Written by Vera

14 Jul 2005

Some time ago I posted the stories of how both our landlords fucked me when I was pregnant.

After those two episodes our sex life was normal until when our son was four I got pregnant again and almost immediately began to have the old horny feelings of wanting to be fucked by anyone and everyone.

By this time my husband was settled in his job and we lived on a new modern housing estate just outside town. One Saturday morning I had to go into town to have my hair done and my husband dropped me. As I had some shopping to do and didn't know when I would be finished I said I would catch the bus back home.

I finished my shopping and was waiting at the bus stop when George a retired chap who lived just across the road from us pulled up and offered me a lift. I quickly hopped into the car and noticed at once the appreciative looks he was giving my legs as my skirt had ridden up to mid thigh showing a touch of stocking top. I made no move to cover up and in fact feeling horny wriggled a bit on the seat so that my skirt moved further up exposing all my stocking tops and a bit of bare thigh and white suspender at the same time twisting slightly so that George's hand slid along my stocking every time he changed gear. He quickly caught on and after changing gear left his hand there then moved it up on to my bare thigh up at the same time pushing my skirt even higher so that he could see my white nylon knickers. We drove along like this until we reached our houses by which time he had felt my cunt through my thin knickers and I could see that he had an impressive swelling in his trousers. He didn't say a word but just took my hand and led me into his house. As we went in I looked nervously around in case my husband was outside but there was no sign of him. George led me into his bedroom and in no time we were both naked except for my white suspender belt and dark nylons which he made me keep on saying that he liked to fuck women in their stockings. We kissed with deep french kisses and while I caressed his long thick cock he sucked and gently bit my nipples which were standing out hard and red. Then he got between my legs and spreading them wide began to suck my clit and run his tongue into my sopping cunt. This was too much for me and I cried, "Oh Christ George fuck me." He moved up and with one thrust his big thick cock was right up me and I wrapped my legs round his waist as his cock rammed in amd out. In my state I couldn't last long and I was soon screaming, "I'm cumming! Oh! Oh!. I'm cumming." and sterted to come down from my high but he got a hand between us and started caressing my clit and another climax built up and I was cumming again as his cum blasted into me. We lay for a while gently kissing and caressing playig with his cock while he played with me cunt and arse

then I said that I had better get dressed as my husband would be looking for me so I dressed apart from my knickers which he kept and I nipped home across the road.

When I got into the living room my husband was sitting facing the door looking slightly grim faced and said that he had been in the back bedroom when I arrived back with George. He had taken our son Tom to one of his friends houses and had been waiting for me. He told me to raise my dress. I refused but he simply pulled it up to my waist and of course could see that I was knickerless with traces of cum on my thighs and stocking tops. To my complete surprise he buried his face between my thighs licking my cunt. I opened my legs and he was soon sucking up George's cum. He then took me upstairs and fucked me thusting his cock into my cum filled cunt.

Afterwards he explained that he always wanted to fuck me when my cunt was full of another man's cum.

The remainder of my pregnancy continued on its delightful way with George and several others on the estate fucking me not only in the cunt but also in the arse on a daily basis so my husband had his fill of fucking me with my cunt and arse full of cum.