached the top and stopped they wobbled. Sarah was enjoying it as my hands, lips and tongue worked over her butt. I then slowing ran the tip of my tongue up her arse crack a few times. This was too much for Sarah, she bent over and rested her hands on the bed. "Lick my arse" she said.

With a hand on each buttock I spread her open and started to flick her tight arsehole with the tip of my tongue. Sarah was moaning as I worked at her arsehole, spreading it even more with my thumbs, getting my tongue as deep in as I could. I spat on her hole then licked it in using the whole of my tongue, spreading it from her pussy to the base of her spine. I stopped licked her arse and let go of her buttocks, "Let me lick your pussy" I said, Sarah stood up, and as she took off her bra I glanced over at Chris. He had pulled his shorts down to his knees and was wanking his cock. I took my jeans off, my cock was so hard, as Sarah lay of the and opened her legs. She had a totally waxed pussy with a small patch of dark pubic hair above. I was still kneeling on the floor as I bent down inbetween her legs. I started by kissing her thighs, then moving onto her pubic area, kissing around her glistening cunt. Sarah lay back as my mouth touched her pussy and I started to kiss and lick her moist hole. I nibbled her pussy as I worked my way to her clit, my hands moving up her body and onto her tits. My tongue flicked round her clit, then I moved it down her pussy as i pushed her legs back to reveal her arsehole.

Sarah was crying out as I licked her arse and pussy. My cock was so hard now I knew I would cum soon. I turned her over so she was on all fours, her face in the bed and arse in the air. I carried on licking her pussy as arsehole. I then sucked on my right middle finger and spat on her tight arsehole. As I started to press my wet finger into her hole, Sarah moaned as pushed her bum backwards. My finger broke past her tight muscle and I started to finger fuck her. I kissed and nibbled her butt cheeks as I worked at her bumhole, Sarah rubbing her pussy. I slowly pulled my finger out, spat on her hole again, then sucked on my middle and forefinger. I slowly inserted both fingers, sarah winched and moaned louder but managed to take them both. I fucked and twisted them about in her arse, deep up to my knuckles. "Fuck her" Chris said, I looked over to him, he was clearly about to shoot his load. He reached into the bedside cabinet and passed me a tube of ky. I picked up my jeans and took out a condom from my wallet.

"You can do me bareback" Sarah said looking over her shoulder at me.

I pulled my t-shirt off, applied some lube to my fingers and lubed up Sarah's puckered hole. I then lubed up my rock hard cock and knelt behind her. I held my cock as I lined my purple bellend up with her small hole. I slowly pushed forward, my cock head sliding into her slackened arse muscle. Sarah moaned and pushed back, accepting my cock all the way. I held it still, letting Sarah get used to it, then started to slowly move back and forth. I held her soft hips as I slowly sped up, moving my cock till the head was about to pop out then moving back in to the base of my dick. "Call her names" Chris said. I spanked her bum and started to call her "a dirty bitch" and "filthy slut". She said "fuck my arse, fuck my cheap whore arse". I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back saying "you nasty bitch, you love it up your shitter don't you?"

"yes, I love getting a cock up my shitter" I was pumping away at her by now, my thighs making her butt wobble as I pounded her. I was looking down watching my cock ram her arsehole. I felt my balls tighten "I'm gonna cum, you want my cum up your arse bitch?" "yes, cum deep up my bum" Sarah said through cleenched teeth. I pumped holding her hips until I shot my load, pushing deep into her as my balls empted every last drop.

I slowly pulled my cock out and Sarag turned around. She knelt up and kissed me on the lips, "Thanks" She said and popped off to the en suite. I looked over at Chris who was still wanking, "You need finishing off?" I asked, "Sure" he said. He stood and took off his shorts, I sat on the edge of the bed as he stood infront of me. I took his pre-cum covered cock in my mouth and started to suck on him. I had one hand wrapped round the base of his knob, the other was on his arse. He held my head with both hands and started to face fuck me. I stopped sucking and told him I don't swallow, just then Sarah came back and said she would. She sat next to me and watched he boyfriend getting sucked off. He stared to fuck my mouth fasted, making me gag, he pulled out and Sarah took over as Christ came with a loud cry. Sarah choked slightly as she swollowed his massive load. As I dressed to leave I watched as Chris licked Sarah's pussy until she came. They dressed and showed my out.