Written by Lucky Cornish Guy

19 Jan 2004

Having enjoyed reading the various true recollections of others on here, I thought I'd add my own true tale of some fun I had for my 40th birthday.

For several years now I've had an on/off sexual relationship with Wendy, who is 9 years older than me. We'd had a bit of fun for a while, had a break from each other and then got back together recently. Wendy has a high sex drive and has had quite a bit of fun in the past, while out & about with her best mate Kim, who is a year younger than her. It wasn't until last about six months before my 40th, that I found out that they had had a few threesomes together, now Kim is a hot looking lady & I had often fantasized about having some fun with her, but when I found out about the threesomes, I just couldn't get it out of my mind, so I started to pester Wendy about Kim joining us for some fun. Anyway my 40th was approaching & Wendy agreed to put it to Kim, who quickly agreed to join us.

The day arrived and I drove to Wendy's house full of nerves.On arrival Wendy was in the kitchen wearing short skirt & sexy undies & stockings. She said that Kim had phoned saying she'd be a little late because her hubby was hanging about at home.So while we were waiting Wendy & myself warmed each other up in the kitchen. Kim duly arrived, dressed quite demurely because of her hubby at home, but underneath she looked stunning in mint green lingerie and pale silky stockings.

I had a quick kiss and fondle with Kim as Wendy watched and then we retired to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Wendy & Kim wasted no time in stripping down to the undies, while I struggled with my clothes. While I was still undressing,they jumped onto the bed and kneeling upright started to kiss and caress each other. I joined them on the bed & did my best to attract their attention but to no avail as they were obviously enjoying each other, so I knelt upright behind Kim & started to kiss the back of her neck, while sliding m hands around to her boobs ( which are fab,quite big & very firm) & started to pull on her nipples, while I pushed my hardening cock against her bum cheeks. I can't really remember what happennext, except thatI felt two pairs of hands caressing my balls & cock. I ended up on my back with Wendy starting to blow me while Kim played & licked her pussy. After a short time thet swopped places & Kim started to suck me, well it was so good it wasn't long before I felt I was going to cum, she felt he pre-cum tremble, looked at me & said 'don't cum yet I want to ride you' but it was too late & i shot my load in her mouth & over her hand as she wanked me dry. Wendy joined in licking me clean.

I got off my back & started to give them both oral as they played with each other.After a while they pushed me onto my back again and took turns to straddle my face forcing me to tongue fuck them while they used a vibrator on each other. I then felt my legs being lifted up and lube being rubbed into my anus, then Wendy started to push the vibrator into my ass, Kim still straddling my face started to suck me again. Wendy then made me get on all fours so she could really push the vibrator deep into me, while she was doing this Kim got hold of Wendy's huge strap-on, which at fist got me worried, but she made Wendy wear it and then got Wendy to fuck her,first doggy style & then with Wendy on her back, so she could straddle it and ride it up & down, during this I straddled Wendy's face & feed my cock into her mouth and began fucking it.

After Kim orgasmed, she wore the strap-on and started to fuck Wendy, first doggy style & then in the missionary position,as she was doing this I got behind Kim & started to run my tongue over her ass cheeks & then lick her anus, as I fingered her pussy, and then I slipped my cock upto her pussy lips, she wanted me to wank over her ass & lick it off, but having cum with her earlier I decided it was Wendy's turn, so after Kim pulled out of her, I slipped my hard cock into her stretched pussy & quickly fucked her until she orgasmed. I then pulled out & Kim wanked me off, until I shot my cum over Wendy's pussy. We were all pretty much exhausted & I was amazed how quickly the time had passed. I was all for having a rest & having more fun, but Kim realising the time said that although she really enjoyed it had to go due to her hubby.

Well I hope you enjoyed my tale which is a true recollection. I would love to try a MFM threesome, so if there are any couples in the Cornwall/Devon area who would like to meet up, please drop me a line.