Written by Punky and Wolfgang

19 Jun 2004

The setting is this... Punky's husband is at home ill, they were meant to be working together that evening 2 hours from home, due to his illness her husband could not make it. This meant that punky would have to take wolfgang in the car on her own. Wolfgang is punkys husbands employee. He is the same age as punky her husband is much older, and the sexual chemistry between punky and wolfgang has been pearing its head for a while. The last time alone in the car on a dark night they talked non stop about freaky sex and fetish clubs. Neither ever mentioned the underlying current of tension between them.

Untill last night. During the 2 hour journey whilst still light wolfgang had the laptop on as punky drove they picked up from the topic they'd been discussing the last time they were alone. Dogging. Wolfgang logged onto this site and he searched for a dogging area in the region they were working for the night. Bingo they found one!! Both full of excitement talking about later on when they'd search for the venue the time passed quickly and soon they arrived at their place of work.

The night seemed to last forever, but eventually it got to 11 o clock and punky and wolfgangs adventures could begin. They went to the car together by this time dark, already the tension was building between them still nothing mentioned about them quite possibly embarking on each other the whole talk was just about finding the dogging spot. In an aching moment before they got in the car Wolfgang asked punky if she wanted a bite of his chocolate bar which she would have to bite from his mouth in order to obtain. This was just the start of a very long night of sexual tension....

Once in the car the map came out, the laughter began, punky was in her husbands car they were going the opposite way from home, looking for a place where they were not sure what they would do if they even found it. Well they failed to find it. All adventures look set to have come to an end until...

Both very hyped up and still no mention of any action between them this is what happened... Punky was laughing Wolfgang said whats so funny, Punky then said "was that not just an excuse for punky and wolfgang to see some action together" the nail was hit on the head and now it had been said there was no going back. Wolfgang grinned knowing we were both thinking but not daring say what we wanted. So Wolfgang began to read the erotic stories on this site, Punky said " we should make our own" wolfgang asked punky how would it go she starts laughing and can not believe the filthe that she is producing in her mind. Wolfgang persists she tell the story how it should go to print. This is it...

"On a long dark summer drive home, the air conditioning on cos the air is hot with sexual tension Wolfgang takes out his manly piece and begins to play... Punky pretends not to be in the least bit interested, but she keeps peeking out the corner of her eye whilst driving. He is stroking himself long and hard, her panties are ooosing wetness but she doesn't let him know this, she carries on driving as if she hasn't noticed what he is doing.

He becomes frustrated that she is not turned on, so he places his hand down her low cut jeans and feels her soaking wet clean shaven pussy. This puts a smile on his face and after teasing her clit breifly he returns to playing with himself. Punky goes crazy for him desperate for a place to pull over but no place in sight she is forced to watch him as she finds a place to park up. She finds a layby just off the motorway. Now Wolfgang has asked for what happened next... Undoing her seat belt. She removes his hand from his hard wet cock, and takes it in her mouth, teasing the rim of his helmet and licking the full length of his penis with her tongue. After teasing, licking and sucking wolfgang is going crazy for her. She orders him to get out of the car.

She lays him over the bonnet of her husbands car and insists his hands stay on the bonnet. She undoes his trousers and pulls them to his ankles. Punky kneels in front of him, She works her way up his manly legs with her tongue, teases his balls on the way up. SHe kisses his belly and carreses his chest, working up his neck and finally she plunges her tongue into his mouth. Wolfgang is kissed like no one has ever kissed him before, his legs are shaking and he has had enough of being teased.

Wolfgang grabs her hair as she is kissing him pulls her gently round so she is now on the bonnet and he has control. He stops kissing her lips and moves gently to her neck. He puts her arms in the air and pulls of the top that has been teasing his eyes all night. He takes off her pure white bra and releases the pertest pair of breasts he has ever laid eyes on. He kisses each one passionatley. By now she is soaking and his cock is dripping wet. He moves from her breasts down her belly, and bites on the piece of string between him and her pussy, he slides her sexy jeans down her firm thighs. Reveling an even sexier thong, He can't wait any longer he rips the thong off her arse. Leaving her wet pussy in view of his dripping penis. Despite being desperate to be inside her he pulls her up the bonnet of the car to put her tight cunt in line with his mouth. He licks her like she has never been licked before and her legs shake in ectasy. She is like a woman possesed she craps his tight little butt and forces him to enter her... they kiss passionatly as he eneters her again each time a bit deeper than the first. He quickly has another idea he turns punky over, there in front of him is a site from heaven, long hair running down her back, the little tattoo just above her arse and then the best arse wolfgang has ever seen. Is there ready for him to enter, he wastes no time, he plunges himself into her from behind, he pushes himself deeper inside her he pulls her hair and the moves his hand round to cup her breasts, finally his hand moves down to her clit where is stays as they both grind to a massive climax!!"

That is where the story ends, Punky is by now laughing away and is still driving the car very wet now and all wolfgang can say is "god damn you are good at telling stories!!"

Punky says " well you know how it starts"

They laugh about how naughty they are for the rest of the journey home.

Punky waves wolfgang goodbye as she returns to her house where her husband is fast asleep. She is so turned on from her own story she has a bath and strokes herself till she is done. Then lays next to her husband as he snores thinking of her story.

Still loads of tension unyet resolved next chapter of Punky and Wolfgang won't be the ficional version.