Written by Steve

15 Apr 2006

I went into the Gym early one Sunday so that I could have most of the day to myself.

When I arrived it was empty and I set about my workout on my own. Halfway through I was joined by a very sexy young lady. I am in my 40’s and she looked to be in her 20’s. We said hello and I just carried on, I was on the orbital walker at the time.

The gym has large mirrors on the wall and I noticed that she was sneaking glances at me occasionally. This inflated my ego, but I couldn’t see someone like her being really interested in someone like me.

I finished my workout and said goodbye and went to change and shower.

We were still the only ones in the building.

I was in the shower and heard someone else come into the changing rooms and start to get changed.

The next thing I knew was that my shower door was opened and there she stood, absolutely starkers. She was really sexy. Pert little breasts and a lovely little bush. I just stood there shocked, but my cock had a mind of its own and rose to the occasion.

Smiling she hopped into the cubicle with me and pressed against me.

My cock was now all ready for action.

We started off by just touching each other, running our hands over each others wet bodies. Then she knelt down and started licking my cock. I was in heaven. She took it right into her mouth until my balls were pressing on her chin. I could feel her tongue moving on the bottom of my shaft. Then she started to move up and down and I had to steady myself against the sides of the shower. All the time water was running down both of us.

I stopped her when I felt I was getting near and tried to return the favour. It’s hard to perform fellatio in a shower, so we settled for me licking and sucking her breasts and fingering her very wet pussy. I played with her clit and managed to bring her to an orgasm.

By this time we both knew what we wanted. As I mentioned there isn’t a lot of room in a shower but we managed. She wrapped herself around me with her legs crossed behind my bum. I leant against her, pressing her against the wall and with a bit of jiggery pokery I entered her.

She was very wet inside and I slipped in with ease. Quickly I got into a rhythm only to have it broken as she came again and wriggled like hell.

I could feel her tits pressing against my chest and the water running down us felt really good. Again I fell into a rhythm and my cock made a lovely squelch as it penetrated her.

She started to cum again and I felt her bite my shoulder. I felt my cum rise and knew this was it.

I rammed home one last time and my cum powered out of me into her. She gave a little squeal and bit hard on my shoulder. I pumped and pumped my hot sticky goo into her and she bucked like an animal.

After my orgasm was over I slid gently in and out until my cock went soft and we disentangled ourselves and she stepped down into the shower.

We washed ourselves off with plenty of touching and then dried and changed.

She thanked me for a great fuck and after I checked the coast was clear she slipped out of the Gents changing room. I couldn’t believe it had happened.

I will be going to the gym early on Sundays all the time now. I would love to do that again.