Written by Phil J.

17 Jun 2004

A Brief History.

When I was a kid I used to go fishing a lot. The small river I fished at was about half a mile from our house and to get to it you had to walk down a quite country lane. At the end of the lane was a house, everyone knew that the woman who lived there had several boyfriends despite being married with three kids.

One day, when I was aged about 12 or 13, I was returning from the river when I caught site of this woman spread eagled out on a tree trunk. She was completely naked and some bloke, not her husband, was giving her a bloody good seeing to. I was about 50 feet from them and I froze in my tracks mesmerised by what I was seeing. After all, not only was this the first time I had seen a real live naked woman she was getting fucked as well! I was hooked.

I don’t know why it was but suddenly she looked in my direction and pointed me out to her boyfriend. I was quickly told to fuck off out of it. I ran across the field to the hedge where I was out of view. Dropping my fishing tackle in the ditch I sneaked back to a position where I could watch without being seen. Unfortunately, I was too late and they were getting dressed. I did catch a glimpse of her pussy and that image gave me hours of wanking pleasure for weeks.

Despite going back at regular intervals I never caught them again. Looking back I’m sure that this was one of those incidents that influenced my sexual preferences later in life.

I lost my virginity at 22 to a married woman four years older than me. For obvious reasons we couldn’t go to her place and I was still living at mum’s. Subsequently, my car became the preferred place for our sexual encounters. We never set out to be watched and I don’t know if we ever were, but, there was always that risk of being caught which somehow seemed to increase our pleasure.

For successive girl friends having sex in the car always seemed to be a feature of our relationship. Unfortunately, all good things seem to come to an end, my current partner just isn’t interested. Now sex has become boring.

Recently there was an item on Central News about Dogging in the Midlands. My ears pricked up at this and though the story deteriorated in to a public health issue it did stir a few memories. A quick search of the internet, for dogging sites in the area, led me to an exhibitionist’s web site and the rest, as they say, is history.

Just a few weeks ago.

I met J and her husband B via an exhibitionist’s forum. They were looking for someone to watch them and I was looking for someone to watch. As we didn’t live far from each other we arranged to meet on the following Thursday.

I arrived at our meeting place, a health club, at about 1130. Following a quick look round I went off to get changed. I was quite surprised that the cubicles were for both sexes. As I emerged from the cubicle I saw two people leaving the showers, I recognised J immediately from her picture on the net and from her black and turquoise costume. I automatically presumed the man with her was her husband.

I tried to speak to them at that point but they had started off down the corridor. Following a quick shower I set off in the direction they had gone. I soon found myself sat on the top shelf of the sauna. Sat on the lower shelf and to my right was J, to my left and facing her was a coloured guy and in the corner opposite was J’s husband.

Thankfully, the coloured guy left after a few minutes and then J’s husband introduced himself as B. It was now that I moved down to the lower bench and sat facing J who had her feet up on the seat. While B explained how J usually went about putting on a show she started to unzip her top. Each time I turned from talking with B more and more of her left breast appeared until it was fully exposed. Gradually she started to massage it paying lots of attention to the hard nipple.

B suggested that I tell J what to do. I must have looked a right prat I couldn’t think of anything to say. By now J had pulled the crutch of her swim suit to one side and was showing her pussy. I was mesmerised, even when J asked me what I would like to see her do - all I could say was for her to carry on doing what she was doing. Thankfully, B joined in suggesting that she pull her swim suit further to the side to give a better view.

Oh wow, I could see now that she had completely shaved her cunt just like in her internet photos. I’ve tried to get my Misses to shave but she always refused. Having J sitting in front of me as she used her fingers on her shaven pussy was like a dream come true. Unfortunately, someone came into the sauna at this point and J had to hastily cover up.

(Perhaps I should point out that I never expected anything to happen at this meeting. Somehow I had gotten it into my mind that this was just a ‘get to know each other’ kind of meeting. Not being prepared for what occurred coupled with a few nerves probably explains why I didn’t join in as much as B and J would have liked.)

After a quick shower we all retired to the steam room. J took up a position in the corner opposite. With her feet up on the bench and legs spread she looked very sexy. Without hesitation she pulled the leg of her swim suit to one side exposing her shaven pussy to both B’s and my gaze. She quickly put her fingers to work running them up and down her slit, then plunging them into her wet cunt. All the time her eyes were closed and she had a look of bliss on her face. I’m not sure what happened next, J said something to B and left the room.

B and I returned to the shower room where he told me that there were too many people around for a decent show. He suggested carrying on the show in the back of my van. Disaster! 99% of the time the van would be empty at this time of day but not today. As an alternative B suggested his car, it would be a bit cramped but they would have to make do. While we were talking J had started to get changed leaving the cubicle door open. A coloured guy was having his own private little show.

After getting changed I stood to one side getting glimpses of J getting ready. She put on a pink top, mini skirt and stockings but no knickers. She looked ravishing.

We all went out to B’s car but the coloured guy that had watched J changing followed us. At B’s suggestion we left the car park and headed out into the countryside fortunately our unwanted guest didn’t follow.

Having found a quite country lane B and J got into the back of their car and I was instructed to sit in the front. I was amazed at how hot they were for each other. Within seconds they had their mouths glued together; B hitched up J’s skirt and made straight for her pussy. She spread her legs giving me a close-up view of B rubbing her clit.

Both were getting hotter by the second. J’s pussy lips started opening like a rose under the expert administrations of B’s fingers. I could hear how wet she was as he increased the speed of his strokes. All this time they had been locked in their kiss, tongues mingling. As she started to come J buried her face in B’s neck and grabbed his hair with one hand and rubbed his cock over his tracksuit bottoms with the other.

For the first time they broke their kiss. J fished B’s cock out of his pants and swooped on it, her mouth engulfing his erect cock. From his expression this must have felt as good as it looked. I don’t know what he was doing with his left hand but it seemed to have the desired effect as the moans coming from J’s cock filled mouth were increasing. Suddenly B’s cock slipped from her mouth and I saw he was cumming. Straight away she replaced her mouth over his cock lapping up and swallowing all his cum.

As fast as it had started it was over. B and J both seem to have enjoyed themselves as did I. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.


Well, there you have it. The events as I recall them. What do you think? I don’t think it’ll be a best seller and I certainly won’t be giving up my day job!

Hopefully, we’ll be meeting again shortly for a little video work. If I get a positive response I’ll tell you about it.

Feel free to e-mail.