Written by Huge One

15 Mar 2006

My girlfriend Monique has been an exhibitionist all her adult life. We recently went to the local pub and after a beer or 3, she stated she was getting horny and wanted a good hard fuck.

We decieded to go home, and on our walk home she took off her top, with her nice big tits swaying from side to side. Just then a car drove past with a group of guys, once they realised they had seen tits they stopped to have a good look.

Monique walked over and asked the guys if they wanted to see more, but she wanted to see there cocks first. There were 4 lads and appeared to pull there pants down, so with that Monique took her skirt off and handed it to me. I was completely shocked by now but my own cock was getting hard thinking what was next.

Monique walked back to me and unzipped my pants saying this is a real cock boys and got out my 9" cock and started sucking me there and then. Ithe guys got out of there car and were soon surrounding us wanking on there cocks.

I told Monique we had better go but she had other ideas in mind, she told the boys to line up as she was going to blow each of them one at a time.

As she took cock after cock in her moutn, I rammed my hard knob in her arse for good measure. When the last of the lads blew on her face I couldnt hold back anymore and shot a stream of hot cum up her arse. The boys were keen to fuck her by now and not to be a party popper she let them take turns in fucking her shaved tight cunt in the bonnet of there car.

When the last guy shot his second load we decieded it was time to go, she thanked the lads and we quickly walked home.