Written by darren

22 Feb 2006

this is a true story about my wife,tina.it ws last weekend and i had retired to bed early and left her playing a game on the pc.after about an hour i went down to get a glass of water and discovered she was nowhere to be seen.i checked the pc to see if there were any clues as to her whereabouts and what i found surprised shocked and also turned me on.i discovered she had been having internet sex with someone,not anyone but a friend of ours who lives a few doors away.it was quite a long session and after i finished reading it i noticed our back door was open.i went out into the garden to check things were ok and as i did i could hear noises coming from outside the garden fence.i crept up to the fence and was stunned at what i heard.my wife was there with the neighbour and they were, by the noises i was hearing getting very passionate.i found a nothole in the fence and found i could see part of her body and his hand touching her ass.i was so stunned i stood there listening and spying,frozen to the spot.he turned her around so she was facing the fence and i could see that she was naked underneath her dressing gown.through my spyhole i could see my neighbours fingers in her soaking wet love hole,then i saw his cock come into view between her parted legs.he was rubbing it at her entrance and little by little eased it into her.he started fucking my wife slowly as not to draw attention from other houses around.this went on for only a few minutes when he whispered to her that he was cumming.not being on the pill she insisted he not cum in her and so he withdrew and started wanking.she stuck her ass out more so he could shoot all over it.i crept back into the house after that so as not to be discovered.about 10mins later shecame up to bed and i started to feel her hoping to fuck her too.she just pushed my hand away saying she was too tired and wanted to sleep.i still have not approached her about last nights events as i am still mixed up about it all and scared of losing her to him.