Written by Alison'n'Hubby

10 May 2004

When I first got together with my boyfriend I was a very prim'n'proper young lady. As the relationship developed I started to relax more with my bo' and, as I was a virgin when we met, thought that every man was the same in the manhood department. ( 8" and very thick ).He used to fuck me long and hard in every place going and would't stop till I'd had enough and was completly satisfied. How wrong I was when, after a few year's together and two kid's,( oh, and a marriage first.) It was suggested by hubby that we liven up the old sex life with a bit of dirty talk and stuff.( I said I was prim'n'proper....or WAS!!!) At first it seemed stange, but I soon found out hidden depths to which I was always a willing volenteer. Then came the sex toys and then the natural proggression to something a bit more. One day down the gym we were working out and hubby suggested that I don't wear any knickers so I don't have a panty line in the old licra shorts I wore. I had noticed that as I was working out that, ( figure by the way is 34ee/24/34. so it needs some work to just hold me boob's up ) hubby had disappeared, so I went to find him and it wasn't long before I saw him talking to two of his gym buddies in the bar. He said that his mate's, TJ and Greg had been watching me working out and all three of them had had to come out as it was quite a turn on for them all. I was embarrased at first but then the more I thought about, the more I was getting turned on, so I couldn't believe myself when I said that they should all take me home to show me how much. Hubby's eye's just lit up and off home we went. I wasn't all that certain what was going to happen but we a have a tred mill at home and I said that I would do a bit of jogging first and watch what they meant by being turned on. It wasn't long when I found out. After less than five minutes all three of them had their cocks out and were slowly rubbing them to a fine peak of hardness. I thought hubby was a big boy, but TJ was at least two inches longer and as thick and Greg wasn't far off the same. Wow...!. Hubby called me over to him and without having to be asked, I had his firm cock deep in my mouth. My licra shorts were well wet and all I could think of was getting a good seeing to and it wasn't long before I heard hubby say to the lads that they can have a go as well. At this point I thought I would have said stop, but no, I even pulled my own shorts down so TJ could do..well..whatever he fancied, which he did. He took my shorts off completly and pulled my legs apart slightly, then one finger at a time he started to finger fuck me from behind. Greg was stood by me and i grabbed his dick and taking it in turns, sucked him and hubby off. Well it wasn't long before hubby was shooting his load right down my throat and Greg had come all over my face. TJ was still finger fucking me ( four fingers..), but then i felt his cock push inside me, slowly at first, going deeper and deeper and then deeper than anything had ever gone before. I felt his big balls slapping against my clit so he must have had the lot inside me. Hubby then said" you know what you really want don't you?" " Yes " i cried out. " then say it " he said. " fuck me hard , fuck me like the slutty whore that I am " ( said he liked me to talk dirty). At that I felt Greg slide underneath me and try to get his cock in me as well. My pussy was a bit too tight, so hubby passed him some ky jelly and he smeared that huge cock with it and tried again. This time it went in and the lads started to fuck me slowly at first and then faster and faster, all the time I was screaming out obsenities as each orgasm ripped through me. " There's got to be a way I can fuck her up the arse" hubby said. TJ said" stand in front of me all lubed up and we'll slide you in some how" So he did and then I felt hubby's prick push against my arsehole and then with a whince of pain he was in. All three were in me, pumping away in rythme and what a rythme it was. Orgasms ripped through and just wouldn't stop, my tit's were banging up and down and my nipples ached they were that hard. Then they all pulled out at the same time, flipped me over and wanked off stood over me. Hot spunk went everywhere, my tits, my face and I tried to swallow as much as I could. After that we all had a drink and about half an hour later we were at it again. This lasted till early afternoon and then the lads went home. It was then I realised that hubby had recorded the lot and we watch it every now and then as well as a few more we've made, some with girls involved ( well it's only fair to hubby) and some with other men. Always well hung young men and voluptous women. I always thought I was prim'n'proper and as a rule I am, but in the bedroom I'm a right little slutty whore and that's just the way we like it!!!!!!