Written by Jannie 1995

30 Dec 2018

Over christmas out with the girls from work , going from bar to bar , coctails and karaoke.

Lots of drink we ended up in a gay bar , weve been here , great fun , and sometimes a bit of harmless flirting.

The evening was going great i needed a pee , upstairs were it was quiet , i got talking to a girl in the queue , she was very pretty and flirtatious.

She was touching my face saying how pretty i was , well im ok but im not top shelf , but i loved the compliments, my turn came for the loo , Sharron asked could she share the loo with me , i let her go 1st , hitching up her skirt and lowering her panties it was a bit sexy hearing her pee , then it was my turn she didnt leave , i was bursting dropping my black panties i was peeing like a camel , she said peeing or watching girls peeing always turned her on , then as i was sorting myself out she moved in to kiss me , i was shocked , I responded by kissing her back , her hands went to my boobs and nipples, i kissed her hard , i was frozen with lust , then she moved her hand to my knee , looking into my eyes she moved up my skirt and up my thigh then she touched my panties and said is it ok , i didnt answer , i closed my eyes as her fingers followed the mould of my pussy lips , then a finger in my gusset and she found my clitty , a tickle and a rub , i closed my thighs around her hand and i came .

She said lets get out of the toilet , a small queue but no one battered an eye.

Sharron said she had keys for her mates flat if i was up for it , with the drink i said lets go , it was a short walk , got to the flat , we couldnt take our hands off each other , stripping off she led me to her bed and then took over , kisses , and her touch , were electric .

She was kissing and kicking my boobs , that always does it for me , then moving down her mouth was on my pussy and clit, licking me and tweeking my nipples i was building then i came on her tounge .

She lay back we kissed and she moved me to her pussy , calling me her tease, she pushed my head down then opening her pussy lips exposing her clit , i came face to face with my 1st pussy , i moved in , then i was kissing her pussy , the smell was sweet she told me to lick and kiss her pussy , i was so turned on , i reached under my thighs , fingering myself while i licked away .

She pulled me up we kissed hard then pussing me down to her pussy , she came and the rest of the early hours i ticked all my bi curious fantasy boxes .

One think she did to me which was kinky was she spanked me over her knee , electric flashes with each slap.

My womanhood was reborn , lady oral sex was amazing and ive played with myself a few times thinking of my me time with sharron.

I hope it wasnt a one night stand for sharron , i have her number i want to meet up again , this time with no booze .............well im hoping

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