Written by Jimmy

5 Jul 2004

We’re on a night out together, all dressed up we cruise the pubs downtown. You’re wearing a white boob tube with silvery markings without a bra and a silvery mini skirt. You have bare legs and knee length boot’s, over it all you have a long black/grey trench type coat. As we head down the main street I try ring our mates who were supposed to be meeting up with later, my mobiles playing up and you left yours at home. So we try using a call box, while I’m on the phone to them you start getting frisky with me, rubbing my crotch trying to make me lose concentration. I’m trying hard to talk but as my zip heads south your hand is inside searching for my growing member, clasping it you tug it out into the air pulling my foreskin back and forth. The street outside is busy with the nigh time revellers, people heading from pub to pub but you don’t seem to care. Clasping my cock between us you massage me, its really hard talking so I tell them I’ll call them back and hang up. But not by putting the phone down which I keep to my ear, I just press the receiver piece down. While pretending to be on the phone, you bend forwards and crouching down you take my cock between your lips. Tentatively closing them round my cock head your tongue begins to flick over me, as you push further down me taking more of me into your mouth. Its really exciting being so close to people walking down the street, there passing by the phone box but not taking much notice of what is going on inside. My cock is fully hard as you stand up, lifting your mini I tug your g-string to one side. Playing my fingers over your shaved pussy, I seek out your clit moving my finger over it and feeling your moisture as you pussy juices up. Handing the phone to you and covering myself inside your coat I drop down my face level with your pussy, your stand legs parted as I push up to you my tongue searching out your button. My index finger pushing and parting your lips it eases inside you, sinking up to the knuckles. I work it in and out as I continue licking at your clit. Standing up again and lifting one leg which I support for you, you push up close to me holding my cock you guide it to your pussy. Working my cock over your pussy I’m soon feeling your warmth as you pussy juices coat me, bring me up to you I feel you push your body against me forcing me into you. Your pussy tightens round my cock as it enters you, and you begin to rock yourself back and forth forcing me deeper. Your coat disguising what we’re actually doing, as people continue pass without really noticing. Tugging your tube down I fondle one of your tits, cupping it and squeezing it gently my thumb able to flick and play with your nipples. We’re snogging and kissing passionately all the while as our bodies part and then slam back together, your leg balanced waist height as I pull you back and forth. For a moment I freeze as I see two coppers walking past, but they are soon past and we continue. The pace is quickening and were going like crazing, your panting and moaning increases then you clasp me holding me tight as I feel you shudder and shake. You pussy tightening and gripping me in spasms, its too much for me to take and I feel my cum well up and shoot in pulses into you. We stay locked together for a while snogging and holding each other, my cock slackening inside you I easy out. Pulling your g-string back and pulling up your tube to cover your tits we phone our friends to find out what pub they are in. Heading out into the night again we make to where they are, standing at the bar with our friends drinking and laughing together. You lean over to me and whisper in my ear, telling me my cum has soaked your g-string and is running down your leg. Standing close to me I reach out to touch your leg, my hands finding there way between them I soon find a trickle of cum running down your thighs. Wiping it back up your leg I manage to collect a glob on my fingers, pulling my hand away I quickly put it to my mouth while looking you in the eye I close my mouth over my finger and suck it off. Our friends are none the wiser what just happened, but the expression on your face was a picture seeing me do that. After drinking up we head out into the night again, saying goodbye to our friends we head in the direction of your place. Heading down the main street we cut down a back road, only yards from the street we hugs and kiss between parked cars leaning up against one of them. With my arms inside your coat I feel your pussy through your g-string, its soaking wet in my hands as I rub and tease you. Pushing you back against the bonnet of the car, your bum resting against it I tug your g-string aside again. Crouching down my tongue traces round the outside of your pussy, tasting my cum I part your lips and delve inside you. Your leant back against the bonnet looking back towards the street, you see people going by down the main street as I’m down tonguing between your legs. Standing up again I whip out my now hard cock, spreading your legs apart further and supporting you from slipping off. I guide my cock to you it slides easily into your lubricated pussy, I thrust my hips towards you sinking down inside before pulling back and doing it over and over again. Pulling your tube down to expose your tits I kiss, lick and chew on them. Your looking over my shoulder, occasionally closing your eyes and opening them again to check we’ve not been spotted as you look back towards the street. You see people crossing the road up ahead, but no ones looking down the side road were in. We continue fucking each other, the excitement of so many people in close proximity that could see or catch us at any time only serves to heighten our pleasure. My hips are know bucking faster and faster going like a train my cock darting in and out, your panting in my ears quickening all the time. One hand holding you up on the car the other cupping my head, as my mouth locks and sucks you protruding nipple. It’s all too much as you bite into my neck, your body shaking and quivering. Feeling and knowing you’ve just cum only serves to heighten my arousal, enough to push me over the edge too. My balls tighten up as my cum wells up inside me, then bursting up my cock floods into you. Both gasping and panting we hold each other tight for a moment, recovering enough to kiss and hug each other. Collecting our composure once again we walk the short distance back onto the street.

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