Written by Belinda F

27 Apr 2005

I felt the excitment run through me

As my fanny openned like a flower

Feeling the folds of my soaking cunt

His pulsating prick had such power

Pushing his unshaven face against my breast

Watching the swollen veins in his cock

Screaming through a mixture of pleasure and pain

It's size was a bit of a shock

A pleasure that was followed by pain

As my muscles contracted inside

My head was spining like a whirlpool

As he pulled my legs open wide

I felt vulnerable and my head was still turning

Flickering like a moth around a flame

Like a massive explosion building inside me

It seemed that within seconds...I came

"How dare you cum before me" he yelled

"You are just a filthy little whore,

Sluts like you are just there for a shag"

Then he pushed me down on the floor

Again a thrill ran through me

It was like nothing that I had experienced before

"Don't just lie there, you lazy bitch

I need to screw you some more"

With all his strenght, he held me down

Mercilessly moving his monsterous cock in and out

Overwhelmed by the rippling waves of orgasm

It totally engulfed me and he really screamed out

The mounting sensations of his climax

His spasming body...as we merged into one

The hardness of his thrusts drove through me

As I lost control into passion and had cum.

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