Written by Jason

23 Jun 2004

Got chatting to a girl on MSN & after a few days she was confident enought to turn on her web cam.

She had been telling me about her rampant rabbit vibrator,so having never seen one I was curious to see hers.

She showed it to me and I was shocked at the size of the thing !

After some heavy sex talk I convinced her to demonstrate it for me.Sure enough she lay on the bed in perfect view of the webcam & gave me a real "rabbits view" of her & the rampant in action.

She never undressed,instead pulled her skirt up and panties to the side.I had a very clear view of the rabbit going in and out of her wet pussy.After about 10 minutes she had an orgasm.

My cock was hard as hell and gagging for action & my girlfriend at the time got the fucking of a lifetime that night.

I arranged to meet the webcam girl a few days later.

I met her at a very remote train station and led her to an abandoned warehouse building.

She was obviously nervous but once we were inside I grabbed her hair,pulled her face to mine and started kissing her.She immediatley responded by putting her tongue in my mouth and that was enough to get my cock hard,ready for some naughty fucking.

I was surprised at how nervous I was as well but my hard on was providing extra confidence to beat this nervousness at fucking a stranger.

We kissed passionatley as I began to remove her top,exposing a very feminine white bra.I was eager to push her bra up and get a look at her small but firm tits.She had very big nipples and I was glad to suck on them hard making her gasp.

I love teasing a girls tits and spent some time playing with hers before exploring her body and finally stroking her pussy through her jeans..

She then kicked her shoes off & began to wriggle out of her tight jeans.

Now standing in the big open warehouse just in her bra & panties she looked ready for fucking.She looked down at my jeans and saw my big hard cock bulging in them.She pulled my zip down and realised my cock was too hard to get it out that way,so she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off.As soon she did that my cock was bouncing about like mad,hard as hell and gagging for a suck.

She was quite submissive so I told her to kneel down and take my cock into her mouth.

She had never done this with anyone other than her husband & was unsure at first but as soon as she felt my cock throb in her mouth she was more than happy to suck and lick my cock.She was gently squeezing my balls as she sucked my cock.I was roughly pulling her hair & fucking her mouth..

i reached down and pulled her flimsy panties to the side exposing her pussy.I fingered her pussy and was not surprised at how wet she was.Her pussy was soaking and more than ready for my cock.

She had wanted to feel bad by this encounter as she was normally a bit of a goody two shoes.As I fingered her pussy I asked if she felt like a bad girl yet.

With her mouth full of cock she mumbled that she was getting there.

I pulled her off my cock and got her roughly down on her knees on t he concrete floor in the doggy position.

I like this as I can be very greedy.I squeezed her tits hard from behind as I got ready to push my cock inside her..

I slowly & teasingly pushed my cock inside until almost all the way and pushed the last inch in very making her gasp.I fucked her very slowly and teasingly,pulling very slowly back and almost all the way out each time noticing my nob dripping with her pussy juices,then just as slowly pushed it all the way back in making her gasp each time my balls slapped off her arse.

When I couldnt resist the urge any longer I began to fuck her really hard now but still pulling almost all the way out,but making her gasp & moan very loudly now as I roughly pushed my cock all the way back in,my balls aching now as they smacked off her tight arse.

I started pulling her long blonde hair now as if riding a horse and then playfully smacked her arse with my hand as well as with my big balls.

I was reaching forward and teasing her clit & squeezing her tits as I fucked her.I knew she was close to cuming as her moans got more and more and then when she did cum I had to hold her up to keep fucking.

She hadnt swallowed spunk before and I knew she wanted to swallow mine to ensure she felt like a really bad girl,so I resisted the urge to cum and pulled my cock out.

Her bra had got ripped off during the fucking and her panties were half ripped off.So she was just about naked now in t hat big warehouse.

My cock was throbbing holding back my ejaculation but I knew it would be worth waiting for.

She turned around on shaky legs and crouched down as she grabbed my cock in both her hands before putting her lips around the top of my cock.At my request she had put on red lipstick,I find this a great turn on when having my cock sucked.So her red lips were slowly teasing my nob until I told her to suck as hard as she could.She was sucking up and down the length of my shaft trying not to choke for about 10 minutes of ecstasy until I shot loads of spunk into her mouth which she happily swallowed.

We had been there for almost 2 hours and I knew a train would be due in 5 minutes,so I gave her some baby wipes and we both had a quick freshen up before quickly dressing.We then walked back to the platform and got there just as the train arrived.Without another word she got on the train feeling I am sure like a very bad girl.

Only regret I had was that she never brought her rampant rabbit with her ;-)

So if any gorgeous girl rabbit owners in Scotland read this and fancy an illicit rendezvous......