Written by Paul and Lorraine (names changed)

5 Jan 2007

My long time partner Lorraine and myself have had a few adventures spanning over many years but not nearly enough in our view to have earned the right to be called swingers.. One was planned (on my part, without prior knowledge of Lorraine), the other two were sort of alcohol fueled but all have been well away from home..

We live in a small community where everyone knows everything about everyone, swinging would make you the talk of the town..

A few weeks before Christmas we were invited to a pyjama party at a friends house just outside town and it had been hinted at that it would a little bit more exciting than your average party?? The party turned out to be a stand off as no one wanted to be the talk of the town by plunging in and it fizzled out almost before it had begun..

We offered a lift home to our long time friend Paddy, Paddy was alone as his wife was at her works Christmas night out.. Paddy works as a lorry driver and travels between Glasgow and Manchester.. On the way home he told us he had once visited a now famous club in Manchester and compared it to the live sex shows in Amsterdam..

Lorraine teased him about his visit to the club and he beggged that we never mention it to his wife or they would be finished??

We were on a dark unlit country road just outside of town when Lorraine asked if I could stop as she needed to pee.. We all had a laugh about it because she was still dressed in her black baby doll pyjama`s (very short see through top but not see through panties) covered by a black silk dressing gown that had remained tied up during the entire party.. She looked wonderful as ever that night, as I`ve said before, she has an hour glass figure with 36dd tits, the best bum I`ve ever seen and the wettest pussy I`ve ever entered, her little Brazilion had been trimmed especially for the party.. Paddy and I had on the striped type of pyjama`s that you usually wear to go to hospital..

I stopped and she went behind the car and crouched, a few moments later she jumped back in the back of the car with Paddy and not in the front with me..

As we were only about a mile from home she said "it`s too early to go home, go to Falkirk and see if the Christmas lights are on yet".. Fakirk is about ten miles away and is mostly on unlit road apart from two small town that you very quickly pass through..

We all said she was crazy but agreed.. As I turned the car and drove off in the direction of Falkirk Lorraine leaned through between the seats and placed something on the passenger seat and said "what do you think"? I looked down and her panties were sitting on the seat next to me, I gulped, I was unaware she would have played so close to home, or that she fancied Paddy or if he would respond and then be able to stay quiet about it?? I said "trust your instincts"..

Lorraine turned to Paddy and said "you`ve told us your secret about the club so we`ll tell you one, we swing" Paddy laughed and said "you`re joking" and we said "no we`re not" I then said to Paddy "you need to take that secret to your grave with you" He laughed and said "you two are having me on".. Lorraine then undid her gown and leant forward to slip it right off and threw it on the front seat and said "now do you believe us"? In the mirror I could see Paddy looking down towards Lorraine`s crotch, I knew he would be looking at her gorgeous fanny as although her baby doll top was still on her panties were on the front seat.. Paddy then said "oh god, no, I won`t tell anyone" Lorraine cleverly said "if you give me a kiss and stroke my pussy then I`ll be sure you won`t tell because you`d be afraid Jean would find out" Paddy leant forward and said "can I Paul"? "Be my guest, it`s for your Christmas" I said..

Paddy was sitting in the back directly behind the passenger seat, in the mirror I could see Lorraine leaning over him kissing him but could not see his hands, I soon knew where they were though as I heard an all to familiar moan from Lorraine..

Afraid I would miss anything, I pulled into the road side and up to the entrance to a field behind some bushes and away from the main road.. We have a very spacious saloon car with plenty room in the back, as I stopped Lorraine asked me to move the passenger seat forward and I duly did.. It was a very clear moonlit night and the was no need to put the interior light on to see all that was happening.. Lorraine already had Paddy`s cock out and standing hard and asked him to take his pyjama trousers off and he quickly obeyed.. His cock was about average, 6 or 7 inches and about the same as mine..

Lorraine kneeled across the back seat and held Paddy`s cock and started to tease the knob by quickly flicking it with her tongue, Paddy was very quiet and was looking a bit like a rabbit in the headlights.. I slipped my hand onto Lorraine`s pussy and as expected it was oozing love juice almost halfway down her inner thigh, her lips were swollen and puffy and her hole was gaping..

Lorraine asked Paddy to move towards the middle and he slid over as he was told, Lorraine then turned and kissed me and turned again to Paddy and removed her baby doll before straddling him.. She kissed his lips for a few moments as she knelt over him, her open pussy was just inches from the tip of his throbbing cock.. His hands groped her tits, her pussy and her bum as he kept trying to ease her down on onto his cock, everytime his knob touched her pussy lips she would rise up a little to prevent penetration just to tease a little more..

Finally Lorraine told Paddy to sit back and relax as she gently eased his throbbing cock into her pussy, she then commanded him to hold her bum as she began to slowly ride him.. Although I`ve seen it before, the moment that you see another mans cock part your womans pussy lips and start to disappear inside her hole still almost brings me to orgasm.. I couldn`t resist getting a slightly better look, I held the small light on the car key inches from Lorraine`s now stretched pussy and watched as within about a minute Paddy`s spunk began to gush out of her hole as Lorraine had one of her jerking orgasms..

Although I wanted to penetrate Lorraine imeadiatly Paddy said he must rush as Jean would be waiting for him by now.. He thanked us both and said he would never breathe a word of what had happened and it was the best experience he`d ever had..

Paddy sucked and fondled Lorraine`s tits all the way home and said he wished he could come home with us for more as he was hard again but Jean would be waiting??

When Lorraine and me got home we mauled each others bodies untill daybreak and lost count of the number of orgasms we shared.. Another brilliant night... More please Lorraine???