Written by Paul

8 Aug 2003

My cousin Marian and I grew up together almost like brother and sister even as young as 2 or 3 years old we used to be put to bed together when the families gathered and sleeping accommodation was tight.

When we were in our early teens (13 / 14 years old) we had a thing going between us, Marian had long blond hair, very light pussy hair and small nice rounded firm breasts with hard pink nipples I seemed to go around with a permanent ‘hard on’.

During the school holidays we would spend a lot of time with my mate Bob, Marian would let me fondle her breasts and very moist pussy while Bob would watch us, we knew he had a big hard on while he watched, she would open her legs so that I could finger fuck her. When we were alone I would strip her naked and play with her tits and pussy when she ‘came’ she would wank me off. This when on for several years until we both met other partners and married.

We are now both 55 years old, unfortunately her husband died 2 years ago, I divorced and married my present wife 20 years ago Anne is 15 years our junior and both Anne and Marian get on famously.

A month ago Marian came to stay with us for a short break arriving on a Friday afternoon whilst I was at work, by the time I got home they where on the second bottle of wine and quite merry.

After a meal Marian went for a shower to freshen up after her journey and when she returned to the lounge she was wearing a short bathrobe as it was now getting late. Anne and Marian continued to drink more wine whilst I now went for a shower when I returned they where cuddling and kissing each other I wanted to see more and went out to the patio and watched them through the window they carried on kissing and fondled each other tits. They stopped when I returned looking very flushed.

I made an excuse and went to bed, they followed me up about 15 minuets later and Anne asked if ‘Marian could sleep with us tonight’ well who was I to say no!!

Obviously Marian had told Anne about us when we were younger and said it was about time I fucked Marian and said that she had got her warmed up for me, with that Marian said she would like to suck my cock and took me in her mouth for the first time ever, Anne and Marian took it in turns to suck me each time bring me to the brink. Anne lay on her back and Marian licked her shaved pussy in a 69 position whilst I fucked Marian doggie fashion Anne watching my cock enter her very moist cunt, as Marian ‘came’ I shot loads of spunk into her cunt. She sat back on Annes face covering her face with her cunt my spunk dripping into her mouth as Marian sucked the cum and her ‘cream’ off my cock. That was the start of a wonderful week.

More to follow.