Written by dave and sue

6 Jan 2004

one night last november my wife sue and I where in a country pub, and we got chatting to some chaps who had returned from a pool match, my wife who is fairly attractive was getting some attention and seemed to be enjoying her self. She was drinking rather a lot as we had been bying rounds at around 1030 one of the lads who had just fetched a drink said, were in to night lads we can stop over. Apparantly they do it from time to time we started playing pool and as the few others who where there went the gaffer asked if we wanted to stay, as we was with the 4 lads from the pool team and playing pool we said yes we'll stay for a bit. While playing i noticed my wife was laughing and chatting away with the other 3 and was well tipsy i was getting realy tired and asked her if she wanted to go.Oh not yet she said, she was loving the attention i could tell and to be honest i was too. I lost the game of pool it was now about half eleven, all i can remember is waking up and it was dark it took me a minute to remember where I was. and i looked around and I saw my wife snogging with one of the lads and I was shocked but to be honest I was also excited as she had never done anything like this before and was usualy quite shy.But more shocks was to come whilst the one was kissing sue another chap was rubbing her thigh I pretended to be asleep although they couldn't see me as I was over the room in the dark.The other two lads was egging them on and i heard one say come on dan take her knickers off. I should have done something but honestly I couldn't, probably due to the booze. I could see fairly well as there was a light on over the pool table and to my surprise my wife's legs parted and this lad removed her tights and knickers she must have been well pissed. Then one said put her on the table, so they carried her and lay her on one of the tables and I never saw her struggle abit, they stripped her naked and i was almost exploding they all stripped off and one parted her legs and began licking my wife's fanny and she was responding another held his cock by her mouth and with his hand behind her head pulled her towards him she did try slightly to resist but slowly took his cock into her mouth and he began gently fucking her mouth she was moaning with and grunting I could see her arse jerk up as she came into the lads mouth he then stood up and put his cock inside her and began fucking her the other two were standing there egging them on then the one she was sucking started to jerk but wouldn't let go of her head as he exploded in my wifes mouth he did lots of slow pumps and I could see she was swallowing as he kept fucking her for ages holding her head at the same time he eventualy slipped out of her mouth. the one fucking her fanny was getting faster and harder and my wife was also fucking him back harder and harder with this another one put his cock into her mouth and began fucking her suddenly the one in side her jerked hard and gave long deep thrusts and my wife gave a muffled scream as he shot right inside her when he pulled out the fourth chap went straight into her and again my wife screamed as he rammed hard and deep, the chap fucking her mouth suddenly grabbed her head and pulled her so he too shot his spunk into her mouth but he just kept pumping and pumping as if he was never going to stop she again swallowed all his spunk, and then the other one who was ramming hard suddenly thrust forward and seemed to stop for ages as his arse was girating in circular motions untill every drop of spunk was emptied into my wifes cunt. I saw them starting to move so I closed my eyes and the next thing I knew my wife was shaking me and said come on love theres a taxi outside. I havn't mentioned anything yet and nore as she but I bet she knew what was happening. I will mention it soon but to be frank I enjoyed it shamefuly.