Written by 281504

19 Sep 2005

Possible alternative to Dogging Pt 4

We arranged for a Saturday night to meet at our house to watch our video. Marie said that we should go shopping together. I jumped at the chance and suggested that perhaps the boys could go to our local pub, while we shopped. It was all settled. That was what would happen.

Marie and I showed each other our favourite shops. By the time we had finished we were laden with bags from shoe and clothes shops, and some sexy lingerie for the boys to see us in.

It was about 5pm when we got back to my house. When we got in the boys were sat on the sofa together drinking beer watching the football on the TV. The funny thing was that they both had wet hair. I asked why this was and was told that they’d been having a kick about with the football in the garden for about an hour. They’d both got so sweaty they had to have a shower. Fair enough I thought and said no more.

I then made us all a pasta dish, which we all ate with a few glasses of wine to wash it down.

“I can’t wait to see the tape Kelly.” Marie said

“Me too.” I agreed.

So we all sat down and Paul started the tape. We all sat in silence for a while taking in the sexy scene. We all commented how horny we all were and how it was well worth filming it. I had my hand in Paul’s lap again and he had such a hard-on. My pussy was also feeling really wet. Eventually, the tape got to the end of our sex session and then the picture suddenly changed. The camera had been left set-up in anticipation of a repeat performance. When we last filmed the picture showed our lounge in the evening with lots of lights turned on. However, the scene on the TV now was showing the lounge during the day, and the curtains we obviously open. The picture changed again.

The next thing Marie and I knew the boys appeared on the screen naked, they then sat on the sofa. Dan was slowly wanking Paul, before leaning over to take his cock in his mouth. Marie and I shot a look at both of our men, who both said “We’ll explain later, just watch.”

With that Marie and I were treated to the sight of Dan sucking Paul’s cock for 5 minutes and the Paul doing the same for Dan for another 5 minutes. Then Paul got on all fours in front of the sofa, with his ass facing the camera. Dan then crouched over his ass, now wearing a condom. He then pushed some Vaseline into Paul’s ass and then pushed his cock into him. They then moved slightly so we could see the view of them fucking from the side. Dan was now kneeling behind Paul and really fucking him fast. You could then hear Paul suggest changing positions. Paul lay on his back on the floor with his ass towards the camera again. Dan got between Paul’s legs and then put Paul’s feet over his shoulders. He then pushed his cock back into Paul and fucked him even faster. They moved again slightly so we were treated to a side view again. Dan slowed his strokes down a bit but now had Paul’s cock in his hand. He wanked Paul at a steady pace, while Paul threw his head back in ecstasy.

Paul had the camera remote in his hand and zoomed in slightly. You could see that Dan was still pistoning in and out of Paul’s ass, and his hand was a blur on Paul’s cock. All of a sudden Paul shouted that he was cumming and you could see jets of spunk squirt onto his belly. With that Dan let go of Paul’s cock and pumped his ass as fast as he could until he started screaming that he was going to cum too. You could see Dan push down on Paul’s legs so that his knees were now touching his shoulders. Dan was arching his back and pumping for all his worth. And then he screamed “I’m cumming.” And with a series of loud grunts from both of the boys you could see he must have been shooting his cum inside Paul’s ass, in the condom.

When he had recovered, Dan pulled out of Paul’s ass and removed the condom. He then moved over Paul into the ‘69’ position and proceeded to lap up the cum from Paul’s stomach. Paul licked and sucked Dan’s cock clean and Dan did the same until both cocks went limp. Now they both started sucking each other back to a hardened state. Once this was achieved, Dan lay on his back and you could see him push some Vaseline into his own ass. Then Paul rolled a condom onto his own cock before putting Dan’s feet over his shoulders and pushing into him in the same position as before. Paul then started fucking Dan’s ass at a relentless pace, which had Dan moaning at the top of his voice.

After a few minutes of this they changed positions so Dan was now on all fours. Paul got into position behind him and re-inserted his cock into Dan’s ass. He now started fucking Dan slower but was now slamming into him, while reaching underneath him and wanking his cock, which was now dripping pre-cum. Paul’s hand was wanking Dan’s cock furiously. In no time the combination of Paul’s wanking and slam fucking proved too much for Dan and he announced he was going to cum. With that Paul cupped his hand under the tip of Dan’s cock and caught his spunk as it pumped out. He then moved his hand to his mouth and drank down Dan’s cum. Dan meanwhile had collapsed on the floor in ecstasy.

Marie and I couldn’t believe what we had seen. “What made all of this happen?” Marie asked.

“We’ll tell you soon, there’s about another 10 minutes.” replied Dan

“OK” she said

Getting back to the video, Dan told Paul he was knackered now. Paul helped Dan up and told him he hadn’t finished with him. He made Dan lay on the sofa with his head hanging over the seat edge. Paul then removed his condom and offered his wet cock to Dan’s lips.

Dan opened his mouth and Paul slid in. He then started pushing little by little into Dan’s mouth. Dan started to gag a bit, but he learned to control it. In no time at all he had taken all of Paul’s cock into his mouth. Paul pulled back a little bit and started fucking Dan’s mouth.

You could see that Dan was getting into it. After a couple of minutes Paul made Dan get up and kneel in front of him. He pushed his cock back into Dan’s mouth and held his head while he fucked Dan’s face. You could see Dan’s cheeks suck in as he sucked on Paul’s cock. Paul couldn’t take much more of this action and pulled out announcing that he was cumming. Dan kept his mouth open and poked his tongue out. Paul then shot his hot sperm onto Dan’s tongue. Dan then turned to the camera to show us the cum in his mouth. He then swallowed it and showed us his empty mouth. After that the boys both turned to the camera and said “We hope you enjoyed the show Girls?”

With that Paul turned the TV off and the said “Go on then, question time.”

“What made all of this happen then boys” Marie said

“Well, we weren’t lying to you when we said we’d been playing football and needed a shower.” said Dan

“We were really sweaty so we both jumped in the shower together, it seemed the ok thing to do.” said Paul

“I offered to wash Paul’s back and he said he’d do the same. After a while we began soaping each other everywhere. Before we knew it we’d got each others cocks soaped up and were wanking each other off.” Dan added

“It was then that I thought of the idea of us doing a bit more and filming it as a surprise for you girls.” Paul said “We’d been discussing what we’ve done to each other earlier over a beer, and agreed that we both felt completely comfortable doing stuff with each other. I think this has proved just how comfortable we are now, don’t you?”

“Too right” I replied.

“Did you two like it then?” Dan asked nervously.

“Damn right babe! How about you Kel?” said Marie

“Yeah, but I’m so fucking horny now I think we’re going to have to have some mad sex.” I replied “I want Paul to fuck you and Dan to fuck me, then we’ll go from there. Any complaints?”

No one minded so we just got down and fucked. We’ve been doing this on a regular basis now for about 3 months now. Marie and I even got around to filming a secret show for the boys, with lots of dildos!!!!

We hope you liked this account of our antics, and that you believe it to be true, because it most definitely is.

Please do not try to contact us to get us to do the same with you. We have found a couple we are very happy with and will not be considering changing for a long while. You are more than welcome though to e-mail us and tell us what you think of the events I have told you about.

Happy Shaggin’

Love Kelly

x x x