Written by Maldwyn

8 Jul 2005

I own and run a small pharmacy in a village in mid-Wales. Usually there's myself and Sian my dispenser. The pharmacy has restricted opening hours and we are closed three afternoons a week.

However, a small housing development has been built on the outskirts of the village along with a new surgery and the pharmacy has become busier so I decided to recruit a part time assistant.

Last Tuesday afternoon, which is one of the afternoons we close, Sian and I were stock taking and Sian asked if her 18 year old daughter could be the part time assistant on a temporary basis until she went to University in Aber in September - as I had already had two or three applications I said I would interview her but couldn't make any promises. Sian said she would be grateful and as she said this, turned around and promptly undid and stepped out of her overall (the window blinds were down and the door locked) and stood in front of me with just her bra and pants on. She reached behind her and un-hooked her bra releasing her ample, full and well shaped breasts. she knelt down in front of me undid my trousers and pulled them down along with my pants. She then took my penis into her mouth and gave me the most amazing blow job, swallowing it all when I came. As she left later that afternoon she kissed me and said it was in gratitude for giving her daughter, Megan, an interview.

On Thursday afternoon I conducted two interviews with the third and last being Megan. When she arrived I led her through to the back office. Before I could asked the first question, Megan said that her mother had told her to do everything and anything to get the job! She stood up and took my hand and pulled me up. She placed my hand on her left breast and lent forward and kissed me fully on the lips her tounge darting deftly in and around my mouth. She gently pulled away and proceeded to perfom a very seductive strp tease in front of me, taking all of her clothes off. She then undressed me. My penis was getting quite erect by this time but Megan used her mouth till it was fully hard. She then told me to lie on my back which I did, and then she straddled me rubbing the end of my penis along her clitoris before lowering herself onto me, my penis sliding into her delectable and very tight vagina. She rode me until I exploded into her.

Megan got the job and starts next week - her mom was very grateful giving me another blow job the day after and since I've had sex with Sian on a regular basis when the pharmacy is closed